Brasserie CiCou, Annapolis San Juan

Its really hard to come by good authentic French restaurants in Manila and this is one place you could try if you are a fan of good and healthy French food. I absolutely loved their menu and the ambiance of their restaurant. You can call me biased because this restaurant is ran by my friends family. (HAHA)


Kouign Amann S’Mores Php 220 MY FAVORITE DESSERT!


Egg Meurette


Le Boeuf Bourguignon, The beef was so soft it really did melt in my mouth


Cheese Ravioli


Eggs Benedict

If my opinion will help, although I have not been to France, I really do trust my friends family’s taste in food. Her father being French and all, and I do see a lot of people coming to eat here. I love that there are a lot of vegetables on their menu and if you love the feel good kind of simple restaurants then this is definitely a place you could try to come to together with your Friends and Family.  The ambiance of the restaurant is very homey and welcoming. Something you might want to experience.

 Budget per person is about Php 1000 pesos if you also would like to try dessert. But believe me when I say I definitely got my moneys worth for everything I tried today.

San juan, La Union weekend surfing trip

Last weekend my friend invited20140616-085112.jpg me to go to La Union with her to surf. We left for La Union riding the bus from Cubao Partas. It took us 6 hours to get there, if however you do have a car It would only take you 4 hours to get here because of the new highway. Buses just take a longer time because of the many stops it takes. We left at 530am and arrived at 1230pm. We stayed at Costa Villa resort which is right next to the beach. It is also beside Floatsam Jetsam a well known youth hostel there in La Union where we initially were supposed to stay in but was already fully booked. It was a long weekend so most hotels were fully booked.


Surfing and about to stand before a wave

San juan, La Union is known as the surfing capital of the Philippines. As soon as you get to the beach all you can see are surfers and big waves. We availed of surfing lessons the next day which costs 400 per hour and another 100 for the jeep ride where they take you to learn how to surf. Some places are dangerous to surf in for beginners, so they take you to an area where the waves are much smaller for you to practice on. We spent a total of 900 pesos each for two hours of surfing lessons. We had 1 hour and 30 mins on the small waves and we went back in front of the resort to try the last 30 mins on the bigger waves.20140616-085323.jpg20140616-085338.jpg20140616-085348.jpg

Our instructors were very accommodating and despite the fact that I twisted my knee when I jumped off the surfboard I was still b to surf the last 30 mins. The instructor just helped me a lot since I couldn’t paddle and it took me a longer time to stand but I wa20140616-085608.jpgs able to long ride most of the time. It was such a great experience, my first time surfing! And it was really memorable. Afterwards we ate at Floatsam Jetsam, since they serve an array of different kinds of meals, the vibe of the place is something that you’ll want to experience. I would love to go back again even if just by myself. To watch and to catch some more waves and some sun.

Note: I suggest that you bring your own car. This i think is possible for even just a day trip or an overnight trip in case you don’t want to get tired and catch a little more rest since surfing is really physically tiring. Prepare at least 4000 per person and if you’re a lot maybe less. ENJOY!!