EXPLORING TOKYO: Harinezumi Cafe (Hedgehog cafe), Harajuku

Hello Everyone!

This last short trip of mine back home was quite a rush. I wasn’t able to do anything other than watch a ballet, go to the ballet store and to see my good friend Rei in Harajuku. I got to do something quite fun this time, we got to got to the hedgehog cafe and to enjoy the company of these creatures.

Harajuku is quite known for its strange cafes, they have a bunch of owl and otter cafes around the Takeshita dori area. If you walk around I am sure you will always find something to do here. Harajuku is a place that is quite alive and an escape for a lot of young people, like myself (haha). Kidding aside, I decided to turn this into a VLOG instead to explain better and show more about the cafe.

Leaving you the link to the cafe here, in case you are interested in such Cafes. HARRY Harajuku

Till next time!

Places around Tokyo: Harajuku station

My favorite place in Tokyo has always been Shibuya. Today however i have found a new love for Harajuku. Coming to Tokyo every year, I have seen the changes that go on per station. Harajuku is usually where you catch the new trends in Fashion or Cosplay. Today there was an insane amount of people along Takeshita dori, the famous street in Harajuku.


We found this new place that makes giant cotton candy, I did not even see this last June when I was here. Usually takeshita dori is known for its good tasting crepes and the shawarma place near Forever 21 and H&M. Also its cheap and trendy clothes and shoes. If you like socks and tights this is the place to get the nice but very affordable tights made in Japan (not China).


I really wanted to take my brother here since it was his first time, then we had some food at Yoyogi park which is not far from Harajuku. It is just beside the JR Harajuku station exit. If you want some time to walk and relax the park is a good place to go to. A good change of scenery from the very busy shopping outlets, long lines and sales along Harajuku.


Its been so long since I’ve blogged since I’ve been very busy and Im glad to be doing this again and finally getting some time off.

Guru Churro, Harajuku

Rie told me about how good these churros were and I couldn’t wait to give them a try the next time I was in Harajuku. Fortunately, I was going to meet my long time friend Timmy that day and we decided to try it out together. Its hidden but you won’t miss it as long as you read the signs, Its right across forever 21.


Here are the list of their flavors


Timmy is enjoying her churro… well technically I ate most of all the churros.


We had the set with the ice cream to share too!

We got to try cinnamon, strawberry, matcha, honey, sugar and the set with the Ice cream. It was just heavenly! I have to thank my friend Rie for this suggestion! I will not regret coming here for some churros, so if you ever are in Harajuku you should come and try this place for a short snack after lunch. The place is also very secluded and nice so you can have some quiet time from the crazy hustle outside in Harajuku.

I will recommend that you try the cinnamon flavored churros and honey, those were my favorites. If you are a bit more adventurous I would recommend the Kinako, I heard the table next to us saying that it was good. Timmy and I were supposed to share but It really felt like I was the one eating all of the churros while she shared her stories.


Its located right under charles and keith, so you just have to go down the escalator to the basement! If you get lost just look for Charles and Keith and don’t forget that its across H&M and Forever 21.