The Iscreamst, Teachers village

This is my fourth time back here and I was hoping that it would somewhat be a little different. The main problem of this place has always been the seating. We waited for 2 hours in line just to get our experience of the liquid nitrogen smores and ice cream. I usually just come here to bring someone new, otherwise I don’t think that I would really come back for the experience. You don’t really need to experience it twice. People usually just come back here for the “SELFIE” with the smores.


Their Menu is a bit new now as compared to before. They added more ice cream flavors.


This is their bestseller. I just wished that they were actual smores with a melted marshmallow in the middle. They were pre packed in a ziplock bag.

I just can’t find anything special to say about this place, they are still as understaffed as they were a year ago. They still have really dirty floors and tables and they have really really bad seating. I mean how can they accommodate all their customers if they have chairs that could only accommodate 17 people? They should rethink the seating of the place. I think that there is a better way to use the space but they just haven’t changed it. They loose a lot of customers doing this because I saw at least at least 9 people before us leave just because it took too long.


Php 65 just for 4 pcs. I think it used to be cheaper the last time I was here 2 years ago.


So you just dip it for 7 seconds.


Then when you eat it, it looks like this. Hence why it is called Dragons breath.

 We also tried their ice cream which was 150 per scoop. Nothing really so special. If you think about it 2 scoops would mean 300 pesos I mean would you really want to spend on ice cream worth that much just because It was frozen in liquid nitrogen? I would rather just go to Haagen Dazs or buy my own pint of ice cream in the grocery.  Even if according to them normal Ice Cream would get “watery” I think that I am after the flavors.

If you want to come here when there is no line. I would suggest that you come during a weekday on super off hours. Although during all my experiences  here I always had a problem with seating even when coming off hours. They just have REALLY REALLY bad seating.

The Iscreamist

Open from 1pm-10pm (last customer at 9:45pm)
46D Magiting Street, Teacher’s Village
Quezon City, Philippines
Facebook Page: The Iscreamist

Tipple and Slaw, The Forum BGC


They call this their wall of inspiration, where they have pictures of their favorite American burger joints and shows.

Inspired by Famous American burger joints, and shows like Man vs. Food or Eat street. Tipple a noun for intoxicating, and slaw for their sandwiches. This recently opened sandwich-bar gives a whole new idea to the way we perceive the usual sandwiches to be. Since sandwiches aren’t so common here in the country. They plan to promote it other than to eat rice. Half of their bread they make themselves, and 80% of their sauces are homemade. Their mayonnaise is homemade, and they are trying to develop their own ketchup and mustard. So I’ll begin with some appetizers, to their meals, bestsellers then to my most favorite. Dessert!


We started with their corn fries, Amazing. I love this. They have corn bits in them and it comes with BBQ and Honey mustard sauce. BBQ was better with it. (Php 200)


Chicken Nuggets (Php 250) Which came with BBQ sauce, Honey mustard and chili ketchup. The mustard was my favorite. I loved that this was not oily.


Volcanic Chickn wings, AMAZING, its boneless but it looks like chicken wings. This was stuffed with blue cheese. (Php 380)

Not only are their sauces homemade, their meat is all mostly homemade too. Which is why it takes time to make their food. They hand chop their burgers on the spot to keep the juices still intact when you get that first bite.


Spicy chicken wrap, Php 250. Oatmeal crusted chicken, chopped herbs, smoked chill coleslaw and tortilla.


Spicy seafood pasta, Php 380. I loved the spice on this dish. It was cooked with grilled shrimps, fresh salmon, fresh crab fat and caviar. I would come back for this dish.


Tipple Pizza, Php 550. Thin crust piza, tomato sauce, pastrami, corned beef, smoked bacon, bbq sauce, ranch dressing and cheese. This was a really good pizza, another plus since it was not oily. I loved the cured corned beef and bacon in this dish.


Tipple Burger, Php 350. It was really good and juicy. They seasoned this right before cooking to keep the flavor and juices inside. It definitely was a flavorful burger.

“Basically, fat is flavorful” This is what Chef Francis Lim told me after I asked about how healthy his dishes were. Well, if you come here. You must come prepared for their #seriousbiting and #seriousdrinking, which to them means that they take their food and drinks seriously, and that they do it right.


BESTSELLER: Porchetta Sandwich, Php 350. Stuffed and roasted pork belly. The Ciabatta bread was a pretty hard to bite into, I think that the balsamic syrup and the arugula were the standout flavors of this sandwich.


BESTSELLER: Italian beef wrap, I loved the spicy brown mustard together with the beef combination. Their wraps are pretty thick, I think that this would be good for sharing.


BESTSELLER: OH DID I LOVE THIS. ❤ Truffle Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Php 300. The truffle, 4 cheese and honey were a good combination. The tomato soup was really a good finish to this meal.

It is so sinful to have eaten that much food in one sitting. I tried so many dishes last night, my favorite being the dessert. I ended my feast with the s’mores ice cream sandwich. I just loved the burnt flavor of the marshmallows. Definitely more of a place to come together with your friends. As they are known for their bar during Fridays and for the other days it is more chill. I will most definitely come back here to try their alcohol. Its actually really cheap to drink here. They also serve a lot of old fashioned cocktails and mostly served at reasonable prices.


Apple Pie french toast, Php 180. Grilled apples and caramel sauce, I think that the apples could be improved? I was not sure how it was cooked. Good flavor though with the balsamic syrup which cuts the sweetness of the ice cream and caramel sauce.


MY FAVORITE: S’mores ice cream sandwich. Enough said. AMAZING.

Funny thing was, I never actually expected to know one of the part owners of the place. She was a friend of my roommate back then in college, who used to come to our condo in Taft. It’s definitely a small world, and I will definitely come back here for the corn fries, truffle grilled cheese sandwich and their s’mores ice cream sandwich. Let me just digest first what I ate today, and I’ll be ready for more.

Tipple and Slaw
Located at: 2nd floor, The Forum, 7th Ave. BGC
Budget per person: 600-700Php