Zoo Coffee, Alphaland Makati

Alphaland is that new establishment built across the Makati Fire station. I would have never gone here if not for my friend who lives right near Alphaland. I didn’t know what to expect until we got to the actual place.

I don’t know which photo to be sharing first, Its actually just a cafe with stuffed toys but I enjoyed it so much because of the company I was with. I really think that its a great Idea to have stuffed toys around the cafe, except that I wish they do wash the toys. But the drinks were good for the price we paid, for the small drink it was only Php 125 and that small size was already pretty big.


I think this is a good place to meet up with friends and I would definitely go back here not only for the coffee but also for the ambiance. It really gives a cool and relaxing feel, from the color of the cafe to the actual aesthetics of the place. It would be great to come here with friends, maybe not little kids? I did see a few little kids torturing the stuffed animals and although it was cute. This is a place that serves coffee, GIANT desserts and a few sandwiches. It would be great to come here with a few good friends.

Budget: Php 200-300 per person

Recommendations: The vanilla latte was really good, I would have loved to have tried one of the big shaved ice desserts. If you are ever with 3-4 or more friends you could give that korean shaved ice dessert a try. As it looks pretty great!

Facebook page: Zoo Coffee Philippines

Your Local, Legaspi village Makati

Your local has been talked about a lot lately so we decided to try it out with my friends. My main problem about the place was the location. It would be easy to get a parking space if you came early for lunch or some late lunch. It’s not really parking friendly around Makati unless you actually work around the area. If that’s the case then you can probably walk to Your Local.


Sides parmesan chorizo fries. It tasted like ordinary fries with some kind of Ketchup chorizo sauce.


Braised Beef Pasta Php 380, It was good and the serving was big so I guess you could share this with someone.


Torched Salmon Donburi, Php 420. Now this is something I would come back for. MY GOD WAS IT GOOD. The rice and the salmon together was just perfect.


Lamb Rendang, Php 480. With sweet soy, cilantro with red raisin and black rice. Another big plate and big serving.

A typical “Third Wave” kind of restaurant with their pipes and lazy designed furniture. I was pleased with their food and choice of music but not with their service. It was pricey, but I guess places around Metro Manila are not really cheap anymore.

Service was really slow around here because I guess we came during the rush of lunch hour, and we also had a bad experience with one of the waiters. However I would come back for the Salmon Donburi that my friend Mariel had just because it tasted amazing, and it seemed to be what everyone was ordering. Everything here is served big so come on an empty stomach and enjoy.


There are drinks but I found them to be pricey and nothing special or unique to the flavors and names of the drinks.

Your Local

Vistit their Facebook : Your Local
Hours: 11am-2pm, 6pm-10pm
Located at: 106 Esteban St. cor VA Rufino St. Legaspi Village Makati

Create your own pizza at Fratini’s Restaurant, SM Jazz recidences

I was not prepared to get my hands dirty today. What I expected to be a food tasting event for bloggers turned out to be one of the coolest experiences ever. In Fratini’s they actually allow you to make your own pizza for 225 pesos. This is usually done for children above the age of 10 years old. However they do allow us curious adults who are looking for something to do around Manila to try this.


The dough prepared for us to roll. I really was not expecting this.


Ready to make my own pizza!!

Fratini’s is a Brunei based Italian restaurant. Nothing new in their menu from our typical Italian restaurants here in Manila, but as in Brunei they do not serve pork here since they are not allowed to eat pork. So if you’re vegan I think you might love the place, the dishes are very healthy and have a lot of vegetables as sides. They also have the most accommodating manager and staff.


Antipasto Appetizer, Php 475. Kind of a sampler kinda dish. 6 different kinds of Appetizer. Crispy Prawns, Tomato Bruschetta, Stuffed Mushroom, Mussels Gratin, Cheese and Zucchini Salad and Ceasar Salad. This dish is not on the menu but it is the perfect appetizer for you if you want to try a little bit of everything.


Supreme Pizza, Half topped with cream sauce, mozzarella cheese, tuna, prawn tails, onion, chili, capsicum. And the other half with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, chicken breast, onion, capsicum and pineapple. PHP 495 (Regular 12 inches) PHP815.00 (Jumbo 187 inches)


Trio Pasta,PHP 755.00. This is another dish that is not on the menu. It is supposed to look like the italian flag. Hence the red, white and green. A combinations of their 3 best seller pasta. Spaghetti Alla Pugliese, Fettuccine Carbonara and Lunguine al Fruiti di mare.


Mixed grilled meat, A combinations of Lamb, Tenderloin and Chicken Breast in black pepper sauce served with mashed potato and sautéed market vegetables. PHP 1,455.00


Tiramisu, Traditional Italian cheesecake layered with lady finger soaked in espresso coffee topped with creamy mascarpone cheese and cocoa powder. PHP 205.00


Chocolate Pudding, Fratinis classic dessert of fresh home-made chocolate pudding. PHP 175.00

We had a lot of fun with the pizza making. It’s something that I would love to do with my friends and my sister. Like a cross off the bucket list kinda thing. There is really a lack of things to do around in this city, and this should be top on your list. Plus points since they have really fast wifi. (Sounds shallow but I know we Manila people cannot live without it)

I’m sorry if I do not have much pictures of the pizza making but I shall try to post the video here soon!

Fratini’s Restaurant

contact them: 02 8915555
Delivery: 02 2121212 ( They also do catering )

SM Jazz Mall, Nicanor Garcia Corner Jupiter Street, Bel-Air, Makati City ( Right cross Mapua Makati )
Fratini’s Makati Facebook page

The Curator coffee and cocktails, Legaspi Village Makati

The Curator, Specialty Coffee and Craft cocktails. Hidden inside this wine bar called Cyrano, corner Don Carlos Palanca street is this amazing well designed small space. I loved how hidden the place was, kind of shady but still had a homey artsy feel to it. The staff here are very accommodating. We came here a little too early since Alcoholic Drinks are only served from 5pm so we had to wait a while. Their Coffee Menu is served from 7am-5pm.


Espresso with Milk ( summer blend ) Php 160


Daquiri Php 300

I tried their Espresso with Milk , and my boyfriend tried their Daquiri. The Espresso with milk was a summer blend according to their staff and I did taste the bit of fruitiness that they mentioned to me towards the end of my drink. I loved the chilled metal straw that came with my drink. I also loved that they make their own ice here and grind their own coffee. I was impressed with the effort they all put into making the drinks beautifully presented and at the same time worth the amount of money you would pay for it. We were surprised at first because of how expensive their cocktails were but my boyfriend mentioned that they really use good ingredients here and they even squeeze their own lime juice. Now where can you find such a place like that here in Manila ?

So if you’re around the area of Greenbelt or Legaspi Village I would recommend dropping by here. There are a lot of small but beautiful places around the area but this is one place that I would definitely recommend for you to come to. I also noticed that are a lot of students who come here to study, so maybe you could come here to try their food while you study and or have some coffee or a chat with a friend on cocktails.


Phone:+63 9163554129
Address: 134 Legaspi Street Corner Don Carlos Palanca Street, Inside Cyrano Wine Bar, Legaspi Village, Makati City

Bebe Rouge Patisserie, Makati

My mom and I passed by this Patisserie since we usually go to the Japanese grocery Hatchin which is beside it. This is a Japanese-French patisserie and my mom loved this place very much. The flavors of their cakes and macaroons were not so sweet. Very much like “Japanese and French taste” More of Japanese taste. My mom really loved it since its hard to find great tasting Macaroons that are not sweet, unlike the ones here around Manila that are usually too sweet to fit into the “Filipino taste”

10462465_10204179654282493_5119446481682172992_n 10509683_10204179654842507_5018120842180974321_n The aesthetics of the place was very nice and had a very french feel. There are a lot of Japanese who pass by the patisserie because of their bread. I noticed them buying croissants by the window and having them to go. They also sell different kinds of Jam here such as Kiwi Jam, Strawberry and etc. I would suggest that you try their Strawberry Shortcake and Raspberry Macaroons. It’s a bit difficult to find this place if you are not familiar with Makati. Just go straight along Jupiter street and then turn left after you see Meralco and the street with the BDO on the left side. Enjoy!


Raspberry Macaroons (Php 55) MUST TRY!

BEBE ROUGE Patisserie 

7602 Sacred Heart St, Corner Metropolitan Ave, San Antonio Village

Budget: 150-200 pesos per person, if you want to add tea bring 400 just in case.

Recommendations: Strawberry Shortcake, Raspberry Macaroon

Tsukiji Restaurant, Makati

Tsukiji Restaurant is a Japanese restaurant located beside Greenbelt along Arnaiz Avenue where most of the good Japanese restaurants I know are located. I have eaten here once before with my family, this time we came here to eat as a whole family for Mothers day. So we were about 24 people. My mom being a Japanese loves good Japanese food and she is very hard to please, but the Japanese food here is one she really loves. They get their ingredients here fresh from Japan which is what my mom loves about this place. Plus their chef is Japanese and a friend of hers.


Ume Ochazuke – Pickled plum (Php 450)


Ikura Don – Salmon Roe (Php 990)


Taco vinegared dishes with Wakame seaweed (Php 550)


Kaiso Salad (Php 680)


Sushi plate set




Takenoko sweet bamboo shoot (php 220)


Wagyu Sashimi (php 1200)

We tried this place last year as well and my mom and I agree that though the food here is pricey as compared to the food we eat in Japan. It is the closest you can get to good Japanese food here in the Philippines. It is very hard to find good Japanese restaurants here in Manila. If you’re looking for a place, this is it. However be prepared to spend. A LOT.

SONY DSCTsukiji Restaurant

Address:900 A Arnaiz Avenue Corner Paseo De Roxas Street San Lorenzo Village, Makati, Makati 1200
Phone:(02) 812 2913

RECOMMENDATIONS: Sushi and Sashimi, Wagyu Sashimi (This is amazing and very soft)

BUDGET: We spent about 40,000 Pesos all in all for 24 people, and we even shared for some of the meals. I suggest that you allot about 1500-2000 per person. Just in case you would like to order and share different dishes.

Grace Park, One Rockwell Makati

SONY DSCA friend of mine wanted to try out this place last week, and so I did some research before coming here. I found out from my research that it was a restaurant put up by Margarita Fores.  The same person who manages Cibo. (another one of my favorite restaurants) The restaurant has been said to have been inspired by the home of her grandparents.

We went straight here after dance class. Hopefully we had burned enough calories for the amount of food that we were about to eat tonight. The place had a very rustic and homey interior which I loved very much, and upon the recommendation of the waiter we chose to try their two best selling dishes. We also decided to try two of their dishes from the “menu of the day”. Most of our orders were based on whatever everyone else was ordering around us.


Fried Squash Flowers Mascarfone Wrapped Prosciutto


Muscovado Beef Belly


Fettuccine Truffle Cream Organic Egg

We did not know what squash flowers were but they definitely tasted good. The Muscovado beef belly had that perfect sweetness and softness that matched to it. The Fettuccine Truffle Cream Organic Egg was my favorite among the two main dishes. I could smell how great it tasted even before we ate it. Everything we ate tonight here had a certain “Grace” to its flavor and presentation. I would not have spent the night eating anything else. These dishes were all very simple and rich in flavor but at the same time elegant. Just as the ambiance of the restaurant that complimented well to the taste of its food. I would definitely love to try more of their dishes the next time I come here. The last thing we tried here was the Eton Mess. I normally do not like to eat meringue and I really do not like whipped cream either, but I read about this in one of the blogs that it was one of the best desserts to try. IT MOST DEFINITELY WAS.

SONY DSCBUDGET PER PERSON: We spent  about 1800 pesos in total of what we shared. I would recommend at least (500-1000 pesos) budget per person when coming here.

G/F One Rockwell West Tower,
Rockwell Drive
Makati, Metro Manila
0939-934-223 (02) 843-7275
Grace Park Facebook

Do not forget to check out their special Menu of the day!