That’s d pointe dance shop, Manila

Hello Dancers and Dance lovers,

As you are now well aware of, I’ve been fixing my website and sharing YouTube videos revolving around my life and ballet. Today I want to feature another ballet store in the Philippines called, thats d’ pointe dance shop. This shop owned by Ms. Charmaine, is located in Metrowalk, Ortigas ave. and in Fisher mall, Quezon City. The Shop is very much complete with the basic things and they have an ample amount of stocks, of course if you need special sizes you may also request that with them. They are very accommodating. I will be attaching our new video blog to this post.

If you are ever in need of dancewear, you may visit them today, and you can also check out their online store on this link, That’s d pointe dance shop

Guisados, Congressional Ave.

I’ve been driving past this place every week and I finally found the time to stop by. Guisados, the place where all the pretty motorbikes are lined up everyday.

The place feels a bit claustrophobic, its like being in the car. Parking space would only accomodate about 4 cars at most. But the food would compensate for that. We had the sample taste of the soft tacos, sisig appetizer and an extra corn on th side.



Here’s what it would look like from the outside.



This would be the inside of the place. The place is very small and would accommodate only a few number of families and friends.


Sizzling Sisig Php 150 which came with soft tacos and a spicy sauce. I ordered an extra sour cream sauce on the side.


5 sampler tacos Php 239. It may look small but it is VERY filling.

Budget: At most your budget would probably be Php 500 for 2 persons. The price ranges from about 100-300 per meal. Orders are just the right serving size.

Recommendation: I really loved the sisig. They told us that the soft tacos were the best sellers. But we tried all of the soft tacos and I still say that the sisig should be a best seller.

I would definitely come back here for a quick merienda meal. The location and parking is probably the only downside to this place, but then again Congressional is a booming place for food parks and new restaurants. I hope to see more in their menu next time! Would definitely come back for more of that Sisig and next time I’d like to try their Quesadillas when I finally can stomach cheese after this stomach flu.

Kitchenails, Trinoma

Its about time that Trinoma had their own nail spa! Kitchen Nails, a new kind of concept and nail spa just opened today. So if you have any plans of coming to  Trinoma anytime soon, this is a great place to relax from the traffic or after work with friends or just by yourself.

 The idea came from the owner of the shop. She is the owner of Laybare waxing salon, the Nail It salon and some well known restaurants which i will not mention. She loves the concept of food and nail salons so she came up with the idea of combining both concepts, hence Kitchen Nails!

While doing your nails and “baking” your hands. They offer pastries and drinks. Their utensils are mostly baking utensils! So its really an interesting mix of concepts baked into one. Today we were able to avail of their Chef Specials. You can choose between a Single serve, Entree and a Chef Special. Most of their scrubs are organic and their manicure is free except if you will avail of the special ones then thats an extra Php 60.


Their prices are fairly reasonable, i’ll include the picture of the price list under this. The service we availed today was a manicure and hand spa, I availed of the Very berry muffin and this came with free basic color polish.

In case of reservations, they still do not have a contact number however you may contact them through social media. Enjoy getting baked!

Bellini’s, Cubao eXpo

Bellinis opened in 1999 and is located at the Cubao eXpo. Known as a famous/secret Italian restaurant around Metro Manila is also known for being featured in one of the Filipino favorite, John Lloyd and Bea Alonzo movie ( One more chance ) probably the only reason why I really wanted to try it out because I love John Lloyd.


The area we stayed at was not so bad. Except for that fake door.

I found our experience here as so so. I will commend Mr. Bellini himself for entertaining all of his customers but the place is very outdated. Also the walls were very dirty. When we walked in the first  thing we thought of was “Is the place closed?” who would want to walk into a restaurant with closed lights? It was very dark and hot. Only one part of the restaurant was open and it wasn’t very cold either.


Focacia bread with dip, Php 110. I was a bit surprised that it was so expensive. At Itallianis they serve this for free with the oil and balsamic vinegar. It was expensive for me and we found it a little bit too moist for our taste.


Carbonara, Php 300 for this small amount of serving I was expecting something very good. It was alright, but for the price I was expecting special. Especially since it is an Italian restaurant and I had read great reviews on their pasta.


Ravioli al Tartufo (Spinach and ham ravioli a truffle sauce) Php 330. I was a bit disappointed especially since the waiter recommended this to us. The color was very unappetizing and I tasted more of dough than filling. I get that it is Spinach but must it be this color too?


Saltimbocca alla Romana, Php 460. (Tenderloin with cheese and parmaham) The most expensive on the meat menu as recommended by the waiter, was also just okay.

It seemed like the place was still stuck in the year 1999. When it is already the year 2014. Their menu was so confusing with so many items on it that I just had to ask the waiter most of the time about which dishes were their bestsellers. And on top of that I was told that taking pictures of the menu was not allowed, which i will respect but I am still wondering why? Service was also very slow as it took us so long to call the waiters and because they had not informed us earlier before the meal that their credit card payment was not available my boyfriend had to run all the way to the nearest ATM to withdraw money and come back.

In the end we were served with sweet wine which was good and kind of tasted like jelly ace. I don’t think that the place deserves the hype it receives. Maybe if they renovate or cut the size of their menu I might come back for more.

Amount spent: We spent a total of Php 1300

Bellini’s Italian Restaurant
Roberto & Ma. Luisa Bellini
Cubao Expo, Gen. Romulo Ave., Cubao
Quezon City, Metro Manila
Telephone: +(632) 913-2550

Facebook them at: Bellini’s Italian Restaurant