Starr’s Famous Shakes Milkshake bar, Katipunan

Pretty cool place a little bit small though but really good milkshakes. It’s a really nice place to hang out with or just to get a takeout of their shakes and milkshakes. I was able to try their Yogurt White Chocolate Vanilla milkshake and I didn’t expect the taste of the white chocolate mixed in with the yogurt. It was delicious!

I apologize in advanced for my bad quality phone pictures but I will change them when I get to come back here


Bacon Cheese Dog, Php 70. Pretty basic, was good for the price.


Caramel Milkshake Php 85 and Vanilla White Chocolate Yogurt Milkshake Php 125.

Don’t expect anything fancy, I mean its a milkshake place. It kind of reminds you of when you’re a kid and you just want a milkshake on a hot day or on any kind of day. Nothing much to say about Starr’s just try it for yourself, 98%fat free shakes.

Starr’s Famous Shakes
Xavier Residence, E. Abada Street, Loyola Heights, Quezon City
Facebook them: Starr’s Famous Shakes

The Primary kitchen and bar, UP Town Center

The best time to come here if you would want to eat is during lunch time because of their promos. However if you are looking to socialize with good food. You should try coming here during dinner. I went here for lunch the other week and tried their menu. They had a good mix of Mediterranean and Spanish food. During lunch time they also have a promo that for the price of only Php 299 you get an appetizer, Salad and Pasta of your choice from the menu. Their menu I would believe is a really good menu. I was able to speak to one of their staff and she told me how the manager was health conscious therefore making their menu really different from a lot of restaurants I have eaten in.


Spanish Caprese Salad Php 360


Tuna Salpicao Php 260


Yogurt Shake Php 119

 I asked for something light and It was indeed a great meal! I felt like they used good oil as well and they seasoned the food really well. Not too strong and not to salty. The Spanish Caprese Salad was really something, and their yogurt shake was really good. I would recommend coming here to try their Paella as well, during lunch they also have a promo for their Paella. If you come here during evenings it is usually packed with people drinking and socializing. It is a great place to come to with your friends and to meet new people. I would love to come back here to try the rest of their menu.

The Primary second floor UP town center

Recommendations: Spanish Caprese Salad, Yogurt Shake

Price range per person: 500-700 Php more or less for 2 people