Backyard Manila, UP town center

I liked that the place had a backyard theme and the bucket lamps were pretty cool too. I saw how much likes and people were coming here so I wanted to check it out for myself. There’s a new kind of trend going around restaurants these days, the wood planks and curved walls. (HAHA)


I found the bucket lamps cool.


I was a bit bothered though by this dirty ladder and the lamps that were a bit off the theme of the “backyard”


Menu of Backyard

I felt that the menu had no certain theme. There was an Uni Carbonara and then suddenly Papaya coconut soup and then Waffle breaded fried chicken. I would say that this place seems more like a place that will be packed with a lot of college kids or adults who want to drink once the bar is finished and they have a menu for drinks.

Their house blended iced tea. I saw the waiter put in lipton lemon bags in the cup while making the tea... Hmm.

Their house blended iced tea. I saw the waiter put in lipton lemon bags in the cup while making the tea… Hmm.


Salted Egg Chicken Skin, Php 205 I found this a bit expensive as you can buy chicken skin for like 10Php around the streets.


Nose to tail fettucini (all the good stuff) Php 275 pork cheek, beef brisket, ox tripe, chicken liver, tomato sauce fettucine.

I wasn’t so impressed with their food, maybe I didn’t try the right dish yet? The nose to tail pasta was good since I liked the cook of the noodles but it tasted like Menudo noodles, they should have just called it that. The Salted Egg chicken skin was really too pricey honestly for Php 205 you can buy a whole bag of chicken skins on the streets here around Manila. Then you just buy salted egg and eat them together, It’s the same thing really. Plus the salted egg was not in all the chicken skins so I felt like I got ripped off.

When I asked the waiter for what they would recommend this is what they told me to try so I was really expecting it to be the two most special dishes. Apparently not. Maybe when they finish their soft opening stage they would improve their menu? I am not so sure though it might just be another hangout place for people to drink in and eat small “pulutan” kinds of food.  As the vibe of the place is what most people would call it  “chill”.  I guess its still their soft opening so they still have a room to improve and I will just have to come back again in a few months.

Backyard Manila

UP town center, 2nd floor new building
Facebook them at: Backyard Manila

Pi Breakfast and Pies, Teachers Village

Open from 7am- 10pm, this charming little place is a bit hard to find if you’re not familiar with Malingap street. I have read a lot of good reviews about their pies but this is only my second time to come here and I haven’t tried much but their 2 different Eggs benedict ( Salmon and the Original ), the Wagyu Beef Tapa and their Apple Gruyere.


Apple Gruyere, Php 95


Wagyu Beef Tapa, Php 245


Sammy Eggs, 275 ( Salmon Eggs Benedict )

With the different displays of the cookies and bread around. This place makes me feel like I’m in some cute little bake shop somewhere, quiet  and quaint. I would recommend the Wagyu beef tapa and the Eggs Benny. I tried their Eggs Sammy and I would still go for their original Eggs Benny more than the Eggs Sammy. Their servings come pretty big so this place is good if you’re looking for something heavy that comes at a reasonable price.  Nothing really has wowed me yet in this shop, but their menu is broad and there are still a lot of things to try.

Budget per person: 300-400 pesos ( If you share a pie it could be cheaper)

Recommendations: Wagyu Beef Tapa ( Kind of reminds me of sweet Japanese meat and the chinese kind of Kimchi Rice. Very Asian feel )

The Chocolate Kiss, UP Diliman

10592206_10204505975160311_1382028410_nHave a chocolate kiss today ❤

I loved it here, and I loved its location.  I’ve eaten here once before with my family and this is my second time to come here. My only comment is that they have very poor service. It’s not the service of the food but the speed of the waiters to come wait on tables. I just wish that they paid more attention


Chicken Kiev Php 255 ( I loved their mashed potatoes )


Salisbury Steak with Rice Php 215

  I loved their Chicken Kiev, and I was happy that I chose to get their mashed potatoes. They tasted amazing! I loved the gravy too, it reminded me of the Jollibee burger steak gravy. I would love to come back here to try their lumpiang ubod and also their Hainanese chicken. I would think that it would be nice to come here during breakfast as their breakfast menu is amazing, well its an all day breakfast menu so I guess you can have breakfast anytime you want here. Their iced tea is also something that you should try.

I know that they are more known for their cakes and although I have not tried any of their cakes yet I would love to come back here just for that AND some breakfast food!

Ang Bahay ng Alumni, R. Magsaysay Street
UP Diliman Campus, 1101 Quezon CIty
Ground Floor: 921.8659
2nd Floor: 332.3502
Open everyday, 7am to 10pm

The Breakfast Table: Maginhawa

What would you like to have today?

I came by this restaurant a few weeks ago while looking for Gayuma ni Maria. It sounded really interesting so I looked it up and I decided to come here together with my friend. I don’t usually post Menus but i loved their menu so here it is.SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCI ordered their TBT eggs benedict, and taho shake. Their eggs benedict had Tinapa flakes and their own version of pinoy hollandaise sauce. It was good but what I really loved was their Taho Shake and Sardine rice on their make your own breakfast menu which you could have instead of their set meals if you want to try something different.


Make your own breakfast menu


TBT Eggs benedict Php 195


Taho shake Php 99


Sardine Rice and Vigan Longganisa


Chocolate Pudding

They have an interesting make your own breakfast menu with choices of plain rice, sardine rice, coffee rice and garlic rice. You even have a choice between having your eggs scrambled, fried, boiled, salted or poached. For the mains there are a lot that you can choose from. All kids of Longganisa, Tapa bangus and etc. I recommend you come here with your friends early in the afternoon when there aren’t much people. Also try their Mango Yogurt shake, I heard that its good.

Recommendations: Taho shake

Price range per person: 300-400Php per person

Cafe Shibuya, UP Town Center Katipunan

Screen shot 2014-02-23 at 12.08.13 AM

This place really reminds me of the small kissatens (きっさてん) in Japan. Above is the Menu, I absolutely love this placSONY DSCe and I absolutely love the toasts here! My friend tried the rice too and it was also good according to her. I have yet to try their pasta as well. The toast with the butter and the combinations of the flavors that they mix together with the toast was delicious. Of all the toasts I’ve tried my favorite was most definitely the Smoked Salmon on toast. A very quiet and cute place with good food. Its actually quite heavy so one toast would be very much enough to satisfy you. The toast is also very thick, crunchy and at the same time soft which is what I love about it. I cannot wait to try more of their delicious food.


PERSONAL RECOMMENDATIONS: Original Shibuya Honey Toast, Shibuya Benedict, Smoked Salmon on Toast

BUDGET: 400-500 for two people about 200-250 per person

Phone: 02 7222237, +63 9472213836
Address: Cafe Shibuya Diliman, Metro Manila, Philippines, Ground Floor, UP Town Center, Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City 
Opening Hours: 10am-11pm