Kouign Amann (pronounced “queen ah-mann”), SM megamall

Have you ever heard of Kouign-Amann?  (pronounced “queen ah-mann”) translated in Breton is a butter cake. About 450 calories of goodness, I love the buttery and sugary goodness of this pastry. I first learned about them from my dear French friend Cassoui and her family who runs the Restaurant CiÇou along 57 Annapolis Street, Greenhills, San Juan. It was so good that each time she would bring some Kouign-Amann to ballet or a party It would be the first thing I would get even before the food.


This is their stall in SM Megamall, 2nd floor fashion hall. Right next to Zara. First stall you see up the escalator.

This is now one of my favorite desserts in the world, and a part of me doesn’t want to share it to you. (HAHA) Their family has now opened a Kouign-Amann stall in SM Megamall 2nd floor, Fashion hall.


They have different flavors here such as Chocnut and PB&J down there in the next picture.


Peanut Butter and Jelly Kouign Aman. They also have other flavors like Chocolate and the sort. There are just a lot to choose from. You could also buy them in boxes of 4 and 8.

Cheesecake, Ensaymada, Caramel, Bacon and Cheese, PB&J, Chocnut and many other flavors. They bake them fresh everyday and then they refrigerate them in the stall. You can have it heated up for you to eat it there or could probably just buy a box and take them home to heat up yourself. I am not sure if it is traditional to put some toppings on a Kouign-Amann since it is already very rich but I think that it was smart to do so as it would attract more customers catering to the VERY VERY sweet tooth of Filipinos. I have tried the regular ones at their restaurant and the S more’s Kouign Aman as well. If you are looking for something more formal I suggest that you just get yourself to their restaurant instead, but if Kouign-Amann is all you are craving for then this stall is perfect to satisfy your cravings.

I can eat this anytime of the day for sure. Together with some milk probably or coffee.


SM Megamall 2nd floor, Fashion hall

Brasserie CiCou, Annapolis San Juan

Its really hard to come by good authentic French restaurants in Manila and this is one place you could try if you are a fan of good and healthy French food. I absolutely loved their menu and the ambiance of their restaurant. You can call me biased because this restaurant is ran by my friends family. (HAHA)


Kouign Amann S’Mores Php 220 MY FAVORITE DESSERT!


Egg Meurette


Le Boeuf Bourguignon, The beef was so soft it really did melt in my mouth


Cheese Ravioli


Eggs Benedict

If my opinion will help, although I have not been to France, I really do trust my friends family’s taste in food. Her father being French and all, and I do see a lot of people coming to eat here. I love that there are a lot of vegetables on their menu and if you love the feel good kind of simple restaurants then this is definitely a place you could try to come to together with your Friends and Family.  The ambiance of the restaurant is very homey and welcoming. Something you might want to experience.

 Budget per person is about Php 1000 pesos if you also would like to try dessert. But believe me when I say I definitely got my moneys worth for everything I tried today.