Fabric shopping, Singapore

I got most of my information from reading other blogs and heres a personal opinion if you plan to visit fabric stores in Singapore. There are plenty other places other than Bugis, Little India and Peoples Park, Chinatown. I had the most fun however shopping on Bugis street because they sold a variety of different designs.

  1. If you are looking for Cotton Fabric then the small store at the 2nd floor of Peoples park would be the one for you. That store reminded me of Yuzawaya in Tokyo. They had every kind of Fabric and thats where i found most of my pure cotton fabric. If quality is what you are looking for, then that would be the best place to visit. Go down at Chinatown and exit on exit D. (2nd floor at the far right end of the floor) Just a bit more pricey as compared to the other shops but if money is not so much of an option. 20-25SGD budget per yard, is not such a bad thing.
  2. If you are looking for Spandex and all kinds of sparkly and other types of Fabric then exit C of Chinatown is for you. They have plenty of cotton fabric too but i would prefer the store on exit D, based on quality.
  3. If you are looking for chiffon and all kinds of unique designs and prints, then Bugis is the street for you. They do have the cheapest options too, and you could bargain prices down. I was able to buy most of my chiffon and laces at 2SGD and some at 8SGD per yard.
  4. Little India if you are looking for more exotic chiffon fabric and the most unique designs. This is the place to go to, also they have plenty of beautiful beads and jewels for costumes and etc.

These are just some of my tips. Most pictures were taken at Exit C of Peoples park China. If you’re looking for just one place and you’re pressed with time then Chinatown might be the best place for you. Although its just a little bit more disorganised and smelly it has the most options of all the places mentioned above. I would have wanted to go around more places but I was also pressed with time, so ill save the Fabric building near Little India for the next trip.

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