Side trips from Manila: Potipot, Zambales

It would take you about 5 hours to get here by car, however due to the new highway that was built. I heard that it only takes 3 hours to get here to Zambales now. If you’re looking for a place that has a great beach near Manila. Here’s the place for you. Normally people from Manila would go towards Batangas and or Laguna, but I like to head towards the north because I noticed that there is a lot more to discover towards the north. Actually Antipolo I heard is also a good place to drive to with great beaches.


We stayed here at Potipot Gateway resort in Candelaria, Its pretty spacious since we were only two and I’m pretty sure that there was enough room for more people. We had a good stay despite the rainy weather. We arrived here at around 12mdnight but they still accommodated us. They also had wifi per area so It was very convenient.

SONY DSCSONY DSCSo the reason why it is called the Potipot Gateway is because it is a gateway to Potipot Island. They provide a speed boat to get to this beautiful small island and you could request them to bring you there anytime. You could also ask the resort to prepare you lunch at the island.

This island was so beautiful with very fine sand. Different from Boracay or Palawan but still very beautiful and worth the trip to go to. If you have time, you should check out the resort and the island. For busy and adventurous people, here’s another day trip for you around the Philippines.

SONY DSCEnjoy some sun! It will be worth it to come here.

Coron Palawan, Philippines

         My third time back to Coron and my 6th time back in Palawan. I just cant get enough. This time around though it was the most budgeted trip that I had planned out for me and my dancer friends. And this was the first time that I actually toured the island because I knew a local from there. I spent about 13k including all the food, lodging, tours and shopping that I did.

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