Kouign Amann (pronounced “queen ah-mann”), SM megamall

Have you ever heard of Kouign-Amann?  (pronounced “queen ah-mann”) translated in Breton is a butter cake. About 450 calories of goodness, I love the buttery and sugary goodness of this pastry. I first learned about them from my dear French friend Cassoui and her family who runs the Restaurant CiÇou along 57 Annapolis Street, Greenhills, San Juan. It was so good that each time she would bring some Kouign-Amann to ballet or a party It would be the first thing I would get even before the food.


This is their stall in SM Megamall, 2nd floor fashion hall. Right next to Zara. First stall you see up the escalator.

This is now one of my favorite desserts in the world, and a part of me doesn’t want to share it to you. (HAHA) Their family has now opened a Kouign-Amann stall in SM Megamall 2nd floor, Fashion hall.


They have different flavors here such as Chocnut and PB&J down there in the next picture.


Peanut Butter and Jelly Kouign Aman. They also have other flavors like Chocolate and the sort. There are just a lot to choose from. You could also buy them in boxes of 4 and 8.

Cheesecake, Ensaymada, Caramel, Bacon and Cheese, PB&J, Chocnut and many other flavors. They bake them fresh everyday and then they refrigerate them in the stall. You can have it heated up for you to eat it there or could probably just buy a box and take them home to heat up yourself. I am not sure if it is traditional to put some toppings on a Kouign-Amann since it is already very rich but I think that it was smart to do so as it would attract more customers catering to the VERY VERY sweet tooth of Filipinos. I have tried the regular ones at their restaurant and the S more’s Kouign Aman as well. If you are looking for something more formal I suggest that you just get yourself to their restaurant instead, but if Kouign-Amann is all you are craving for then this stall is perfect to satisfy your cravings.

I can eat this anytime of the day for sure. Together with some milk probably or coffee.


SM Megamall 2nd floor, Fashion hall

博多一風堂 Hakata Ippūdō, SM Megamall

Ippudo the most popular Hakata-style Tonkotsu (pork-based) ramen in the world they say, also known as Hakata Ippūdō (博多一風堂) opens their first branch here in the Philiipines, SM megamall. First of all I would like to point out that it is Ippudo emphasis on the double “PP” and the lengthening of the U and O vowels and not “Ipewdough” as I have been hearing people pronounce it. Sorry for hating but it is just plain annoying to hear people say it like Ipewdough. People please.

Ramen is pretty common in Japan. I usually see men coming home from their work and stopping by Ramen places in their business attire and leaving immediately after they finish. We also have a custom of slurping the Ramen and the noodles to show appreciation to the chef for the good taste of the Ramen ( It’s a compliment to the chef). I just didn’t mind the lady in front of my giving me a bad look for slurping my noodles. It even says on the menu that you slurp the noodles. I never get the urge to try Ramen here in the Philippines because it is so hot here. Normally in Japan when the wind is “涼しい” ( Suzushii, like a cool and windy day) and it feels good against your face, you get that feeling that you want to eat Ramen. When you go back out into the cold, you can feel that your face and body are really warm and it feels good to walk outside.


Inside Ippudo, we went here a little after lunch so there were not much people.

I liked how the restaurant here of Ippudo had a lot of room for individual seating, but I don’t know if that’ll work in Manila. People here love to chat before and after they eat and people in this city love to eat in groups. It is rare that you will see people eating alone in this city. Service is really quick though and I got my Ramen in about 10 mins right after ordering. It is also nice that they ask you for your noodle preference if you want them soft, medium, hard or very hard.


白丸 Shiro Maru Ramen, The least spicy ramen. Which is why it is in a white bowl.


赤丸 Akamaru shinaji, a bit spicy ramen which is why it is in the red bowl. This is the ramen that I tried with soft boiled egg. I loved the pork in this and the soft boiled egg. I wished that there were more vegetables in them.


Karaka-men, the most spicy which is why it is in the black bowl.

I would say that the Ramen here is okay. Good Ramen but maybe I wasn’t feeling it so much because my mom makes Ramen sometimes at home and it tastes just as good. Also my bowl was so oily when I got it. Ramen is a bit difficult to judge because I have tasted a lot of different kinds of Ramen all over Tokyo since I was a little girl and It’s all really different and a matter of preference. The pork and the soft boiled egg though is what I really loved about the Ramen here. The egg was really nice and perfectly soft boiled and the pork was soft. The broth was okay, I was expecting mild spicy because that is what I ordered but I didn’t get much of spicy? I am still kind of wondering why Ramen is such a big thing here in Manila. Like always, I think that it is just another rave like the milk tea phase a few years ago or frozen yogurt. Unlike in Japan, I would really look for Ramen. There’s just something about the weather and some good Tokyo Ramen . The Ramen we also tried in Sapporo was good. It’s really different I think since maybe they tried to cater to Philippine taste also and the ingredients available here. Still if you really do love Ramen, Its still worth it to come here during a weekday when there is no long line for waiting.

Price Range per person: Ramen here ranges from about Php 375-490. I heard that their pork buns are also good so I would give it a try if I come back here.

Ippudo Ramen
3rd Floor SM Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall,
Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City
Tel: (+632) 470-1837
Operating Hours: Daily 10AM to 10PM

Satchmi, SM Megamall

Satchmi opens its very first store at SM megamall, 4th floor Megamall fashion hall. This store offers vinyl players, vinyl discs, books to read, journals and coffee. I love how you could actually come here to listen to their demo tracks in the listening room. They also offer all kinds of different genre of music, be it old or new. If you are a music lover you would definitely want to check out this store.


There are so many players that you could choose from.


Some clocks that I saw


This isn’t even half of the number of records that they have here at the store.

You could also come here to have some coffee with your friends for only Php 100-140 pesos (very reasonable right). If you’re in the mood to read some books. They have some books here on their tables that you could read.

Here is a list of their vinyl record players

  • The Motorino II  – PHP 7,799.00
  • Crosley Spinnerette – PHP 8,899.00
  • Crosley Collegiate – PHP 9,899.00
  • Rega RP1 – PHP 17,500.00

I find it really cool that there are more and more interactive places like this popping out around Manila. Vinyl records are of course known to have better sound. After coming here, I am convinced to buy myself my own Vinyl player for Christmas. Where I could make use of all of my dads old Vinyl records. For music lovers, this place would be like their dream land.

Visit their facebook page: Satchmi


Check out their cute listening room. Very cool right?

サンマルクカフェ (St. Marc Cafe) , SM megamall

The famous patisserie from Japan has finally opened here in the Philippines. I’ve been wanting to try this all week, but haven’t had the time to do so. The store serves a variety of parfaits, sandwiches, coffee, teas but it is best known for thier Chocolate croissants, hence the term チョコクロ ( ChocoCro ). Very rich in taste with its gooey chocolate inside. I bought a dozen ChocoCro for Php 499 since it was cheaper and it comes in a nice bag, One costs Php 55.


Parfaits, Ice creams and sandwiches.


Strawberry Daifuku and ChocoCro ❤ The strawberry Daifuku was AMAZING. A taste of Japan wrapped in the beautiful layers of the croissant.


Other pastries, curry bread, bacon cheese croissant, butter danish and french toast.

According to my good friend Mari ( The Chunky Munchies, check out their blog about the place ) in Japan they would have different flavors every season. One summer they had the green tea, adzuki and mochi stuffed croissant. Here they have the イチゴ大福 (Ichigo Daifuku or Strawberry daifuku, sweet and bitter style croissant) I loved that it had an actual strawberry daifuku inside. My mom loved it! I also saw a lot of Japanese people here in the store getting take out for the ChocoCro. They must love it, just as my moms friend Megumi told me.


Choco berry Celebration, Php 250

I was also able to try their Choco berry celebration parfait. I loved that it was not too sweet. The chocolate was bitter and the ice cream also carried a good amount of sweetness to it. It also came with pudding and dried strawberries on top.

I think that they do lack a bit of marketing for their store here as not much people know about this place yet, except for maybe some foreigners and Japanese people. It’s across Tim Ho Wan in SM Megamall. I would probably be passing by SM more often now that St. Marcs is here. Just to takeout, a dozen of their delicious ChocoCro.

St. Marc Cafe Megamall
GF Mega Fashion Hall
SM Megamall, EDSA, Mandaluyong City
Facebook: Saint Marc Cafe Philippines
Instagram: @ChocoCroPH