Bio: I danced with a ballet company for 6 years, until I resigned last 2010 to finish my degree in International Studies, Major in Japanese studies. Currently teaching ballet, and taking up my second degree in Accountancy. While traveling and blogging about my favorite places.

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18 thoughts on “About

  1. yvonne says:

    Hi Lina,

    Thank you for coming to Tonchaya last night. We hope you enjoyed the Japanese fare served, and as you said, home-cooked style like your mom does. We look forward to having you at the restaurant again.


  2. Kitty and Vince says:

    Thank you for dropping by! Great blog, lovely pics. Looking forward to more of your adventures. : )

  3. Kurt Johnson says:

    I really like your blog. Hope to visit some of the places you visited in Philippines and Thailand. If you ever come to Washington, DC, I would be happy to serve as your tour guide! Best regards, Kurt Johnson

    • thebackpackingballerina says:

      Thank you so much for the compliment. If you are ever in the Philippines please do tell me and I will give you some tours and tips as well.

      If ever i do go back to the US anytime soon I will take you up on that offer! Thank you.

  4. Kurt Johnson says:

    Thanks, Lena! I will definitely let you know when I am planning a trip to PI. I especially want to visit Palawan. BTW, my daughter has danced ballet since she was 3…she is almost 20 now. Never a professional, but she danced for a local company for high school students and now dances with a student company at her university. Take care, Kurt

  5. crazysumsum says:

    I’m glad to have found your blog, it is great. I read several articles on your blog and I think it is useful for the tourists =)

    Let me introduce myself, My name is Sam, a HongKonger who love travel. Two months ago, I had created a attractions based travel site which aims to connect the bloggers and the tourists. Bloggers can share their articles about an attractions and let tourists find the useful travel articles more easily, just like an index of blogs and attractions. I know you write a lots of articles about different attractions and i believe you will write more in the future, so I would like to invite you to join our community and share your articles to let the tourists can read your travel story and build a unique travel guide together.

    Look for your reply, hope you all the best!



  6. M says:

    Hi, your blog is very pretty! I am visiting the Philippines next week, where is a good place to take ballet class? I am not professional but at an intermediate level. Is there anywhere to buy dance clothes in Manila?

    • thebackpackingballerina says:

      Hi M! You could take ballet class in Perry Sevidal ballet thats in Makati they have ballet for all ages and even for adult ballet in case that interests you. That is pretty intermediate.

      Then for dance clothes you could purchase them at The dance store PH. I wish I could help bring you around but sadly I will be in Singapore for a masterclass from the 25-29th of February. I also sell ballet clothes on my website that ships around the Philippines on dancebylina.com but all my leotards are at The dance store PH. ❀ Hope this helps you.

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