Eating around New York

I wish that we had the chance to eat more around New York, In fact we were just walking most of the time which is probably why I didn’t really gain any weight despite the giant cookies from Levain bakery I was having in the morning. I despise that cookie shop which we lived right on top of, every morning we could smell the sweet cookies being baked and you could see a whole line just right under the apartment all the way up to the street. I could”t resist buying a cookie once I would pass by and see no line during the busy hours of the day when everyone would be working. We really lived in an area where there was a lot of food and different food carts along central park especially.

1. Levain Bakery, 75th street


Oh how can you resist a $6 cookie the size of your fist. Come here on a weekday and you won’t experience any long lines.

2. Luke’s Lobsters



I was able to have some lobster rolls with Mariel, we just had to walk a few blocks down from the apartment and this was the first official meal i had in New York so I was so surprised with how good these things tasted. LOBSTER ROLLS MY GOD ❤

3. Loab boat house, Central Park





Eating here to me was like a dream I mean I usually just see these places in movies. Especially this place I always saw in movies. It would be nice to get a seat near the lakeside, it is also very expensive but worth every penny.

4. Juniors Cheesecake, Times Square



My friend Mariel loves sweets and she kept on telling me that this would be the BEST cheesecake I would taste in New York. She was right.

5. Lam Zhou Noodles, Chinatown



It took us a while to find this place and I had to google maps it but totally worth it. Our apartment owner recommended this place and my mom and I loved it. If you’re looking for good hand tossed noodles around new york then this is the cheapest and best place to go to. People from all parts of town seem to go here.

6. Chelsea Market Lobsters from Maine, Chelsea Market



My mom kept on bugging me on how we should go to Chelsea Market to eat the giant 2 pond lobster that she saw the last time she was here. Although it is not cheap to eat here at the Chelsea Market, the lobster was really amazing! They tasted like the lobster rolls that we had minus the bun.

7. Gray’s Papaya Hotdog, 72nd street



If you’re looking for something cheap and good then this is a great place to eat because for $4 you will get to eat 2 hotdogs and this really good papaya juice. It was right next to our street so we had to pass by one time during breakfast, and its open 24 hours.

Of course there are a lot more things to eat around the city and I did want to do a lot more things too but 2 weeks isn’t enough to explore everything that New York has to offer. I just stuck to watching plenty of broadways and ballets, maybe someday again when I  get to stay there longer I will get to eat everything I want to try there. Till then, I cannot wait. For now this is all that I was able to eat.

ブロードウェイとバレエ、ニューヨーク(Broadways and ballets, New york)

Thanks to my dad I was able to watch a lot of ballets and broadways. The first thing he said to me on the first day that I got there was. “It wont be a new york experience you do not watch any broadways or ballet shows, so if I were you I would go and buy all the tickets you want to get today already”. So on that day my mom and I rushed to times square and the Met to get some tickets for me to watch.

Unfortunately for me though, I came during the summer when the tickets skyrocket up to $160 when originally they would cost a lot cheaper. So a suggestion for me would be to either line up in the TKTS lines that is IF you have a lot of time on your hands, which I didn’t. Or you could go on the day itself and watch alone, you might actually score some great tickets. But a lot of the tickets I actually just had to get full price, it was so worth it.

The best ticket i got was probably the one for An american in Paris, i spent $22 for a standing room which was behind the orchestra section. If you are not so particular about seats the standing room is actually not such a bad idea. You get your own place to stand and number so it was a pretty cool experience. I got the same view as the people in orchestra center so It was not so bad compared to the $220 that the lady paid in front of me for an orchestra seat.

the first few tickets I purchased. I was still able to get Hedwig the Angry inch on my last night in New York.

AMAZING REALLY. i mean if you are a fan of a lot of dancing and singing.

Alladin was incredible! I will want to watch this again

AMAZING, really good to watch with a little kid.


Diana vishneva as Aurora!

Darren Criss and I were right next to each other… Omgod.

My big fangirling moment!

  On my very last day I lined up with everyone else just to meet Darren Criss. Hedwig the Angry inch was an amazing show. Everything I watched I felt was amazing, but nothing will top my Wicked experience. I watched wicked once in Manila and I paid around $300-400 for a ticket back in Manila, but the show was 100 times better in New York! And the quality and everything was so different. I remember during the last few lines I was already in tears. Tickets were also a lot cheaper in New York even if it was summertime.

I will never forget this New York experience of mine. If ever you are in New York, I would suggest that you do what I did and book a broadway show every night or twice a day even sometimes. You will not regret it, watching broadway shows is a great way to enjoy New York. If I lived in New York I probably would watch some every weekend if I could afford it. Many New Yorkers say that its a love hate relationship with the city, but even with the many weird people lurking around or the annoying train break downs during the weekend. I really will not forget the city and what it had to offer to an artists heart like mine. I just felt so at home ❤️

Brooklyn Bridge and Chinatown

Yesterday we went up the brooklyn bridge from the Brooklyn side where you see DUMBO and to the lower manhattan side.

yes this is me! i loved the long walk across!

recreating our photo from Japan 💙

doing touristy things

The weather yestersday was perfect! I know most locals haven’t gone up the brooklyn bridge and its such a touristy thing to do but i would reccommend it for anyone. It gives a great view of the manhattan bridge and the statue of liberty. After the long walk across we went to Chinatown to have some handtossed noodles which the guy from our apartment recommended to us. Its a bit hard to find but the noodles were delicious and so were the dumplings!


   The place is called Lam Zhou handmade noodles but the sign is in Chinese so just look for it on google maps if in case you want to try it. Im enjoying all the walking we are doing and the beautiful things we are seeing. New york is such a magical place.

New york ニューヨーク ♪( ´▽`)

Finally New york! At first when i got to the airport i wasn’t so sure that i would love it, i was a bit culture shocked coming from Japan just early this week. I was so surprised, its the total opposite of Japan and yet there are also some similarities too. Its only been a day! And I feel like coming to New York now is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I was able to apply for ballet classes which is right across our apartment here in New York and we were able to buy some ballet tickets at the MET. This place is a DREAM for artists and people who love ballet, broadway, opera and everything. I am so sure that I will not get bored in this city.


I just wanted to share a bit of my new experiences here. But ill save that for another day! Right now I only have 10 days to explore, and I am not wasting a single day of it. Ballet classes are to die for here!