Sip and Gogh, Capitol Hills

My second time here and it never disappoints. If you’re looking for something to do on any day and the common “food trip” outing is getting old for you. Here is something interactive and fun that you could try! Anyone can come here even with or without any experience. Channel your inner artist and book your visit. You could come here either for an open session or a specific session. Just check out their website and bring a friend with you as you guys paint and dine to some cheese and crackers, and your choice of drink such as wine and juices. SONY DSC 10583796_692395414170158_6922561764965293796_nAnyone can come here to paint. The staff will be there to help you and to assist you into painting. I believe that it is very therapeutic to paint, and it is very fun too. The experience is very different from just painting at home our somewhere outside your house. So the next time you have got nothing much to do and you are free, check out their website and give them a call.  You might just create a masterpiece, or maybe this could be something that you could cross out of your bucket-list.

Budget per person: 900-1200 depending on the session you are joining. Please check their  website  for the schedule.

Sip & Gogh – Paint and Sip Studio

1 Capitol Hills Drive, 1119 Quezon City, Philippines

Phone Number:
(+632) 961 – 1248
(+63999) 887 – 6190

Studio Operating Hours:
Tuesday to Friday, 4pm – 11pm
Saturday to Sunday, 10am – 11pm

Brasserie CiCou, Annapolis San Juan

Its really hard to come by good authentic French restaurants in Manila and this is one place you could try if you are a fan of good and healthy French food. I absolutely loved their menu and the ambiance of their restaurant. You can call me biased because this restaurant is ran by my friends family. (HAHA)


Kouign Amann S’Mores Php 220 MY FAVORITE DESSERT!


Egg Meurette


Le Boeuf Bourguignon, The beef was so soft it really did melt in my mouth


Cheese Ravioli


Eggs Benedict

If my opinion will help, although I have not been to France, I really do trust my friends family’s taste in food. Her father being French and all, and I do see a lot of people coming to eat here. I love that there are a lot of vegetables on their menu and if you love the feel good kind of simple restaurants then this is definitely a place you could try to come to together with your Friends and Family.  The ambiance of the restaurant is very homey and welcoming. Something you might want to experience.

 Budget per person is about Php 1000 pesos if you also would like to try dessert. But believe me when I say I definitely got my moneys worth for everything I tried today.

Liberty New York Steakhouse, UP Town center

I was expecting really good food here at Liberty Steakhouse since I have read tons of good blog reviews on this place, but I was left disappointed from what I was originally expecting. Although my friend and I did not try their steaks we did try their Philly cheese steak pasta. I was really disappointed with the pasta, not only was it bland but the steak was so hard and rubbery. They did not even ask us how we wanted the steak in our Philly cheese steak pasta. I was also expecting that the spam fries was something special since 260 pesos for something I could clearly make at home was not worth it at all. Also the Dorito Nachos I could easily copy and do myself. For a price of 320 pesos and only that small amount of Doritos was really expensive. I mean how much does a bag of Doritos really cost right?


Dorito Nachos Php 320


Spam Fries Php 260 pesos with Mustard dip, Ketchup and Kimchi dip


Philly cheese steak pasta Php 375

I’m sorry to say that I don’t think that I will be returning to this place unless maybe to try their steaks and or burgers to see what the other bloggers are actually raving about. Personally I found it expensive that we spent 1000 Php just for all of this that I think could have actually cost cheaper. I was expecting the spam fries and Dorito nachos to be served on a bigger plate but instead for that expensive price we only got a small platter of each of the dishes.