The Clean Plate, UP Town center

Thankfully UP town was open today even if it was holy week here in Manila. The Clean Plate had been on the list of my “want to try” restaurants for a few months already, but with my exams happening I couldn’t squeeze a lunch break for this blog entry. Finally today I got to try this!


Inside where you could buy organic goods and other cute plates and things

Clean Plates displayed on a wall

The exterior of the restaurant was very fresh, there was fake grass on the ground under the cute yellow chairs and brown tables. Inside was a cute shop filled with many plates and organic bottles of things you could buy and the continuation of their restaurant. Because it is always so unusually hot every holy week here in Manila, we opted to eat inside rather than outside.

Their menu had about 7 plates average per section, and it was easy to pick what to eat. We tried the Wonton Chorizo Taquitos Php 240, Rustic Grilled Cheese Php 220, Ratatouille Pizza Plate for Php 303 and the Panna Cotta Sweet Plate for Php 100. I just found it odd that they used different designs of plates per dish they served and we all had different cup sizes. I wonder what kind of theme they were going for with the place? But I guess the owner really wanted to feature all the pretty plates that they had, hence the wall with all their plates and the name “the clean plate”.


Wonton Chorizo Taquitos Php 240. I loved the Wonton and the Chorizo, this was pretty good considering that it was just Wonton, Chorizo, Tomatoes and cheese. (Free Range Naked Chorizo, Salsa Fresca and Bacolod Caciocavallo)


Ratatouille Pizza Plate for Php 303, I liked this because of the many mushrooms and eggplants it had. However the lady told me that this was for single serving and I couldn’t finish the whole thing.


Panna Cotta Php 100. I loved the taste of the panna cotta mixed with the honey and grapes. I never really tasted panna cotta with grapes, a plus for the flavor because it was made of goats milk

I wanted to try a lot of other things such as the main plates the Black Rice Valenciana, Bacon Lechon Kawali, Honey Belly Roast and the Twist Kebab. They had a lot of things on their menu which were not necessarily healthy but definitely sounded very good. On their menu it said that their beef, pork and chickens were mostly free-range or grass fed. Its definitely a place I would like to come back to despite the disappointing Rustic Grilled Cheese which looked like a pandesal which you inserted bega flat cheese into.

The Clean Plate

Facebook: The Clean Plate
UP Town Center, 2nd floor

Half day trips from Manila, Daranak falls Tanay Rizal


candid moment

It was the birthday of one of my closest friends and we wanted to celebrate it outside of Manila. Somewhere new and fresh, not like Tagaytay or Subic where everyone seems to go to when they celebrate something. We left Katipunan at10383005_10204102597276116_5321219528265016163_n around 1pm and arrived there at exactly 2:15pm. We weren’t aware of where to pass so at     first we took the long way around up the mountains. Not bad since we got to see tons of beautiful scenery up the winding roads! We went straight to Marcos highway and then just followed the road. It was easy since the road was just straight and when you get to barangay Sampaloc you will see tons of signs leading you to the falls.10402972_10204102597596124_5470486164472533293_n10478226_10204102599076161_4565834178477385195_n


New Adventures!

A small paradise near Manila. I would definitely refer anyone to try to go here since Tagaytay and all those other places are overrated. Here you could dive into clear cool waters and enjoy the scenery and the beautiful waterfalls. Mostly locals and foreigners visit Daranak falls, and it would be nice if you could try it as well. Only an hour outside of the busy city and you would only spend for the gas and the 50 pesos entrance fee and 30 pesos parking fee! Just bring your own sandwiches or snacks. The locals here are very friendly and the lifeguards kept our things safe! Definitely something you should tick off your to-go-to list. Enough with the city! Immerse yourself into nature!

Backpacking Northern Thailand

Last November I went backpacking together with my mom and my little sister and a group called Travel Factor Philippines to northern Thailand. If you are considering a short one week trip to Thailand just to get to know the culture and the gist of the place then this is the tour for you. I loved this tour most of all because I was able to learn just a little bit of Thai in one week of staying there and also because I was able to immerse together with the Thai people and its culture.

We went to Thailand because I wanted to experience the Loy Krathong festival in Chiang Mai thailand.
This was one of the best decisions of my life.

We arrived in Bangkok Late at night because we took the latest flight there. We then stayed at the Lamphu house overnight at Bangkok. When we woke up. We were amazed to wake up to a beautiful view of the temples outside our window. Even if Bangkok bed and breakfast places are cheap. They are not low class. This is a great place to stay for short trips and an overnight. That day we went to ride a bus to Sukhothai. It was a pretty long bus ride but by the time we got there we wanted to see more of Thailand!

We were lucky enough to arrive on the day of the festivities. We went to the Sukhothai world heritage park for their festival where we floated our own prayers down the river. The hotel also gave us free floats, they were very nice to do so. We stayed at a resort called The Pai Thai house. We also tried a lot of their food here and more strange but delicious vegetables and salads. I immediately fell in love with Thailand after this night.

ImageThe following day we were able to bike around the Sukhothai World heritage park. If you should go to Thailand Sukhothai would be a great place to do biking tours. I would think that you should try it here if you love biking. My mom and I were also talking about how we would love to do one of the mountain tours too around Sukhothai which would be saved for the next time we return here.

We took another 5 hour bus ride today and we headed to Chiang Mai! Just in time for the Loy Krathong festival. The next day, we went white water rafting, bamboo rafting and then we went to visit the Elephants! I wish that we had stayedImage longer in the area because we saw so many elephants and we wanted to pet them some more. My sister especially loved them being an animal lover. We also went to the long neck tribe that day to visit the tribes with the women who wear rings around their necks as tradition. OUCH.

So then we spent the rest of our four days here at Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai actually is more of a city. So if you do enjoy shopping and bargaining. Chiang Mai is the place for you. I’m more of a home girl type of person who just loves to dance so I think that I could live with just eating and experiencing. However the Sunday Market is something that you should not miss here.

ImageMy first time to thailand and I had a great time! Most especially during the Loy Krathong festival. Although next time I think that I would have liked to have experienced releasing the lanterns all at the same time. I would suggest that if you would join the Loy Krathong festival at the university. This is where you leave early for a group releasing of lanterns instead of going to the footbridge where everyone was headed because it was so crowded that it took us so long to get around. It was also very dangerous because lanterns were hitting light posts and wires!  By the time we got home my sister and I were very tired too and everyone was exhausted. Image This was the full moon during the day of the festival at Chiang Mai. Something new every year! Chiang Mai is a great place to go to if you seek adventure and immersion with different Thai people.