Guisados, Congressional Ave.

I’ve been driving past this place every week and I finally found the time to stop by. Guisados, the place where all the pretty motorbikes are lined up everyday.

The place feels a bit claustrophobic, its like being in the car. Parking space would only accomodate about 4 cars at most. But the food would compensate for that. We had the sample taste of the soft tacos, sisig appetizer and an extra corn on th side.



Here’s what it would look like from the outside.



This would be the inside of the place. The place is very small and would accommodate only a few number of families and friends.


Sizzling Sisig Php 150 which came with soft tacos and a spicy sauce. I ordered an extra sour cream sauce on the side.


5 sampler tacos Php 239. It may look small but it is VERY filling.

Budget: At most your budget would probably be Php 500 for 2 persons. The price ranges from about 100-300 per meal. Orders are just the right serving size.

Recommendation: I really loved the sisig. They told us that the soft tacos were the best sellers. But we tried all of the soft tacos and I still say that the sisig should be a best seller.

I would definitely come back here for a quick merienda meal. The location and parking is probably the only downside to this place, but then again Congressional is a booming place for food parks and new restaurants. I hope to see more in their menu next time! Would definitely come back for more of that Sisig and next time I’d like to try their Quesadillas when I finally can stomach cheese after this stomach flu.

Agape, Chimes Square Congressional Ave.

Congressional avenue has been booming lately of new restaurants. Chimes is one of the places i like to go to there as it is more quiet and secluded. Plenty of families come here and it is less crowded as compared to Box park or Urban Eats, which is right next to the establishment. If theres a new place you want to try around Quezon City, Chimes and well Congressional Avenue in general is a good place to come to. A bit of a hassle with parking space but its worth it to come and eat here.

Agape, meaning selfless or maybe surprise. Depending on how you use it, was what the owner of the restaurant named it because it reminded her of her journey with her daughter when she got sick. She wanted to put up that restaurant after their journey together when they went to New York. When they were there, they would always eat in the Le Pain restaurant along 1st avenue. That is where she got most of her inspiration for her first restaurant, Agape.

An owner with plenty of heart, she handles her business with a lot of passion. Most of her chefs are from Benilde or Endurun which she tells us are very well off, but she likes to hire these types of people because many of them are inspired by the story of why she opened her restaurant. Her menu is composed of recipes mostly done by her husband or some of her family members.

Personal Recommendations: From the Salads I loved the Spicy Prawn with Honey Lemon Papaya sauce Php 150, The Four Cheese pizza Php320, Beer Battered Fish Tartine Php 250 and the Sardines in Oil Pasta, Php 200. Their dessert tart is also AMAZING. They are very proud of their tartine selection as not many restaurants serve tartines in Manila. The beer battered tartine was my favourite among all the tartines.

Really nice place to come for quiet dates with friends and family. Chimes is a nice family friendly place. There are three restaurants that I could recommend here and the other one is also owned by the owner of Agape which is Ciano. The other burger restaurant beside Agape, sells amazing burgers, and those are probably the only three restaurants that I come here for but its definitely worth a try. Chimes Square is not really that mainstream YET as it looks a bit more expensive and intimidating, but give it a little more time and I know that it will be swamped with people soon enough.

Urban Eats, Congressional avenue QC

Located along Congressional avenue is Urban Eats, the new restaurant craze right next to Box park and across Guisados the make your own taco place. What was once an empty and dark highway is turning out to be a parking lot. Everyday plenty of cars park along Congressional avenue to eat here or at Box Park which is right next to Urban Eats.

I got to the place around 7 but it took me about 10 mins to find parking and another 5 mins to walk to the place, because I had to park all the way to the end. Its pretty tricky to find parking spots along the highway not unless someone will leave and you get lucky to find a spot.

First thought was, What do i eat? There are so many options in this food park. From Japanese, Korean, Italian and some other Fusions of food. Plenty of startup businesses come here and try their luck. Our friends and I could not decide nor did we know where to start. Luckily the staff around Urban eats were very accommodating and the owners even personally came to our table to explain what food they offered.

DSC04268 (1)

We started with some kind of Japanese fusion food and Korean food and we ended with A LOT of dessert. Needless to say, I arrived with an empty stomach and I went home with a food baby. If you’re looking for a new place to hangout with your Barkada, this is a good place to start. They have some live bands play every Saturday to make things better. Bring some off lotion if you are going to wear shorts as this is an outdoor location.


Miao Cat Café opens in Manila, Congressional Ave

Miao Cat Café is located above the Cakes2Go building along congressional avenue. It was a bit difficult to park as they are still working on the parking scheme. I decided however to make a U-turn to KFC and just parked there and crossed the street to Miao Cat Cafe. In the mornings they are allowed to park in a certain area but since i could only go there late I had a hard time with parking.

There are no signs outside of the place but you’ll see a quaint entrance to the left sude of the  cakes2go store. It was a surprise to see that there was such a place in such a small building. They have a set of house rules before entering in the area where you disinfect and remove your shoes. I love the friendly cat jungle they have. They also have outdoor seating and cats just freely roam around and sleep on the floors and chairs and small holes.


Inside the Cafe


The cat tree with scratching posts and hanging bridges where cats sleep.

my favorite kitty in the cafe

The sisters Loida and Sam who put up this cat cafe are especially fond of cats. I was quite impressed with their knowledge of cats. I would suggest that you talk to them a lot, it is because of them that my boyfriend can now touch a cat. They go to china every month and they always visit cat cafes, I have a feeling that they are really cat lovers or cat crazy but in a good way. Their love for cats is what  they would like to share with this cafe, they want to convert every cat hater into a cat lover.

Before coming to the place you must set a reservation to either of these numbers 022747937 / 09258777617

For reservation please send a message with the format below

Date & Time:
Number of guest:
Contact Number:

They are open everyday at 11am-1pm, 2pm-4pm, 5pm-7pm and 8pm-10pm

When I asked them why they close between hours, they said its mostly because they it takes a while for them to clean up. They only alot 15 guests at most within the 2 hours also so that it does not get overcrowded in the place. They also don’t want the number of people to outnumber the number of cats. 15 cats and 15 people, just so that there are enough of them going around.

The cats also went through a “Cat Screening” of some sort. They only chose the friendly and very playful cats. Since there are also some very moody unpredictable cats.


Milky chocolate


Macaroni and cheese

The rates are Php 300 for Adults (Including Food and a drink), Php 150 for kids (with unlimited drinks) You can choose anything from the menu that they have. Their food and drink selection was very simple. I was more distracted with the cats that I forgot to think about eating. I had the yogurt milkshake, i loved it! And my boyfriend got the milky chocolate and mac and cheese. They also have a big selection of cupcakes and cookies that you can try. I also had a potato salad with cheese, really simple and good food.


The kitty just slept there the whole time


Many cats roaming around minding their own business.

I love the concept and the interior of their cafe. Its one way to de-stress after a long day at work or in school. They have cats from Arizona, Kazakhstan, Moscow and some were adopted. The place is someplace you would love to come back to, because you could see their love for their cats. To the point that they are even particular with exposing them to sick individuals.

It is nice that they are trying to somehow also make people more accustomed to cats, as there aren’t much cat lovers around the Philippines. If you are not much of a cat lover, coming here might just change your mind.

Miao Cat Café

Facebook: Miao Cat Cafe
Location: It is along Congressional avenue right above Cakes2Go (Same building) accross KFC Mindanao avenue.
Contact number: 022747937 / 09258777617