EXPLORING TOKYO: Harinezumi Cafe (Hedgehog cafe), Harajuku

Hello Everyone!

This last short trip of mine back home was quite a rush. I wasn’t able to do anything other than watch a ballet, go to the ballet store and to see my good friend Rei in Harajuku. I got to do something quite fun this time, we got to got to the hedgehog cafe and to enjoy the company of these creatures.

Harajuku is quite known for its strange cafes, they have a bunch of owl and otter cafes around the Takeshita dori area. If you walk around I am sure you will always find something to do here. Harajuku is a place that is quite alive and an escape for a lot of young people, like myself (haha). Kidding aside, I decided to turn this into a VLOG instead to explain better and show more about the cafe.

Leaving you the link to the cafe here, in case you are interested in such Cafes. HARRY Harajuku

Till next time!

Zoo Coffee, Alphaland Makati

Alphaland is that new establishment built across the Makati Fire station. I would have never gone here if not for my friend who lives right near Alphaland. I didn’t know what to expect until we got to the actual place.

I don’t know which photo to be sharing first, Its actually just a cafe with stuffed toys but I enjoyed it so much because of the company I was with. I really think that its a great Idea to have stuffed toys around the cafe, except that I wish they do wash the toys. But the drinks were good for the price we paid, for the small drink it was only Php 125 and that small size was already pretty big.


I think this is a good place to meet up with friends and I would definitely go back here not only for the coffee but also for the ambiance. It really gives a cool and relaxing feel, from the color of the cafe to the actual aesthetics of the place. It would be great to come here with friends, maybe not little kids? I did see a few little kids torturing the stuffed animals and although it was cute. This is a place that serves coffee, GIANT desserts and a few sandwiches. It would be great to come here with a few good friends.

Budget: Php 200-300 per person

Recommendations: The vanilla latte was really good, I would have loved to have tried one of the big shaved ice desserts. If you are ever with 3-4 or more friends you could give that korean shaved ice dessert a try. As it looks pretty great!

Facebook page: Zoo Coffee Philippines

Cafe Shibuya, UP Town Center Katipunan

Screen shot 2014-02-23 at 12.08.13 AM

This place really reminds me of the small kissatens (きっさてん) in Japan. Above is the Menu, I absolutely love this placSONY DSCe and I absolutely love the toasts here! My friend tried the rice too and it was also good according to her. I have yet to try their pasta as well. The toast with the butter and the combinations of the flavors that they mix together with the toast was delicious. Of all the toasts I’ve tried my favorite was most definitely the Smoked Salmon on toast. A very quiet and cute place with good food. Its actually quite heavy so one toast would be very much enough to satisfy you. The toast is also very thick, crunchy and at the same time soft which is what I love about it. I cannot wait to try more of their delicious food.


PERSONAL RECOMMENDATIONS: Original Shibuya Honey Toast, Shibuya Benedict, Smoked Salmon on Toast

BUDGET: 400-500 for two people about 200-250 per person

Phone: 02 7222237, +63 9472213836
Address: Cafe Shibuya Diliman, Metro Manila, Philippines, Ground Floor, UP Town Center, Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City 
Opening Hours: 10am-11pm