Dongdaemun Fabric Market: Korea

The fabric market: located at Dongdaemun is the building right behind the Marriott hotel, its not very difficult to find, just take exit 2 and walk straight ahead, no need to cross the street unless you’re on the other side of Marriott and enjoy shopping.

Fabric selections include, cotton, wool, twill, laces and the top floor has a whole lot of accessories.

Price range: It was expensive as compared to the Philippines but I do not regret coming here to get an idea of how the fabrics were priced. Some ranged from around 10,000 won per yard which is about 500 pesos, it depends what you were looking for but in my opinion it was just not worth it unless for single items, but its worth the look because the laces and the other lace items were so beautiful, you don’t find very pretty lace and embellishments in the Philippines.

Fabric Shopping in Singapore, Part 2

Recently I got to visit Singapore again to support a friend in her dance store business, also to meet a few dance store owners myself. What I love most about Singapore is that everything you are looking for is somewhere within that small city of theirs. If you read my part one on the Fabric shopping guide, then you will enjoy these 2 new places I found

  1. Mustafa Center

During my recent stay, I got to stay at just a 5 minute walk place near the Mustafa Centre. I never realised that the place was so near to my hostel and there were plenty of fabric, Fabric mostly from Japan and Taiwan, and those are my 2 most favourite places to shop for fabric in. They have fabric from Valentino as well as organic cotton, I loved this part of Mustafa centre. 1/4 of the whole ground floor was just filled with all kinds of fabric from all over the world.

2. Textile Center

I stumbled upon textile centre as I was walking towards Arab street. I love Arab street for one reason, and that is because their fabrics are as cheap as they are BEAUTIFUL! Their prices range even from 2SGdollar per yard and thats pretty cheap for the quality of their fabrics. They never disappoint and they are even willing to bargain.

As for the textile centre which is just a few mins walk from Arab, is a building with plenty of options for trimmings and extra bags of organza and small things you stick on costumes and designs. Its the best place to shop for those kinds of things like fabric glue, ribbons and patches. I loved it there, and it was also very very cheap, I spent only 50 SGdollar for a whole bag of trimmings and patches and they sold it by many big packs so I had plenty to take home.

ENJOY FABRIC SHOPPING! I hope that will add to your list of places to visit in Singapore.

Places around tokyo: Nippori textile street

I read about the Nippori textile district in a magazine earlier today, I could not wait to go to the place.

How to get there: Take the JR line to Nippori station and get out of the south exit. Afterwards take a right towards the Gasto ( ガスト)Italian fast food restaurant and go down the bridge. Head straight and you will see signs that say (Textile street) all around the corners.


The textile street is about a 1 kilometer long street filled with all kinds of discounted fabric and textiles. They even sell different pre made patterns for making your own things and rolls of all kinds of straps, garters, spools of thread and all kinds of fabric mostly made in Japan and some imported from the US and Korea.


This is my favourite store. Its called TOMATO and its 6 floors of Japanese fabric and EVERYTHING a person who loves to sew wants to find is here. I would suggest that you come prepared to shop, its quite overwhelming to see all the fabric. So get ready with what you need to look for so that it would be easier for you to decide.  A lot of the textiles were also discounted and sold for about 100 Yen per meter. Quite cheap for really good quality cotton fabric. This is a place every textile lover must visit in Tokyo! Forget Yuzawaya, this place is where you buy things discounted in Tokyo.