Third District Cafe, Katipunan

I should be talking about coffee, but I am not much of a coffee fan. So I’ll leave the other bloggers to talk about their coffee and I will be talking about their breakfast menu. ( I love breakfast food ❤ ) Although I know that they are more known for their coffee so you should definitely give it a try if you go here. I ordered the Chicken Waffles with bourbon maple syrup, Php 249.  Then my boyfriend tried the BYOB build your own breakfast menu.


B.Y.O.B, Build your own breakfast

Food was pretty pricey but I really loved what I had so I will not complain. You must try their Chicken Waffles with bourbon maple syrup, Php 245 which is one of their bestsellers and their Third district Frittata with stove top BBQ beans, Php 250. I would come back to eat both those dishes. Almost everyone was eating Chicken Waffles. The chicken had a really good crunch and their waffles were really soft. Although a bit expensive since I found their servings small. Even their Build your own breakfast dish was a bit disappointing for the price, the 2 scrambled eggs we ordered just looked like one egg.




Third district Frittata with stove top BBQ beans, Php 250


Chicken Waffles with bourbon maple syrup, Php 245

There is also a problem with their seating and table sizes. Its a shame that they lose so much customers because of bad spacing. There was this girl seated on a table where there were 6 chairs and she was alone, and another man alone on a table with 4 seats. Most tables were only filled with 1-2 people for a big table table that could seat 3-6 people. They are also understaffed and it takes them a while to clean out the place.  Also they should have a menu for us to browse, its pretty difficult to look at the wall for the menu.



Lastly, you should try their Gelato. Their Gelato comes from Afters Coffee shop in Tomas Morato and I love their dark chocolate flavor and the white chocolate one. I forgot what they were called but it was really good, kind of reminded me of Haagen Dazs Vanilla.


Price Range: Php 120-340 for food
Address: #41 Esteban Abada, Loyola Heights, Katipunan
Recommendations: Third district Fritata with stove top BBQ beans and Chicken Waffles with bourbon maple syrup