Zoo Coffee, Alphaland Makati

Alphaland is that new establishment built across the Makati Fire station. I would have never gone here if not for my friend who lives right near Alphaland. I didn’t know what to expect until we got to the actual place.

I don’t know which photo to be sharing first, Its actually just a cafe with stuffed toys but I enjoyed it so much because of the company I was with. I really think that its a great Idea to have stuffed toys around the cafe, except that I wish they do wash the toys. But the drinks were good for the price we paid, for the small drink it was only Php 125 and that small size was already pretty big.


I think this is a good place to meet up with friends and I would definitely go back here not only for the coffee but also for the ambiance. It really gives a cool and relaxing feel, from the color of the cafe to the actual aesthetics of the place. It would be great to come here with friends, maybe not little kids? I did see a few little kids torturing the stuffed animals and although it was cute. This is a place that serves coffee, GIANT desserts and a few sandwiches. It would be great to come here with a few good friends.

Budget: Php 200-300 per person

Recommendations: The vanilla latte was really good, I would have loved to have tried one of the big shaved ice desserts. If you are ever with 3-4 or more friends you could give that korean shaved ice dessert a try. As it looks pretty great!

Facebook page: Zoo Coffee Philippines

The Barista Box, Ateneo de Manila University

These days, everyone’s about coffee, everyone’s a barista. We’ve seen these third-wave coffee shops with their beans sourced from wherever pop up everywhere around the metro. Our Instagram feeds are littered with latte art posts from some hipster café.

Enter Barista Box, a coffee truck parked along the red brick road inside the Ateneo campus. Counters on both sides, menu painted on the wall, messages from friends all over the interior, happy college students making coffee. It’s an attractive set-up,


Their menu

DSCF5713According to Matt, one of the baristas, the whole thing started with the owner Migs Santiago, who is also a student, bringing his coffee-making equipment to school for his fix. And as all students suffer the fate of having to do their thesis, Barista Box was his. And it seems that everyone’s enjoying it.


Matt pouring the slow brew coffee

DSCF5734We ordered a cold brew and an espresso with milk. I personally do not know much about coffee. Frankly, I don’t care much for where the beans come from, I’m not familiar enough with the variations of coffee to know the difference anyway. But for those concerned, last time I went they source them from Benguet.


Espresso with milk, Php 120


Slow brew, Php 100

I would apologize for both Lina and I as we can’t say much about coffee, but, it we did enjoy it very much so that’s something. I just personally like my coffee diabetic and they get it done.

One of the many good things about it is that it’s in the campus. Lucky you, Atenean, you could just have your coffee to go and you’re off to class. But the best thing is that it’s purely run by students. I know baristas by nature are supposed to be friendly but what more if they were actually your friends? The whole place exudes such a warm atmosphere, you’d want to come by again and again. Just hope it doesn’t rain.

Miguel Gonzales

The Barista box, Ateneo de Manila University

Facebook them at: Barista box
For bookings and deliveries, call/text 09178926447

Satchmi, SM Megamall

Satchmi opens its very first store at SM megamall, 4th floor Megamall fashion hall. This store offers vinyl players, vinyl discs, books to read, journals and coffee. I love how you could actually come here to listen to their demo tracks in the listening room. They also offer all kinds of different genre of music, be it old or new. If you are a music lover you would definitely want to check out this store.


There are so many players that you could choose from.


Some clocks that I saw


This isn’t even half of the number of records that they have here at the store.

You could also come here to have some coffee with your friends for only Php 100-140 pesos (very reasonable right). If you’re in the mood to read some books. They have some books here on their tables that you could read.

Here is a list of their vinyl record players

  • The Motorino II  – PHP 7,799.00
  • Crosley Spinnerette – PHP 8,899.00
  • Crosley Collegiate – PHP 9,899.00
  • Rega RP1 – PHP 17,500.00

I find it really cool that there are more and more interactive places like this popping out around Manila. Vinyl records are of course known to have better sound. After coming here, I am convinced to buy myself my own Vinyl player for Christmas. Where I could make use of all of my dads old Vinyl records. For music lovers, this place would be like their dream land.

Visit their facebook page: Satchmi


Check out their cute listening room. Very cool right?