Milky Cow, Eastwood

If there’s one thing no one can say no to, it’s ice cream.

After a good lunch at Project Pie in Eastwood, Lina and I stumbled upon Milky Cow. This ice cream parlor hailing from Korea may be one of their fronts in their campaign to conquer us. Ha-ha.

The place looks neat, as in literally neat with all its whites. Super clean you’d feel instantly lighter just entering the place. The counter was stocked with ridiculously good looking macarons. But we couldn’t have that as we just had banana nutella pizza. So we got the best-seller, the “M3,” better known as the Milky Cube. After all, it was an ice cream parlor. At that point I did not know what to expect. DSCF5811Milky cube … A square scoop of ice cream? What came was an average-looking scoop of ice cream with a sort of natural honey cube. In all honesty, it did not look like a hundred and seventy pesos worth. I was a bit disappointed. Maybe that’s where all the ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ stuff comes in. I took a good look as Lina took pictures and I though this better taste good.” And it tasted like every cent of that price tag. It really was milky, thick and just a joy to eat. Then the honey, yes. Just the right sweet, not enough to make me feel guilty, which is good. But the cube, honestly, I couldn’t tell whether it was edible or not. But since it fit in my spoon, why not. DSCF5814But, too bad it didn’t sit quite right in my mouth. I had to take it out discreetly, unlike what Gordon Ramsay might do. It tasted good but felt weird. Maybe it isn’t so bad for others, but not me. Overall it was a delightful experience. There’s nothing like trying a new ice cream joint. Even though initially it didn’t look 170, it sure tasted like it.

Miguel Gonzales


Zomato Reviews: Milky Cow, Libis QC
Located: Right outside the eastwood mall. You wont miss it when you go to the outdoor open area

Rita’s Italian Ice, Greenhills

Rita’s Italian Ice, the world’s largest Italian Ice concept with over 600 stores across USA, has now opened their first store at V Mall in Greenhills.


Here’s the Menu, the flavor changes from depending on whats available so I would suggest that you go there to try it out. 🙂

They serve both italian Ice and Frozen Custard here, and you could order them individually or you could mix them together in what they call the Gelati. The italian ice is made fresh daily while the custard is imported all the way from the US.

If you are confused with which flavor to get they allow you to taste the Italian Ice flavors. The staff are also really knowledgeable about what they are serving. Good service and really friendly staff. They could improve on seating though as one chair is lower than the other. However it seems like the location is still tentative as there is a Rita’s store being put up behind the actual store.


We ordered the Gelati. I loved that there was a custard inside the layer of Italian Ice. Php 150 each with toppings of sprinkles and gummy bears. I got the lemon flavor and Iggy got the bubble gum flavored Italian Ice.

I really loved the vanilla custard in between the layers of Italian Ice. Although i have never tried the Rita’s in the states, I believe that its a new kind of concept here in the Philippines that everyone would love to try.

Rita’s Italian Ice

G/F V-Mall, Greenhills Shopping Center, Greenhills, San Juan City Facebook Page: Rita’s Italian Ice Philippines

The Iscreamst, Teachers village

This is my fourth time back here and I was hoping that it would somewhat be a little different. The main problem of this place has always been the seating. We waited for 2 hours in line just to get our experience of the liquid nitrogen smores and ice cream. I usually just come here to bring someone new, otherwise I don’t think that I would really come back for the experience. You don’t really need to experience it twice. People usually just come back here for the “SELFIE” with the smores.


Their Menu is a bit new now as compared to before. They added more ice cream flavors.


This is their bestseller. I just wished that they were actual smores with a melted marshmallow in the middle. They were pre packed in a ziplock bag.

I just can’t find anything special to say about this place, they are still as understaffed as they were a year ago. They still have really dirty floors and tables and they have really really bad seating. I mean how can they accommodate all their customers if they have chairs that could only accommodate 17 people? They should rethink the seating of the place. I think that there is a better way to use the space but they just haven’t changed it. They loose a lot of customers doing this because I saw at least at least 9 people before us leave just because it took too long.


Php 65 just for 4 pcs. I think it used to be cheaper the last time I was here 2 years ago.


So you just dip it for 7 seconds.


Then when you eat it, it looks like this. Hence why it is called Dragons breath.

 We also tried their ice cream which was 150 per scoop. Nothing really so special. If you think about it 2 scoops would mean 300 pesos I mean would you really want to spend on ice cream worth that much just because It was frozen in liquid nitrogen? I would rather just go to Haagen Dazs or buy my own pint of ice cream in the grocery.  Even if according to them normal Ice Cream would get “watery” I think that I am after the flavors.

If you want to come here when there is no line. I would suggest that you come during a weekday on super off hours. Although during all my experiences  here I always had a problem with seating even when coming off hours. They just have REALLY REALLY bad seating.

The Iscreamist

Open from 1pm-10pm (last customer at 9:45pm)
46D Magiting Street, Teacher’s Village
Quezon City, Philippines
Facebook Page: The Iscreamist

Carmen’s Best Ice Cream, Pure Indulgence

So everyone has been raving about how delicious this Ice cream is so I went out to try it for myself. I found a branch that sells this along Centris Walk in this echo store restaurant. It’s not so hard to spot since there is a sign that says “Carmens Best Ice cream served here” So you have an option of a lot of different kinds of flavors and of course we got one of the store people to explain every interesting sounding flavor to us among the best sellers list. I decided to try the Malted Milk, as soon as I heard the words “MALTESERS” and “MILK” I was sold. I am a big fan of Maltesers.

SONY DSCSONY DSCThe price was not so bad since my friend and I shared it. It cost about 435 php I think. It depends on what flavor you are trying. What I loved about the taste was that it was creamy and you could actually bite into the chunks of Maltesers that were in the Ice cream. That was really awesome. Personally though I would still choose Haagen Dazs over this pint of Ice cream. I would actually prefer Japanese soft cream to this. It was just a little too sweet for my taste, as I think they were trying to adjust it into the Filipino taste.  I would also love to try their other flavors just to see what the other people are raving about. Because as good as it was it didn’t exactly wow me. Worth a try though if you eat a lot of Ice cream such as myself.

Magnum Cafe, SM Aura Taguig

My ballet friends decided to kidnap me on the day before my birthday and they brought me to magnum cafe! It was super crowded despite the fact that it was a Friday afternoon around 2pm. It took us a while to get a table for 12 hungry ballerinas.

Some of us ordered food while the others went to make their own magnum ice cream where they got to choose three toppings of their choice and flavor of their ice cream. I was not left disappointed here. The ice cream that you get here is really different as compared to the magnum ice cream that you purchase in the local stores. I would definitely pay an extra 60 pesos just for good tasting ice cream! The ice cream cost 100 with the toppings and their food was also very reasonably priced.

I also ordered the chocolate fondue set for all of us to share and it was really good. It came with two ice creams, chocolate fondue, chocolate wafers, fruits, pistachios and more chocolates. I would really love to come back here again with my friends. I really had a good time and good food.


Chicken Poppers with BACON GRAVY (Php 330)


Carbonara (Php 330)


Magnum Fondue for two (Php 350)


Spaghetti Bolognese topped with chocolate flakes (Php350)

It will only be open for 10 months so make the most out of it and try their “Make your own magnum bar” Which is what everyone comes for when they go here.

Magnum Cafe
SM Aura SkyPark Dining, Taguig

Recommendations: Chicken Poppers, Fondue for two set
Price range per person: 300-500 pesos