The Backyard Reservoir, Malingap

Carbs on Carbs on MORE carbs is what I consumed today in my first ever bloggers event, from their starters to their main dishes. I found myself so full that I could not process anything after consuming so much food.


Located in 33A Malingap st. The Zone compound? or whatever they really call this place. Is this restaurant named The Backyard Reservoir. According to its owners Tertius and Mic, they called their restaurant The Backyard reservoir because they used to be on the reserved side of the garden before the place was fully developed into the place it is now. Being friends for more than 10 years, it impressed me that they were both very hands on with the place and that they entertained us well. The mustache on their logo is their trademark, because as friends they used to draw mustaches on their faces and laugh together. Their original plan was to make a steakhouse however they were not permitted to do so and so they came up with this menu, more American inspired I believe.

Bacon Lettuce and Tomato,  Php 145

Bacon Lettuce and Tomato, Php 145

Tuna Melt, Php 135

Tuna Melt, Php 135

El Pago, Php 230

El Pago, Php 230

Pesto- Tuyo, Php 135

Pesto- Tuyo, Php 135

For such a small place, they really do know how to pack a crowd. Their place was the most filled among all the other 15 or so restaurants in the area. And no wonder, because they do serve good quality food for very reasonable prices. If I were to recommend something from their menu it would be first their El Pago pizza. This was my favorite on their menu, I have never tasted anything like it. And it was named after the chef who created it. The next would be their Pastrami sandwich, I loved that this dish was really packed with flavor. Also their Bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich.

The ambiance of the place reminds me of a beach feel where you could just talk, chill, eat and drink. They made it feel homey in a not so homey looking location. I also think that they were smart when it comes to setting the place up, because it could fit about 20-25 people. So the next time you’re at Malingap street and would love to try something. You could check out this place at Z’s.

The Backyard Reservoir
Open from: 3 p.m. – 11 p.m.
Facebook: The Backyard

Budget per person: About Php 200-300 at most.

Liberty New York Steakhouse, UP Town center

I was expecting really good food here at Liberty Steakhouse since I have read tons of good blog reviews on this place, but I was left disappointed from what I was originally expecting. Although my friend and I did not try their steaks we did try their Philly cheese steak pasta. I was really disappointed with the pasta, not only was it bland but the steak was so hard and rubbery. They did not even ask us how we wanted the steak in our Philly cheese steak pasta. I was also expecting that the spam fries was something special since 260 pesos for something I could clearly make at home was not worth it at all. Also the Dorito Nachos I could easily copy and do myself. For a price of 320 pesos and only that small amount of Doritos was really expensive. I mean how much does a bag of Doritos really cost right?


Dorito Nachos Php 320


Spam Fries Php 260 pesos with Mustard dip, Ketchup and Kimchi dip


Philly cheese steak pasta Php 375

I’m sorry to say that I don’t think that I will be returning to this place unless maybe to try their steaks and or burgers to see what the other bloggers are actually raving about. Personally I found it expensive that we spent 1000 Php just for all of this that I think could have actually cost cheaper. I was expecting the spam fries and Dorito nachos to be served on a bigger plate but instead for that expensive price we only got a small platter of each of the dishes.

Gayuma Ni Maria, Maginhawa street

Gayuma ni Maria is a restaurant located at the VERY end of Maginhawa Street on the right side. Turn left from Mini stop and just go straight until you see it on the far end of the street on the right side. You’ll pass a lot of many different restaurants before getting here. Very cute aesthetics and very couple friendly.

I went here last week together with my boyfriend and my friend and her boyfriend too. We laughed at the names of the food in the menu. Maya Maya na dear, Rock me rock baby, Through the fire, Once you go Black, Undress me and Etc etc.


Lumpiang Excited (Php 110)


Maya Maya na dear (Php 230)


No Boyfriend since birth (Php 225)


Rock me rock baby (Php 265)

These are the dishes that we tried together. It was really so good! Most especially the Maya Maya na dear which is what I tried and the No Boyfriend since birth which my boyfriend tried. Very buttery and cheesy dishes. It would be nice to come back here because I would also love to try their other dishes with their interesting titles. Gayuma ni Maria is definitely one that should be on your must try “food trip” list.

Maginhawa street

Recommendations: Personally I love what I ate which was the Maya Maya na dear. There are tons to choose from so don’t hesitate to try something new!

Price budget per person: 250-300Php per person if you don’t plan to get any drinks.

Blu Frog, Greenhills Promenade


I went to try Blu Frog last week together with my friend before her birthday. What attracted us as we were walking by the restaurants was the sign on their menu that said “PASTA ALL YOU WANT” Believe it or not but for only a price of Php 299 they will offer you all the pasta you want to eat, and on top of that you get to choose what to put on your pasta and what kind of pasta you will be making! All you will do is wait for them to cook your pasta and then you can create your next pasta before even getting your first order and you can order again and again and again after. AS MUCH AS YOU WANT.

10410258_10204146922824227_8190354899682866556_n 10262017_10204146923024232_7373208327974182840_n 10494803_10204146924624272_620569496516749699_n  10428498_10204146922384216_2875798065112408160_n 10376188_10204146922304214_5163586798613966517_nAs you can see you can choose the kind of pasta you will be using. Then you can pick from either white sauce, red sauce, pesto and olive oil. You can also choose to mix all the sauces. Then you can pick from different vegetables such as olives, greens, pepper and etc. The choices that you have for the main ingredient are fish, chicken, shrimp and other common things.

My friend and I consumed a total of 6 plates of pasta. So thats 3 dishes a person. It was worth it, well for the the price of only Php 299 pesos who wouldn’t be satisfied to have had 3 plates of pasta right? Flavors aren’t anything special but if you’re looking for somewhere cheap to try and you’re really hungry. This is where you must go.

+63 9178114710

Second Floor, Promenade, Greenhills, San Juan City


If you’re only getting pasta then you’d only spend Php 299 but I’ve heard that its more of a drinking place here so maybe if you plan to drink alcohol then you’ll have to bring about 600 a person just in case.

Magnum Cafe, SM Aura Taguig

My ballet friends decided to kidnap me on the day before my birthday and they brought me to magnum cafe! It was super crowded despite the fact that it was a Friday afternoon around 2pm. It took us a while to get a table for 12 hungry ballerinas.

Some of us ordered food while the others went to make their own magnum ice cream where they got to choose three toppings of their choice and flavor of their ice cream. I was not left disappointed here. The ice cream that you get here is really different as compared to the magnum ice cream that you purchase in the local stores. I would definitely pay an extra 60 pesos just for good tasting ice cream! The ice cream cost 100 with the toppings and their food was also very reasonably priced.

I also ordered the chocolate fondue set for all of us to share and it was really good. It came with two ice creams, chocolate fondue, chocolate wafers, fruits, pistachios and more chocolates. I would really love to come back here again with my friends. I really had a good time and good food.


Chicken Poppers with BACON GRAVY (Php 330)


Carbonara (Php 330)


Magnum Fondue for two (Php 350)


Spaghetti Bolognese topped with chocolate flakes (Php350)

It will only be open for 10 months so make the most out of it and try their “Make your own magnum bar” Which is what everyone comes for when they go here.

Magnum Cafe
SM Aura SkyPark Dining, Taguig

Recommendations: Chicken Poppers, Fondue for two set
Price range per person: 300-500 pesos

Cookbook Kitchen, Eastwood Mall

I have eaten here a few times already with my friend and today I brought my brother here to try their food. My only concern with this restaurant is the fact that you come out smelling like the kitchen and their service is a bit slow. All three times that I went here I came out of the place smelling like the kitchen.

The food though I will not complain is very good here. My favorite here is definitely the Ilocos Pasta and the Parmesan Crusted White fish! It is something that is always baked to perfection and tastes amazing. Not too much oil is tasted when you eat here, and that is one thing I love about restaurants. This is a place that you would like to try with your family and friends.


Bacon Mushroom Pasta Php 260


Ilocos Pasta Php 260 (AMAZING)


Parmesan Crusted White Fish petite Php300 (add 20 pesos for the regular size)



Eastwood Mall, right next to Ramen bar across Project Pie

RECOMMENDATIONS:  Ilocos Pasta ( I LOVE THIS),  Pasta Al Adobo and you MUST order the Parmesan Crusted White fish

BUDGET: 700-1000Php (we spent 700 pesos for the three dishes we bought)

NOTE: Get ready to smell like the kitchen, the food though is VERY good here.