Yoghurt House, Sagada

Yoghurt house in Sagada is rated as one of the top restaurants. I really liked their menu, Although coming from a heavy breakfast and lunch I will have to come back here just to try the other meals on their menu. I was only able to try their Kiwi Yoghurt Lassie Php 99 and their  Natural Yoghurt with honey which was Php 85.


I preferred the Yoghurt at the Strawberry Cafe. This was also good though Php 85

On their menu I noticed that there were a lot of salads, vegetables and curry. The next time I come back I would love to try their menu out as well as their other Lassie drinks. Their menu is very appropriate for vegetarians and health buffs.

Strawberry Cafe, Sagada

My first post on one of Sagada’s favorite restaurants, Strawberry cafe. This was my favorite Yoghurt house here in Sagada. They also serve breakfast lunch and dinner. If you come to Sagada I would definitely recommend coming here. Although the staff are a bit lazy here as it is a province, I did not have a problem with it. It didn’t take them too long to make the food.


Yogurt with Strawberry, Php 70. They also serve Plain yogurt, Yogurt with Mango and also Yogurt with Banana


Ham and cheese omelet with rice, Php 120


Corned beef omelet with rice, Php 120

I loved their yogurt. The real yogurt, you know not the kind you’d buy here in Manila that taste like ice cream or sherbet. If you come to Sagada this place would be a must try! It’s along the main road so I doubt that you will miss this place. Everything is along the main road of Sagada and walking distance.