Rib city, Maginhawa

Located right next to BPI along Maginhawa is this new restaurant called Rib City. First of all before I start, I would like to complain about the location. The place is fine, in fact it is designed very well and offers a cute concept of building legos and a menu mapped out like a subway station in a city. It’s very cute, but it was so hard to park that the first time that I even attempted to go here I just gave up on parking and went home. It might be convenient for the school right across them but for students from UP or those travelling by car, its not so easy to find a parking space especially around Maginhawa.


Here’s the menu


Quesadees Php, 188. What I loved about the quesadees is that it had a lot of vegetables.


Twin towers Php 368, Ribs with a choice of 2 sides. So i wanted to try their Ribs with the mashed and the corn and vegetables. The ribs like I said earlier was a bit inconsistent and dry on some parts. The mashed was okay and the sides lacked seasoning. It was like eating raw vegetables sprinkled with a dash of pepper.

I expected a lot more from a place with the name “rib city”. Food is okay, not something you would want to go back for twice. My boyfriend and I would always ask restaurants for what the best seller is because well if thats your best then i would wonder what the other dishes would taste like. The ribs were just a little too sweet for my taste and the cook on the inside was inconsistent. Some parts were dry and some parts were good.

Here’s my issue about a lot of restaurants here in Metro Manila. The concept is always half there, what they are missing is probably to create something extra special for people to come back to. Its like Rodic’s Tapa or the bacon wrapped oreos I can’t stop thinking about at Burger company PH. All restaurants need to have that special something to create in order to stand out. But I’m not saying that the food here wasn’t good because i loved their quesadees. They just maybe have to get a little more creative for people to flock by and try their ribs as well with their specials. Then and only then would I probably go back again for some more.

Read more about them on: Rib City Facebook 

Location: right next to BPI, so if you’re coming from CP garcia and take a turn going to Maginhawa street, turn right instead of left. Then you’ll see BPI on the right side right across Holy Family school. Behind BPI is Rib City.

Eating around New York

I wish that we had the chance to eat more around New York, In fact we were just walking most of the time which is probably why I didn’t really gain any weight despite the giant cookies from Levain bakery I was having in the morning. I despise that cookie shop which we lived right on top of, every morning we could smell the sweet cookies being baked and you could see a whole line just right under the apartment all the way up to the street. I could”t resist buying a cookie once I would pass by and see no line during the busy hours of the day when everyone would be working. We really lived in an area where there was a lot of food and different food carts along central park especially.

1. Levain Bakery, 75th street


Oh how can you resist a $6 cookie the size of your fist. Come here on a weekday and you won’t experience any long lines.

2. Luke’s Lobsters



I was able to have some lobster rolls with Mariel, we just had to walk a few blocks down from the apartment and this was the first official meal i had in New York so I was so surprised with how good these things tasted. LOBSTER ROLLS MY GOD ❤

3. Loab boat house, Central Park





Eating here to me was like a dream I mean I usually just see these places in movies. Especially this place I always saw in movies. It would be nice to get a seat near the lakeside, it is also very expensive but worth every penny.

4. Juniors Cheesecake, Times Square



My friend Mariel loves sweets and she kept on telling me that this would be the BEST cheesecake I would taste in New York. She was right.

5. Lam Zhou Noodles, Chinatown



It took us a while to find this place and I had to google maps it but totally worth it. Our apartment owner recommended this place and my mom and I loved it. If you’re looking for good hand tossed noodles around new york then this is the cheapest and best place to go to. People from all parts of town seem to go here.

6. Chelsea Market Lobsters from Maine, Chelsea Market



My mom kept on bugging me on how we should go to Chelsea Market to eat the giant 2 pond lobster that she saw the last time she was here. Although it is not cheap to eat here at the Chelsea Market, the lobster was really amazing! They tasted like the lobster rolls that we had minus the bun.

7. Gray’s Papaya Hotdog, 72nd street



If you’re looking for something cheap and good then this is a great place to eat because for $4 you will get to eat 2 hotdogs and this really good papaya juice. It was right next to our street so we had to pass by one time during breakfast, and its open 24 hours.

Of course there are a lot more things to eat around the city and I did want to do a lot more things too but 2 weeks isn’t enough to explore everything that New York has to offer. I just stuck to watching plenty of broadways and ballets, maybe someday again when I  get to stay there longer I will get to eat everything I want to try there. Till then, I cannot wait. For now this is all that I was able to eat.

ル ブルターニュ(LE BRETAGNE), Kagurazaka

I finally had the chance to go to Le Bretagne with my friend Solene. I was so excited to try this place with her because of course it is very rare for me to actually be going out in Japan of all places with a French girl to an authentic French restaurant.  I would not have even expected to know where the restaurant was if not for her because it is very well hidden between one of the small side streets along Kagurazaka. She can vouch for its authenticity as she was telling me the whole time that this is the real french food that you can only find around her province in Bretagne (ブルターニュ).  They also have other branches around Tokyo but she also tells me that this is probably her favorite branch because of the ambiance of the place.  (They have many branches of the place around France and soon in New york too check out their website)


Here is the view from the outside. It is open area and very cozy just like around France as Solene tells me.


You will see many paintings and postcards inside. It was very crowded today but you will feel right at home as soon as you walk in.


The main thing that they serve here are Galettes and she tells me that it is really simple and cheap food in france but I guess its a bit overpriced in Japan. I will not really complain though about the price since where can you really get a taste of real Galettes in Japan? I also had a taste of their Cider, and I bought a bottle to take home after since Solene taught me where I could buy the Cider. (My grandmother loved it)

How can something as simple taste so good? I guess the secret is in the chef and the owner of the restaurant. He is an actual french from the same region my friend comes from, and is now living in Japan. I was also very impressed with the service and ambiance the restaurant offered. The staff of the restaurant are required to speak in French with each other regardless of the fact that they are Japanese. So it was really interesting because you would hear a lot of French around the Kitchen as you are eating. The servers can also speak in Japanese of course and some can speak in English, it was really refreshing.


Galette: Bretonne ( ブレトンヌ)Mushrooms, Bacon, Scrambled egg, cheese, fresh cream from Hokkaido, Espelette pepper


Quimperoise(カンペロワーズ)Homemade stewed apples, salted butter caramel and vanilla ice cream.

I cannot wait to take a lot more friends here to the restaurant. Also my grandmother and I are planning to reserve for lunch at the restaurant this week. It gets pretty crowded around the weekend so it is best to make a reservation before you come here. I am sure that you will not regret coming, and if you don’t like the French Galettes you have the option to choose their other Galettes which were adjusted to the Japanese taste. Otherwise I will recommend these that my Solene recommended to try since she tells me that these are the usual Galettes that they have in her hometown.

Recommendations by Solene: For the Galletes she recommends the Bretonne ( ブレトンヌ)and the Broceliande(ブロッセリアンド)and for the dessert Crepes with ice cream she recommends the Quimperoise(カンペロワーズ)and of course do not forget to drink their Cider! They have alcoholic and non alcoholic ones.

Where to find the store: If you are familiar with Kagurazaka you will know that there is a red temple somewhere there. Right in front of the temple and a little to the right is an udon store (うどん) There is a street there, and if you walk straight inside till the end you will see it to the left. You will not miss it for sure. Here is their website in case you want to take an early reservation because they get crowded during the weekend: Kagurazaka, Le Bretagne

猫カフェきゃりこ (Calico, Cat Cafe), Shinjuku Tokyo

My grandma and I saw this when we were on the bus on the way to Shinjuku. The building is a little hard to spot and if you can’t read Japanese you won’t really be able to see the sign. It says 猫カフェきゃりこ on its windows. You’ll have to look up the buildings to be able to see the sign.


This is the ground floor of the building.

The cat cafe itself is located on the 5th floor but the entrance is located on the 6th floor of the building. Maybe you could find it if you google maps it. I know that Japan is filled with many cat cafe`s and its not exactly cheap but a good place to relax with some cats. If you are a cat lover such as myself, not exactly something I would try to do everyday or else ill be broke. It’s ¥1200 per hour and if you want to buy food and drinks its ¥200 for all the drinks and ¥300-500 for the food here. The food you can give to the cats is ¥300, I suggest that you just get this if you want to be able to touch a lot of cats. Since there are a lot of rules on handling their cats.


The 5th floor where most of the cats are and where you could drink coffee and tea


Heres another view of the place. Its pretty big and at the time we went there, there were about 30 people.

Good service here and I noticed that their staff could speak english so you won’t have problems here in the cat cafe. I love the style of seating they have and the food choices were good too. My grandma and I just got chai tea and iced coffee, and by the time we got the food snacks the cats were swarming all over us.

The chai tea and iced coffee, ¥200 each

The chai tea and iced coffee, ¥200 each

Sleepy kitty

Sleepy kitty

Another sleepy kitty

Another sleepy kitty

Something you could try if you are along the streets of Shinjuku or if you are staying around Shinjuku. There are many things that you could do around the area so you need not go for to look for something interesting to do. Although it is easy to get lost in Shinjuku train stations so i would suggest that you look up the place first before coming here. Getting on a bus would be the best idea if you would like to come here and get down on Shinjuku Eki Mae. Enjoy!

猫カフェきゃりこ (Calico, Cat Cafe), Shinjuku Tokyo

Check out their website: Calico Cat Cafe 

Antonio’s, Tagaytay

Antonio’s is definitely the best restaurant that I have eaten in here in the Philippines. After a 2 hour drive to Tagaytay, my Dad treated us to whats known as to be part of the top 50 restaurants in Asia, known for its great service and good food. It was my first and best long lunch.

Outside Antonios. It is like a household converted into a restaurant. Tons of nice pictures and statues inside the house.

Outside Antonios. It is like a household converted into a restaurant. Tons of nice pictures and statues inside the house.

The quality of food was exceptional. We got the truffle baked oysters as recommended by my dads friend. Their oysters are flown every morning from Negros because the chef is from Bacolod. The waiters were top class and knew everything there was to know about the food they were serving. If you ask them to show you the ingredient, they will even bring it to you to show at your table. All you need to do is pick and Entree and it comes with everything such as the salad and soup. I could not describe to you how impressed I was about everything.


Truffle baked oysters for a starter. Wow it was so good, did not taste at all like the sea. You could tell that they use good oysters.


Fresh organic salad with rosemary. Very light and had good flavors.


My mom had the Roasted duck breast, Php 1800. And it was topped with pan seared foie gras with braised red cabbage, mashed potatoes, mixed berries and chilean cabernet sauvignon jus.


Ravioli Veal Cheek, Goat cheese and mint Php 1450. This is what I ordered and it was served with creamed tartufo. It was so soft and just enough to make me full.

I won`t be showing everything that we had here in Antonio`s. I will just be giving a good preview of the things that I like that we had. Here are my favorite desserts. Which also came together as a set meal with the entree, the soup, salad and also with a choice of coffee or tea.


Dark Chocolate Souffle with Cardamom Creme Anglaise, This was what my dad ordered. It was heavenly.


Lime Panna Cotta with Citrus Broth. This is by far the best panna cotta that I have ever had. I don`t think that I can see panna cotta in any other way anymore.

I have nothing much to say about the place because the pictures speak more than what I could say. I hope that you could all schedule and reserve a lunch there. It would cost you about Php 2000-3000 per person at least but I will tell you that it will be very much worth your experience.


Facebook them at: Antonio`s Tagaytay

The Clean Plate, UP Town center

Thankfully UP town was open today even if it was holy week here in Manila. The Clean Plate had been on the list of my “want to try” restaurants for a few months already, but with my exams happening I couldn’t squeeze a lunch break for this blog entry. Finally today I got to try this!


Inside where you could buy organic goods and other cute plates and things

Clean Plates displayed on a wall

The exterior of the restaurant was very fresh, there was fake grass on the ground under the cute yellow chairs and brown tables. Inside was a cute shop filled with many plates and organic bottles of things you could buy and the continuation of their restaurant. Because it is always so unusually hot every holy week here in Manila, we opted to eat inside rather than outside.

Their menu had about 7 plates average per section, and it was easy to pick what to eat. We tried the Wonton Chorizo Taquitos Php 240, Rustic Grilled Cheese Php 220, Ratatouille Pizza Plate for Php 303 and the Panna Cotta Sweet Plate for Php 100. I just found it odd that they used different designs of plates per dish they served and we all had different cup sizes. I wonder what kind of theme they were going for with the place? But I guess the owner really wanted to feature all the pretty plates that they had, hence the wall with all their plates and the name “the clean plate”.


Wonton Chorizo Taquitos Php 240. I loved the Wonton and the Chorizo, this was pretty good considering that it was just Wonton, Chorizo, Tomatoes and cheese. (Free Range Naked Chorizo, Salsa Fresca and Bacolod Caciocavallo)


Ratatouille Pizza Plate for Php 303, I liked this because of the many mushrooms and eggplants it had. However the lady told me that this was for single serving and I couldn’t finish the whole thing.


Panna Cotta Php 100. I loved the taste of the panna cotta mixed with the honey and grapes. I never really tasted panna cotta with grapes, a plus for the flavor because it was made of goats milk

I wanted to try a lot of other things such as the main plates the Black Rice Valenciana, Bacon Lechon Kawali, Honey Belly Roast and the Twist Kebab. They had a lot of things on their menu which were not necessarily healthy but definitely sounded very good. On their menu it said that their beef, pork and chickens were mostly free-range or grass fed. Its definitely a place I would like to come back to despite the disappointing Rustic Grilled Cheese which looked like a pandesal which you inserted bega flat cheese into.

The Clean Plate

Facebook: The Clean Plate
UP Town Center, 2nd floor

Miao Cat Café opens in Manila, Congressional Ave

Miao Cat Café is located above the Cakes2Go building along congressional avenue. It was a bit difficult to park as they are still working on the parking scheme. I decided however to make a U-turn to KFC and just parked there and crossed the street to Miao Cat Cafe. In the mornings they are allowed to park in a certain area but since i could only go there late I had a hard time with parking.

There are no signs outside of the place but you’ll see a quaint entrance to the left sude of the  cakes2go store. It was a surprise to see that there was such a place in such a small building. They have a set of house rules before entering in the area where you disinfect and remove your shoes. I love the friendly cat jungle they have. They also have outdoor seating and cats just freely roam around and sleep on the floors and chairs and small holes.


Inside the Cafe


The cat tree with scratching posts and hanging bridges where cats sleep.

my favorite kitty in the cafe

The sisters Loida and Sam who put up this cat cafe are especially fond of cats. I was quite impressed with their knowledge of cats. I would suggest that you talk to them a lot, it is because of them that my boyfriend can now touch a cat. They go to china every month and they always visit cat cafes, I have a feeling that they are really cat lovers or cat crazy but in a good way. Their love for cats is what  they would like to share with this cafe, they want to convert every cat hater into a cat lover.

Before coming to the place you must set a reservation to either of these numbers 022747937 / 09258777617

For reservation please send a message with the format below

Date & Time:
Number of guest:
Contact Number:

They are open everyday at 11am-1pm, 2pm-4pm, 5pm-7pm and 8pm-10pm

When I asked them why they close between hours, they said its mostly because they it takes a while for them to clean up. They only alot 15 guests at most within the 2 hours also so that it does not get overcrowded in the place. They also don’t want the number of people to outnumber the number of cats. 15 cats and 15 people, just so that there are enough of them going around.

The cats also went through a “Cat Screening” of some sort. They only chose the friendly and very playful cats. Since there are also some very moody unpredictable cats.


Milky chocolate


Macaroni and cheese

The rates are Php 300 for Adults (Including Food and a drink), Php 150 for kids (with unlimited drinks) You can choose anything from the menu that they have. Their food and drink selection was very simple. I was more distracted with the cats that I forgot to think about eating. I had the yogurt milkshake, i loved it! And my boyfriend got the milky chocolate and mac and cheese. They also have a big selection of cupcakes and cookies that you can try. I also had a potato salad with cheese, really simple and good food.


The kitty just slept there the whole time


Many cats roaming around minding their own business.

I love the concept and the interior of their cafe. Its one way to de-stress after a long day at work or in school. They have cats from Arizona, Kazakhstan, Moscow and some were adopted. The place is someplace you would love to come back to, because you could see their love for their cats. To the point that they are even particular with exposing them to sick individuals.

It is nice that they are trying to somehow also make people more accustomed to cats, as there aren’t much cat lovers around the Philippines. If you are not much of a cat lover, coming here might just change your mind.

Miao Cat Café

Facebook: Miao Cat Cafe
Location: It is along Congressional avenue right above Cakes2Go (Same building) accross KFC Mindanao avenue.
Contact number: 022747937 / 09258777617

Project Pie, Eastwood

To pizza or not to pizza? That is not the question. Malamang.

Lately I’ve been feeling a special kind of hunger growing inside my belly as my Instagram feed is bombarded by pizza pies. And of course, where else would everyone be having pizza but at Project Pie. These days, Project Pies are popping out branch after branch, boasting about how they let their customers build their own pizza. Everyone’s been posting about it that I feel like Lina and I have been missing out on something really good.

We were just in Eastwood and I have just finished drooling over a fine Japanese Fountain Pen when we suddenly had no clue on what to have for lunch. We usually have somewhere in mind, but not that day. Enter Project Pie. Considering that we’ve been hearing a lot about it and that it’s pizza (do we need any other reason?), we went for it.


The place looks so-so. I mean, signs with handwritten fonts, dangling old-looking bulbs, quotes on the wall –not really unique these days. It was lunch time on a weekday and we had the whole place to ourselves.

Instead of building our own pizza (which would not be wise in this case, as we are trying to judge their food), we went for the number 6, which had grilled chicken, red onions, cilantro, mozzarella, gorgonzola and BBQ sauce. We added bacon, because who wouldn’t? It was so good that the only complaint I could think of was that the serving was too small. Naturally, Lina and I finished it in around five minutes.


For dessert we had the Banana Nutella. I had no idea what it was, all I know is that banana and Nutella were made for each other. When it came, it too was a pizza. With stains of Nutella on our mouths, we could barely speak. Dirty, dirty goodness.

Along with the food, I think one of the best things about Project Pie is the staff. They greet you with a smile and engage you in conversation. Kind of like baristas but for pizza.

Project Pie is a great place to have a great meal with friends, family or even alone. Next time we’ll make sure the get the joey special (two pizzas).

Miguel Gonzales


Visit their facebook page: Project Pie PH
Open from 10am-11pm
Price Range: Php 200-300 per person, depending if you’ll share

The Barista Box, Ateneo de Manila University

These days, everyone’s about coffee, everyone’s a barista. We’ve seen these third-wave coffee shops with their beans sourced from wherever pop up everywhere around the metro. Our Instagram feeds are littered with latte art posts from some hipster café.

Enter Barista Box, a coffee truck parked along the red brick road inside the Ateneo campus. Counters on both sides, menu painted on the wall, messages from friends all over the interior, happy college students making coffee. It’s an attractive set-up,


Their menu

DSCF5713According to Matt, one of the baristas, the whole thing started with the owner Migs Santiago, who is also a student, bringing his coffee-making equipment to school for his fix. And as all students suffer the fate of having to do their thesis, Barista Box was his. And it seems that everyone’s enjoying it.


Matt pouring the slow brew coffee

DSCF5734We ordered a cold brew and an espresso with milk. I personally do not know much about coffee. Frankly, I don’t care much for where the beans come from, I’m not familiar enough with the variations of coffee to know the difference anyway. But for those concerned, last time I went they source them from Benguet.


Espresso with milk, Php 120


Slow brew, Php 100

I would apologize for both Lina and I as we can’t say much about coffee, but, it we did enjoy it very much so that’s something. I just personally like my coffee diabetic and they get it done.

One of the many good things about it is that it’s in the campus. Lucky you, Atenean, you could just have your coffee to go and you’re off to class. But the best thing is that it’s purely run by students. I know baristas by nature are supposed to be friendly but what more if they were actually your friends? The whole place exudes such a warm atmosphere, you’d want to come by again and again. Just hope it doesn’t rain.

Miguel Gonzales

The Barista box, Ateneo de Manila University

Facebook them at: Barista box
For bookings and deliveries, call/text 09178926447