Rib city, Maginhawa

Located right next to BPI along Maginhawa is this new restaurant called Rib City. First of all before I start, I would like to complain about the location. The place is fine, in fact it is designed very well and offers a cute concept of building legos and a menu mapped out like a subway station in a city. It’s very cute, but it was so hard to park that the first time that I even attempted to go here I just gave up on parking and went home. It might be convenient for the school right across them but for students from UP or those travelling by car, its not so easy to find a parking space especially around Maginhawa.


Here’s the menu


Quesadees Php, 188. What I loved about the quesadees is that it had a lot of vegetables.


Twin towers Php 368, Ribs with a choice of 2 sides. So i wanted to try their Ribs with the mashed and the corn and vegetables. The ribs like I said earlier was a bit inconsistent and dry on some parts. The mashed was okay and the sides lacked seasoning. It was like eating raw vegetables sprinkled with a dash of pepper.

I expected a lot more from a place with the name “rib city”. Food is okay, not something you would want to go back for twice. My boyfriend and I would always ask restaurants for what the best seller is because well if thats your best then i would wonder what the other dishes would taste like. The ribs were just a little too sweet for my taste and the cook on the inside was inconsistent. Some parts were dry and some parts were good.

Here’s my issue about a lot of restaurants here in Metro Manila. The concept is always half there, what they are missing is probably to create something extra special for people to come back to. Its like Rodic’s Tapa or the bacon wrapped oreos I can’t stop thinking about at Burger company PH. All restaurants need to have that special something to create in order to stand out. But I’m not saying that the food here wasn’t good because i loved their quesadees. They just maybe have to get a little more creative for people to flock by and try their ribs as well with their specials. Then and only then would I probably go back again for some more.

Read more about them on: Rib City Facebook 

Location: right next to BPI, so if you’re coming from CP garcia and take a turn going to Maginhawa street, turn right instead of left. Then you’ll see BPI on the right side right across Holy Family school. Behind BPI is Rib City.

Ally’s All-day breakfast place, Malingap st.

Breakfast somehow tastes best around noontime. I made sure to have only a glass of Milo in the morning just to eat here with my friends. I was getting ready for the “WHAT DIET” (Php 450) Big Breakfast Attack meal on their menu. Which is basically comprised of 2 Hungarian sausages, bacon strips, rice, fries and scrambled eggs a Chocolate waffle on the side and bottomless iced tea. So if in case still have a big tummy this Sunday for our show at CCP then you’ll know why. Forgive me Teacher Perry.


WHAT DIET? Php 450 comes with the Triple Chocolate waffles. Hungarian Sausage with scrambled eggs. This is easily good for sharing.


The triple chocolate waffle that comes with the What diet breakfast attack meal


Satisfying Steph, Php 300. Supposedly 2 breakfast sausages but they ran out of sausages so that is Ham, Bacon, Fried rice, egg and it also comes with a classic waffle.


Classic Waffle that comes with the Satisfying steph breakfast attack meal and bottomless iced tea


Batangas Beef Tapa, Php 150. Was a bit dry but flavor was good.


Bangus Native Longanissa, Php 180 Longanissa was also a bit dry like the tapa, but flavor was also good.


Bangus spring rolls, Php 150. I loved these.

Breakfast Food! Filipino Breakfast, and all kinds of breakfast foods. From all kinds of Longganisa, Tapa, Daing, Garlic Rice, Crepes, Pancakes, Waffles and DIY Pancakes and Waffles. You can have anything you want from 730am-10pm at their branch here in Sikatuna Village.

Service was a bit slow, as we had to call the attention of our waiter numerous times. The place was also really small, but surprisingly I counted all the chairs and tables and it could easily fit around at least 30 people. Last time we came here we tried their Lala Longanissa, (php 300) and their Bangus Sisig (Php 195). That is the one side dish that I would recommend along with their Bangus Spring Rolls (Php 150). Come here early as it gets crowded around 1230pm till after lunch.


Ally’s all-day breakfast. Where the sun always shines.

I had breakfast today with The Chunky Munchies! Check out their blog for what they thought about Ally’s all day breakfast place.

Ally’s All-Day Breakfast Place 50 Malingap Street, Sikatuna Village
Contact No.: +63 906 444 3878
Operating Hours: 7:30 AM – 10:00 PM
Ally’s all day breakfast place, Facebook page

The Breakfast Table: Maginhawa

What would you like to have today?

I came by this restaurant a few weeks ago while looking for Gayuma ni Maria. It sounded really interesting so I looked it up and I decided to come here together with my friend. I don’t usually post Menus but i loved their menu so here it is.SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCI ordered their TBT eggs benedict, and taho shake. Their eggs benedict had Tinapa flakes and their own version of pinoy hollandaise sauce. It was good but what I really loved was their Taho Shake and Sardine rice on their make your own breakfast menu which you could have instead of their set meals if you want to try something different.


Make your own breakfast menu


TBT Eggs benedict Php 195


Taho shake Php 99


Sardine Rice and Vigan Longganisa


Chocolate Pudding

They have an interesting make your own breakfast menu with choices of plain rice, sardine rice, coffee rice and garlic rice. You even have a choice between having your eggs scrambled, fried, boiled, salted or poached. For the mains there are a lot that you can choose from. All kids of Longganisa, Tapa bangus and etc. I recommend you come here with your friends early in the afternoon when there aren’t much people. Also try their Mango Yogurt shake, I heard that its good.

Recommendations: Taho shake

Price range per person: 300-400Php per person

Gayuma Ni Maria, Maginhawa street

Gayuma ni Maria is a restaurant located at the VERY end of Maginhawa Street on the right side. Turn left from Mini stop and just go straight until you see it on the far end of the street on the right side. You’ll pass a lot of many different restaurants before getting here. Very cute aesthetics and very couple friendly.

I went here last week together with my boyfriend and my friend and her boyfriend too. We laughed at the names of the food in the menu. Maya Maya na dear, Rock me rock baby, Through the fire, Once you go Black, Undress me and Etc etc.


Lumpiang Excited (Php 110)


Maya Maya na dear (Php 230)


No Boyfriend since birth (Php 225)


Rock me rock baby (Php 265)

These are the dishes that we tried together. It was really so good! Most especially the Maya Maya na dear which is what I tried and the No Boyfriend since birth which my boyfriend tried. Very buttery and cheesy dishes. It would be nice to come back here because I would also love to try their other dishes with their interesting titles. Gayuma ni Maria is definitely one that should be on your must try “food trip” list.

Maginhawa street

Recommendations: Personally I love what I ate which was the Maya Maya na dear. There are tons to choose from so don’t hesitate to try something new!

Price budget per person: 250-300Php per person if you don’t plan to get any drinks.