Eating around New York

I wish that we had the chance to eat more around New York, In fact we were just walking most of the time which is probably why I didn’t really gain any weight despite the giant cookies from Levain bakery I was having in the morning. I despise that cookie shop which we lived right on top of, every morning we could smell the sweet cookies being baked and you could see a whole line just right under the apartment all the way up to the street. I could”t resist buying a cookie once I would pass by and see no line during the busy hours of the day when everyone would be working. We really lived in an area where there was a lot of food and different food carts along central park especially.

1. Levain Bakery, 75th street


Oh how can you resist a $6 cookie the size of your fist. Come here on a weekday and you won’t experience any long lines.

2. Luke’s Lobsters



I was able to have some lobster rolls with Mariel, we just had to walk a few blocks down from the apartment and this was the first official meal i had in New York so I was so surprised with how good these things tasted. LOBSTER ROLLS MY GOD ❤

3. Loab boat house, Central Park





Eating here to me was like a dream I mean I usually just see these places in movies. Especially this place I always saw in movies. It would be nice to get a seat near the lakeside, it is also very expensive but worth every penny.

4. Juniors Cheesecake, Times Square



My friend Mariel loves sweets and she kept on telling me that this would be the BEST cheesecake I would taste in New York. She was right.

5. Lam Zhou Noodles, Chinatown



It took us a while to find this place and I had to google maps it but totally worth it. Our apartment owner recommended this place and my mom and I loved it. If you’re looking for good hand tossed noodles around new york then this is the cheapest and best place to go to. People from all parts of town seem to go here.

6. Chelsea Market Lobsters from Maine, Chelsea Market



My mom kept on bugging me on how we should go to Chelsea Market to eat the giant 2 pond lobster that she saw the last time she was here. Although it is not cheap to eat here at the Chelsea Market, the lobster was really amazing! They tasted like the lobster rolls that we had minus the bun.

7. Gray’s Papaya Hotdog, 72nd street



If you’re looking for something cheap and good then this is a great place to eat because for $4 you will get to eat 2 hotdogs and this really good papaya juice. It was right next to our street so we had to pass by one time during breakfast, and its open 24 hours.

Of course there are a lot more things to eat around the city and I did want to do a lot more things too but 2 weeks isn’t enough to explore everything that New York has to offer. I just stuck to watching plenty of broadways and ballets, maybe someday again when I  get to stay there longer I will get to eat everything I want to try there. Till then, I cannot wait. For now this is all that I was able to eat.

Tokyo Tonteki, UP Town Center Katipunan

     Screen shot 2014-02-23 at 10.31.14 PMTokyo Tonteki opens its first branch outside of the country and is located in UP town center, Katipunan. It is a well known restaurant in Japan for its soft meat.

We ordered 6 different meal sets and 2 side dishes. The Tonteki set and the Pork loin and steak was my dads and my sisters orders. These two actually were just the same, except for the pork loin was cut into small strips. The ginger pork loin set on the other hand was really delicious except for itSONY DSC was a bit harder than expected. The cream croquet was good except a little on the Filipino taste of sweet. It tasted a bit more of like a desert. The best of all the sets we ordered was the Tonburg Steak, Stir fried mushrooms and the Sandubu. The Sandubu was actually my most favorite of the 3 favorites. The meat was very soft and it was cooked very well and the spice complimented the contents very well.

My mom noticed though from the open kitchen that most of the meals were pre set. Which is why the orders were coming in so quickly and people were coming and going in an instant. It is very Japanese like service. Except for the mushrooms, she saw that they were freshly made there. I have yet to try the Tokyo Tonteki in Japan. SONY DSCMy mom mentioned to me that maybe the beef was not so soft because they are using locally made meat here. Nonetheless it was pretty good, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a new place to eat. Another plus is that your order comes with unlimited RICE and VEGETABLE refils. For what its worth, Its definitely a good price.

PRICE RANGE: 350-500 per set meal per person

RECOMMENDATIONS: Sundubu, Tonburg Steak, Stir Fried Mushrooms

LOCATED AT: First floor left side, UP Town Center, Katipunan Ave