Green Pastures, Shangri-la mall

If I were to rate this place as a vegan or an organic restaurant I would give it 3 stars. There are not much vegan options and I expected more because it was called “Green Pastures”. If you stick in a vegetable in pasta is it instantly considered healthy? There were so much things like Fried Cauliflower or Mashed potatoes, classic cheeseburgers and eggs and tons of unhealthy things but they were also infused with words next to them like Grass fed beef (I mean what else do you feed cows?) or organic vegetables and organic boiled egg.

The menu confused me and not just that but the name tags of their waiters were also after famous people. Clearly overstaffed, but even so the waiters took really long to serve our food and some were just chit chatting on the sides. I even overheard one their conversations as they were chit chatting right next to our table since we were situated beside the station where they get water.


Farmhouse Salad, Php 550. This was my absolute favorite. I would say that this is a memorable salad.


Green Pastures Carbonara, Php 355. It tasted and looked like any other pasta with a “farm egg” on top.


Organic mushrooms on toast, Php 300. I enjoyed this because i love mushrooms. Although around the end i couldn’t finish it and it lacked salt.

I enjoyed the salad the most, in fact it was the most memorable of all the dishes. The carbonara tasted just like any other carbonara but the organic mushroom that the waitress recommended to me was good too. I was not exactly wowed by the whole idea of the place. I know that there have been good reviews going around, but if you’re going to name a place “Green Pastures” I would expect to see more greens in your menu. Their food may be “organic” but not exactly low in calorie content. I would have been more impressed if they made a lot of the things vegan and actually “healthy”. Organic does NOT automatically equal healthy.

Green Pastures

Shangri-la plaza 4th floor east wing
Facebook them at:
654-3219/ 09226334687

Marcianos, UP town center

Unfortunately this place is not going to be here any longer. They serve good food here but nothing out of the ordinary. You get your usual pasta and other different fusions of flavors and dishes. For only an amount of Php 2178 we got a set meal which included a side dish, a salad, 2 different kinds of pasta, a pizza, steak and chicken. Pretty cheap, but i guess the business is not doing so well. The location is also pretty bad and it is not so visible to people from the outside.


Iced tea and water in mason jars. I guess they’re just a thing right now.


Starters. Calamares!


Garlic Roasted chicken with mushrooms and gravy, this was my favorite dish of all the dishes.


Carbonara, just the usual tasting kind of carbonara. The other seafood chorizo pasta tasted better.


I have no idea what salad this was but it tasted good because of the glazed apple and caramelized onions. Shame though that they didn’t even bother to cut the lettuce. It was in there as a whole so we had to cut it up ourselves.

Our food was good in fact i think that if they would market the place more, people would come here too. But unfortunately they were very empty on a Sunday night as compared to the other restaurants in UP town which were being lined up for. They will be changing their restaurant soon into Sumo Sam according to what the waiter told us. Its unfortunate but at the same time I am confident that people would love Sumo Sam more as people in Manila love Japanese food.


2nd floor UP town center
Open from 10am-11pm

2nd’s, Bonifacio Global City

This was my second time back at 2nd’s, and I was excited to try their “Good Morning Carbonara”. Mainly because it was listed as one of the top 10 Manilas best Carbonara dishes online. I really love it here at 2nd’s because of the space, I love the ambiance here and the people who come here as well. There is a very comforting feel to the place, matching the many different “comfort food” kind of dishes.


Lamb shepherd’s pie, Php350. I love Lamb and I really loved this dish. Although it was a bit small for me, it was really filling.


The Good Morning Carbonara, Php 360. It may look small but wow is it filling. I loved the Bacon and Egg in this Carbonara. Of course I have had better Carbonaras but this is your typical tasting good, comfort food Carbonara.


Leche Flan Turon, Php 290. BEST IDEA EVER. Seriously. I was looking through the menu and I just couldn’t understand how something hot like turon could have leche flan inside it. This is something I would want to come back for.

Back for 2nd’s? A definite YES.

I would come back here just because its a good place to bring a few friends and or have a gathering. I just really love how its not overcrowded and noisy. The food is also affordable and could be for sharing. They also have a buy one get one free promo on some of their alcoholic beverages in case you’d want to try it out.

2nd’s, BGC

2nd floor, Building 1, B3, 9th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City
Open 11:30am- 11:30pm
FACEBOOK THEM AT: 2nd’s Facebook

Bellini’s, Cubao eXpo

Bellinis opened in 1999 and is located at the Cubao eXpo. Known as a famous/secret Italian restaurant around Metro Manila is also known for being featured in one of the Filipino favorite, John Lloyd and Bea Alonzo movie ( One more chance ) probably the only reason why I really wanted to try it out because I love John Lloyd.


The area we stayed at was not so bad. Except for that fake door.

I found our experience here as so so. I will commend Mr. Bellini himself for entertaining all of his customers but the place is very outdated. Also the walls were very dirty. When we walked in the first  thing we thought of was “Is the place closed?” who would want to walk into a restaurant with closed lights? It was very dark and hot. Only one part of the restaurant was open and it wasn’t very cold either.


Focacia bread with dip, Php 110. I was a bit surprised that it was so expensive. At Itallianis they serve this for free with the oil and balsamic vinegar. It was expensive for me and we found it a little bit too moist for our taste.


Carbonara, Php 300 for this small amount of serving I was expecting something very good. It was alright, but for the price I was expecting special. Especially since it is an Italian restaurant and I had read great reviews on their pasta.


Ravioli al Tartufo (Spinach and ham ravioli a truffle sauce) Php 330. I was a bit disappointed especially since the waiter recommended this to us. The color was very unappetizing and I tasted more of dough than filling. I get that it is Spinach but must it be this color too?


Saltimbocca alla Romana, Php 460. (Tenderloin with cheese and parmaham) The most expensive on the meat menu as recommended by the waiter, was also just okay.

It seemed like the place was still stuck in the year 1999. When it is already the year 2014. Their menu was so confusing with so many items on it that I just had to ask the waiter most of the time about which dishes were their bestsellers. And on top of that I was told that taking pictures of the menu was not allowed, which i will respect but I am still wondering why? Service was also very slow as it took us so long to call the waiters and because they had not informed us earlier before the meal that their credit card payment was not available my boyfriend had to run all the way to the nearest ATM to withdraw money and come back.

In the end we were served with sweet wine which was good and kind of tasted like jelly ace. I don’t think that the place deserves the hype it receives. Maybe if they renovate or cut the size of their menu I might come back for more.

Amount spent: We spent a total of Php 1300

Bellini’s Italian Restaurant
Roberto & Ma. Luisa Bellini
Cubao Expo, Gen. Romulo Ave., Cubao
Quezon City, Metro Manila
Telephone: +(632) 913-2550

Facebook them at: Bellini’s Italian Restaurant

Cue Modern Barbecue, BGC


Unlimited popcorn you get for free!

Although I had read a lot of good reviews about the place. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it love it either. I loved that they did put a good amount of effort into their dessert. I think that their dessert stood out more than the food that we ordered. Maybe it was what we ordered and not restaurant? However I do believe that some things on their menu were overpriced.


Warm Chocolate Lava and Campfire Marshmallow-Filled Doughnut Holes with Cinnamon-Dusted Vanilla Ice Cream (Php 225) AMAAAAZING ❤


Smoked Bacon and Egg Yolk Carbonara (Php 365)


Campfire style skillet of Queso Fundido Php 190


Hand-Cut Charred Corned Beef with Onion rings on the side Php 630 ( Original House BBQ Sauce )

I wasn’t as impressed with the food that we ordered. The Smoked Bacon and Egg Yolk Carbonara was good in flavor, except they should consider changing the bacon that they use since a lot of the bacon we could not chew. The Hand-Cut Charred Corned Beef although good was not so “wow” either. For the price of 630 pesos I was expecting something really good.

I don’t want to be so harsh because I did not try everything on their menu, but I will say that a lot of the food seemed really tasty. I would love to come back to give the place another try. Especially after the super delicious dessert that we had! Now that is one thing that I would recommend for you to try here. The DESSERT!

Cue Modern Barbecue

7th Ave. corner 29th St. South,
Ground Floor, East Superblock
Bonifacio High Street Central, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

Telephone: +632 621-4052

Facebook‘Cue Modern Barbecue

Price range per person: 700-1000