Dance Competitions. Are they healthy? Short review from my experience of the ABAP competition.

I feel like competitions are something parents love, most especially here in the Philippines, Theres the Philippine Dance cup, The ABAP competition and the CCP dance competition and many others. I wonder sometimes if it is healthy to be putting children into competitions into something as subjective as ballet. How then would you score your dancers? By the number of turns or the amount of battements they do? Are we educating our youth better? Or are we creating monsters out of an art we love.

Did we ever stop to think. What was the purpose of this? Did our dancers grow properly? Did they change for the better? Was it good for them. I think educating our future dancers well, is as important as educating their teachers and their parents properly.

I feel like I have to bring this up, even if I hate ballet competitions. Last weekend I was at a ballet competition and My student ranked first in the rankings in, Junior 5 Ballet Category. I am positive about this because I wrote down all of the girls scores and she scored the highest out of all the girls who danced. I was so excited to congratulate her backstage and see my student of all the girls had placed first.

Now when she received her award they announced that she was 7th place, Imagine my surprise. From first place to seventh? What was wrong? Was she deducted something? Did I teach her something wrong? Backstage they told her they had made a mistake and so they awarded her 6th? I was still not convinced that my student ranked 6th. And my other little student was also supposed to be 3rd but ranked 4th when announced her name.

Now of course confused and furious in my head but calmly we talked to the ones in charge, they said all the girls are deducted for every wrong step they make according to the video. Now this is a variation i know by heart. I am positive every other girl did the variation the same way in accordance to the video that they sent. (I know my friends can attest to this, I am known to know many dances, variations and choreographies by heart) I am positive, except that second girl who danced did it a little differently on the pas de cheval but only one step was changed from what she did as compared to the others. They deducted plenty of points from my student just for a missed step that I know wasn’t true because I observed each girl and each step during the dance.

I am of course disappointed as a teacher, I know my student deserved to win that category. And I am not convinced that she deserved 6th or 7th place. She did it the cleanest and with the most heart. I know when my student does bad and when she doesn’t, I know this because she deserved her 4th place in the other Junior 4 category in fact i think she did pretty awful there but I am not afraid to admit that. She also knew that herself, and she told me that too. But this time i choose to speak up and share this experience because i believe I do deserve a clear explanation as to why my students and my own hard work and months and months of dancing didn’t deserve 1st place.

I would just want an explanation as to How can my student who ranked first get more deductions than the girls who fell on the floor? I want to know for my future reference, Is it something personal? Does this happen in all competitions? If you cheated everyone in the competition was it worth it? I saw plenty of other students whose scores jumped from 2nd to 4th and etc. It was very painful to watch as a teacher.




So did this competition turn me into a monster teacher? Maybe not. In fact It inspired me to do better as a teacher. Maybe it is not the case in all competitions and ballet is just something that is too difficult to judge in the first place. Of course at the end of the day it is not who wins and loses and life is not a competition. I just want my students to enjoy dancing the way all my teachers taught me but I wish I knew why we didn’t deserve to win that category.

Don’t get me wrong, I am of course grateful that all my students placed. Even my small baby ballet students placed and did very well during their dances but we all know that the older girls will also show the strength of the school. As a teacher building her own reputation, I want to know for myself what I can do to improve and what I can do to help my students more.

Now as a parent or a stage mom, if you are to decide wether to put your child into a ballet competition. Is it worth it? I encourage you all to think about it and read about it before you act. Here is the “sakit” if you may call it of the Filipino people. They absolutely love competitions they like listing their achievements. My parents are not the typical and as everyone knows I grew up in a Japanese setting. My mom taught me mostly that a smart dancer reads, she knows and she has to do everything from the basic. My mother is very particular with small details and she always told me, it matters.

Do you think it is healthy for your child? Is it turning into an earning scheme for schools? I hope we think about these things before entering into competitions. After all, we all aim to become better versions of ourselves right? Or to create better more artistic and beautiful dancers? Where has that art gone? Is ballet simply a sport now, or is it still an art?

This makes me sad. What are your thoughts?

Summer Recital excerpts from rehearsals

What did i love about this recital? The fact that I was given the chance to dance the role of Paquita, a Spanish girl who was raised by gypsies. We only danced the wedding scene for this recital. This summer was filled with so much challenges and injuries, up until a week before the recital I really could not dance anything so well because I misplaced my knee cap 3 weeks before the actual recital day. Then on top of that my original partner left, and when he got back that same day I just recovered from my 1 week of stomach flu, he danced he had a partial tear to his knee while dancing.

So much drama this summer, but I am glad that I was still able to push through. Even if I had to dance with my new partner, who I only rehearsed with around 6 times. Then my achilles tendon was so painful, so I was really glad that even with a clicking knee cap and an inflamed tendon I was able to dance everything, not as good as I imagined I could do it. But just enough I guess, most days I wish I could have done better but I guess its difficult when you only get one shot to dance it.

Here is a short clip from our recital and from some of our class videos before the show. Videos taken by: Miguel Antonio Gonzales * Stage ballet boyfriend. (Thank you!)

Watch on Youtube: Class and Paquita excerpts from DressTech 

Perry Sevidal Ballet, Technical dress rehearsals June 04, 2016

Where to take ballet classes in Taiwan, Taipei

As per the recommendation of my customer and now friend from Taiwan. I listed down all of her tips and suggestions on where to take ballet classes in Taiwan. Taiwanese people are really big on ballet. I took a ballet class with her and i was surprised by the number of dancers taking ballet class. Each class was filled with not less than 20 students packed in the studios. I wish that I could have a photo for you but they did not allow us to take any photos of their studios. These studios are in no particular order.
All of them are very kind and reply on Facebook immediately, so if you are looking to take class and you would like to know their time schedules you could send them a message in english on their Facebook pages and I assure you they will reply.

1. Wuyi studio 


This studio is very old but the teachers are very good here and a lot of students go here because it is the cheapest option from all of the dance classes in Taiwan. A walk in class will only cost you 400TWD as compared to other studios who would charge 500-800TWD. Just come 20 mins before class and they will allow you to join any of their classes.

How to get there: Exit M7 at the Taipei main station. You will see a 7-11 to your left and you turn left to that street then you will see a small door to your Right and go up to the 3rd floor using the elevator.

Cost of classes: 400 TWD regular, 500TWD pointe shoes

wuyi studio schedule

Here is a schedule just in case. The green encircled portions are the advanced classes.

2. 62 studio ( Art Wave, organizer of Gala in Taipei )


This studio different from the Wuyi studio is relatively new. They are one of the more famous studios because they are the organisers of Galas in Taipei. Their teachers are also very good here and plenty of kids and adults take class here during the evening. If you would like to come here go here during the day where there are lesser people. They also sell ballet rosa leotards here, which is a local leotard brand from Taipei. 

Cost of classes: 500 TWD regular class and 200TWD pointe shoes.

62 studio schedule english

The classes encircled in green are the advanced classes.

3. Kenny Wang Ballet school 
This particular school seems to be famous because this was where Miko Fogarty visited the last time she was here for the Taiwan competitions. I hear that they have one of the prettiest studios here in Taiwan and their teachers according to my friend are good too. You could try it out if you are interested to see their studio.
Other places she recommended if you were too far from the first 3 that was recommended are:
4. Paramita Dance Studio 
5. O-dance 1983
Not everyone would want to take class while on vacation. But I really did enjoy the classes that I took while I was in Taiwan even if I took them all half out because I was pretty tired from all of the walking we did. If you are looking for a friendly ambiance the first studio mentioned was the most comfortable to take class in because they are like a family. Whats good about ballet is that its the same use of words everywhere, and since I knew how to count 1-8 in Chinese it really helped me.  Hope this helps for dancers who want to visit Taiwan !

We couldn’t take pictures inside, so this is what we got from the outside.

Masterclass with Keenan Kampa

To most people, it might sound stupid that I flew all the way to Singapore just to take a masterclass with Keenan. But it wasn’t just that, I also wanted to fly there to see the fabric town in Bugis street and Chinatown. It’s been almost a month ago that I was able to take her masterclass, and it has inspired me even more to continue to pursue what I love to do.



I remember her first class and I just couldn’t help but think, this feels just like the classes i used to take back at Ballet Manila whenever Tatiana Udalenkova would fly to Manila just to teach us. After the class, Miguel and I decided to talk to her. We talked about how ballet and the company life is and all these things. Later on she told me that Udalenkova was her teacher back in Russia, and we both laughed. In my head I thought, “oh goodness no wonder the classes are so similar”.  I wasn’t able to really talk to Keenan for so long, but from what I got. I got a lot of useful tips especially the tips on conditioning and and on our turns. I really enjoyed our conversation Keenan so if you are reading this Thank you.

During the class Keenan was really meticulous about steps and the movement of our feet, the turn out and how you move your head in certain directions. It brought me back memories of when I first got to the company. It almost made me laugh one time thinking about how Tatiana made the whole group stop just to focus on me. I was TERRIBLE. I remember my first corps work with her in Swan Lake, I was only 13 and I was the last girl in the line. She stopped everyone just as everyone had already finished their sequence in the entrance of the corps. I just made my first step and you could hear her scream “STOP STOP STOP, LINA WHY YOU NO STRETCH KNEES”. I remember freezing up after that thinking, How do i respond?

Leaving the company, my heart had been torn ever since. Taking ballet classes brought back emotions but it also brought in new ideas and new thoughts. I always knew that if I would completely stop I would also be completely lost of all my direction in everything. I tried to stop for a while but the only thing it gave me was, cellulite and bad grades. (HAHA) Since starting the Dance by Lina business 6 months ago, I never thought it would actually give me anything. But after only a few months I was brought even closer to ballet. I never saw this as a new opportunity for me, Sewing was really just a hobby but dancing was my life. Now I am even closer to my dreams than I was in the past, and for that I am so grateful.

After my talk with Keenan and the masterclass, I realised that maybe it really isn’t for everyone and that it really is difficult. Everyday I learn something new about ballet and everyday I am so grateful for the people I meet along the way such as Keenan and Min. I hope that our paths cross once again.

Thank you again cloud and victory for the opportunity. Thank you Min and Keenan. It was an experience that I will always remember.

Pointe shoe fitting with Jeanne Share, Gaynor Mindens international sales director

Yesterday I had the chance to have my first Gaynor Minden pointe shoe fitting with Gaynor Mindens International sales director Ms. Jeanne Share. I guess It’s about time that I officially had my pointe shoes fitted for me. But based on what I learned from Jeanne, she told me that  most things you just pick up from experience. With each person she fits she says she learns something new. So how does one become an official pointe shoe fitter like Ms. Jeanne? Experience.

There are short courses to such profession, of course it wouldn’t matter unless you are actually a dancer. How would you know what kind of shoe fits you best when you haven’t even tried on a pair of pointe shoes, yet alone advice another dancer on which pointe shoes to be wearing. I had so much fun listening to Ms. Jeanne, I was finally able to find my actual pointe shoe size with her and it felt much better than the pairs of Gaynor shoes that I’ve been trying on for 9 years. Not being blessed with good feet and with my constant weight fluctuation, I have always had a problem with the pain from my toes and now I have found the culprit and the solution.


Culprit, my greek feet. I’ve always known that my feet were “SPECIAL”. (HAHA) Unfortunately its always been painful for my second toe because it looks exactly like that picture. Now I’ve tried everything from Cotton to cushions but I never knew that Gaynor actually has a thing called a Totally toes fitting kit. Now i just need that small arch semi circle looking thing to be stuck under my shoe to help me with the missing space between my toe and my second toe.


This is the fitting kit


This is what you do with the fitting kit


And heres how it works, (c) pictures are from online sources off of google

Now trying my shoes with Ms. Jeanne I learned that size 8 fits me better than 8 1/2’s and I always though that 8 1/2’s were better, which was most probably to make way for my second toe. I definitely was happy to know what shoe would actually fit me better. I also listened to her speaking to other girls about how the drawstring should be pulled or how much space there should be to accommodate your toe pads and the sort. Some of which I probably figured out on my own as a dancer, but it was nice to hear nonetheless from someone who has probably fitted thousands of girls with their new shoes and pointe shoes.


Ms. Jeanne in action

Hearing her story and on how she started firsthand was really inspiring. I realised how important the right fit of your shoes are. How it can affect the look of your feet and how it can also affect your dancing. The people behind these small little details are who inspire me a lot. Imagine if we didn’t have these experts then the ballet world wouldn’t be as beautiful as it is. After reading a brief history on how the Gaynor Minden shoes were created I have a little more bias towards the brand of the shoe. ( You can read more about them on )

I know that most people do not really use Gaynors and stick to the traditional shoes. A teacher of mine used to tell me “You will not get strong if I used Gaynor shoes and your feet will be spoiled”. I’ve read however on Gaynor Mindens site about how even the Pro’s like my favourites Alina Cojacaru or Gelsey Kirkland prefer Gaynors. My mom told me this afternoon after a chat on the shoe fitting. “Even the ballet shoes needs to evolve”. Its true that I guess traditional shoes are much harder to break into or wear and less comfortable, but I guess to each his own. It really all depends on what feels best for you or shows off your feet the most.  

You can read more about Ms. Jeanne and her profile on and if you are every near a Gaynor Pointe shoe outlet you should definitely get your shoes fitted for you with a professional. My own ballet teacher Perry had fun getting her shoes fitted too.


Even my own teacher Perry had fun fitting her shoes!


ITS OFFICIAL. Get your Dance by Lina products at The Dance store PH


Thank you again Ms. Jeanne for the experience.

❤ Much love to every dancer out there. Keep on Dancing! You can now find my products at The Dance store PH and on

ダンス-ストア PH (The dance store Philippines)

Newly opened last July, the Dance store PH could most possibly be my new and favorite ballet store here in Manila. This newly opened store offers several pointe shoe and brand options. Bloch, Capezio, Gaynor, Cloud and Victory, Sansha, Russian pointe and several other brands. This is probably one of the most complete ballet shops here in Manila. Especially when they informed me that they would also be selling Ballet CD’s very soon.






A similar dance shop that I could compare to this would be the steps dance shop in steps dance studio. However the dance store ph has a larger list of pointe shoes and brand partnerships.

Cloud and Victory a brand that has been endorsed by many famous dancers like Miko Fogarty (The girl who was featured on the movie “First position”) is being sold here at the shop. Its been months that I have been wanting Cloud and Victory shirts.



They also have a branch in Alabang in case you are closer to this branch.

Located at: 住所
Entrance of San Lorenzo Village right across Fairmont Hotel in Makati. ( On the picture at the bottom is where it is located. The purple pin dropped on the map. There are parking spaces available in the building)

♪( ´▽`)


Flowery Leotards

 I just wanted to share how much i love my new dance leos. Going to blog about ballet stores i visited in New York soon. 


Daily dose of dancing: Ballet as more than just a hobby

I’ve been trying to blog about this since I got to Japan last April, but it always lacked a bit of inspiration. Since I began dancing, I wanted it to be a part of my life. Well not always, of course there were the days when you feel like “Why am I still dancing?!” And my mom always had to push me on the worst days, but then you land a perfect pirouette that day and change your mind about quitting. (Sounds familiar? Always happens . . . Haha!) Ballet is mentally tiring as much as it is physically. Sometimes I don’t understand why I still love to dance. (I think Im a bit crazy already)

Months after I stopped dancing with the ballet company, I had every intention of quitting. I was so frustrated, I even told my mom that I never wanted to dance ever again. Of course my mom wouldn’t allow it, and also my best friend from ballet, they both pushed me to try to get back into dancing. I knew I was hooked again that moment I got back on stage for my first recital in many years. I had forgotten how to love dancing as it is and not as work and I was encouraged to dance some more. Now, after all those years, I am studying a second degree but at the same time keeping ballet in my lifestyle and I have never been happier!

Don't you miss wearing your pointe shoes? I miss these moments and our late night rehearsals.

Don’t you miss wearing your pointe shoes? I miss these moments and our late night rehearsals.

For those however who I know have quit dancing, for whatever personal reason you have. I want to share with you a bit of the things I have experienced in Japan. I can’t speak for other countries but I noticed that in where I grew up in Manila most of the dancers dance as a hobby, they dance ballet when they are young then they quit. Their parents will say something like, “ballet is just your hobby and studies are more important”. So you see them slacking off in class because to them it is dancing “for fun” and it is “just a hobby”. That may be the case for some people but I’m sure a part of you will think, all of those years and now it’s time to quit, that’s it? Is this really just a hobby? My mom always pushed me no matter what to dance and I wondered why she was different from the other parents. (Of course other than being a Japanese, she is really different.) I began to see where she got that way of thinking.

In Japan whether young or old, you will see anyone of any age dancing. My grandmother always tells me, The Japanese are very “gambariasan” (they work very hard in anything they do) People in their teens, 20`s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s just enjoy ballet classes for hobby but not quite either. They make it a part of their lifestyle, and I can`t say it’s a hobby even if they call it their hobby. Because they dance like the company members I used to dance with and they even take workshops, character classes and contemporary classes. Old ladies taking pointe class, Pilates, ballet, character class just for the love of dance. They do their own stretching without being told and they read books about ballet while waiting for ballet class, I was so inspired.

And you can make all the excuses you want and tell me that, these ladies have a lot money and all the time in the world. I won’t have it, some of them even work long hours and make time only to have ballet classes a few times a month or in between their work schedule. Others of course really have money but it’s no joke to them that they dance, and ballet classes in Tokyo are not so cheap either!

Memories with ballet friends and classmates.

I am now more than encouraged to keep ballet in my lifestyle as long as I still love it. Of course if you see ballet as completely being out of your life then I know there’s another path for you. However, if a part of you still wants to dance, I really encourage that you continue doing it. If these dancers dance like that and just for hobby, I am so embarrassed by the way and the reason I have been dancing.

I see so much passion in the eyes of many dancers here in Japan. I once talked to a woman here who was in her 40`s going on to her 50`s and still dancing. While we were talking I complimented her and told her that she was such a good dancer. She told me in Japanese that “I may not be able to dance like Yoko Morishita but I like to dance so I will”. So what if you don’t have the stamina anymore or the same height of your leg extensions, if you love it all that much you should do it. Just like that… We really don’t have to complicate it. (Also sports doctors explain that developing your slow muscles are very good and then I guess ballet is best for that. And think about how young you will look, I noticed that many dancers weather old still look young. ) I always tell myself that there’s nothing to hold me back, Even if I have a lower back condition or if ballet won’t be a regular thing for me. If you love it, that’s all you need to start dancing again and to keep doing it for the rest of your life. Water, plenty of Salonpas or some liniment of your choice, a massage after your first ballet class, and most importantly, your heart for it are all that you need to dance ballet. Again. And over again.

Channel your frustrations into something you love. Then you will realize that frustrations are non-existent and what you are or have experienced is just plain and simple stress. 

What great difference I notice with them is that they define hobby as a part of their lifestyle or their actual lifestyle, for that matter. I have seen many Filipinos (though I know this also happens to many from other races) who give a lot of excuses, like family, work, problem, etc. why they cannot sport a hobby anymore. They say that they cannot add another cause of stress to their already stressful life; without actually realizing that they are being stressed by what they are doing. Stress comes and a passionless attitude which is caused by busying and forcing ourselves to be doing a lot of things without a break. We need an outlet—something different from what we routinarily do. Dance, ballet, is a very effective dose of “destresser”. It allows you to move fluidly, expressively, and freely like no one is watching you (of course keeping in mind that you are not a professional and stressing in mind that you are only doing it to enjoy what you love to do). Doing any form of a hobby is psychologically essential to humans. We may be doing something very far from what we professionally or academically are focusing on but this helps—a lot. The Japanese I have talked to and observed keep themselves young and stress-free by dancing. This is an awakening realization for me: making your hobby a part of your lifestyle and not just simply a random-hard-to-find-time-for activity.


For Teacher Perry, the best ballet teacher I`ve ever had. Who taught me how to spread my wings and dance.


And my very first ballet teacher, my ballet best friend and friend for life. ❤ without you I would not be dancing today. Thank you Ate Marie and T Omi!


Lina Peralejo
Proofread by: Ron Archie Austria and Miguel Antonio B. Gonzales

Daily dose of dancing: Ballet stores in Tokyo UPDATED 2020

Here is a 2020 updated list for you since I noticed when I went to Chacott last December some stores had gone and I knew that I had to update this list.

I noticed that if you look up ballet stores in Tokyo, nothing will really come up. However if you search it in Japanese all these different stores come out. So I decided to make a guide for English speaking dancers. Here is a list of the ballet shops that I have visited here in Tokyo, in no particular order. There are a lot more stores that you could probably visit but I chose those stores that are in the main areas of Tokyo, I did not want to go so far out of the city. They also have some in malls but I wanted to post the ones with a complete selection of things so you would not need to go far to buy your complete set of ballet things, and also it would be nice to visit a store where you did not have to just go for one thing.

1. Chacott, Shibuya 

11178638_10206564975634036_954360629_n The 7 floor ballet shop

This is one of the most known ballet stores in Tokyo. It is probably the biggest I’ve seen with the widest selection of ballet shoes and ballet wear. I blogged about it a few weeks ago in case you`d like to check it out, My favorite ballet store in Tokyo Chacott Shibuya. They have a complete set of ballet CDs and DVDs too also books, yoga wear, tap shoes, ballet shoes, pointe shoes, make up, warm up, kids wear and everything you need for ballet.

How to get there: Go straight out to the Shibuya crossing towards the big street to the right of Starbucks. Walk straight up and you will cross two stoplights. After the second stoplight turn left to an uphill road, you will see the disney store to your left and across that you will pass an Apple and Onitsuka store afterwards you will see a big Chacott sign in green.

2. Fairy, Omotesando

DSCF7157 That blue sign…

I`m only familiar with the Omotesando store. They have a good selection of books and DVD`s here, also if you are looking for Wear Moi Leotards this is where you will find a lot of cheap Wear Moi leos. They also have a lot of different local brands that you may enjoy. Its small but it has everything basic you need in a ballet shop.

How to get there: Come out of the B2 exit of the Omotesando station if I am not mistaken, you will be walking towards the direction of Shibuya. After coming out of the exit just walk straight until you see the Dc. Martens store and the Muji store, Turn right and you will see this giant blue store which you won’t miss.

3. Yumiko boutique, SHIBUYA ( 2 buildings beside, Chacott Shibuya) 4th floor

IMG_2242 All the beautiful yumikos you want. Pre order takes 8 weeks.

When I first wrote this blog 5 years ago, I failed to update the new stores in the past years that I had been visiting, so I made sure to check last December 2019 if these stores were still around. YUMIKO although very expensive, is one of my favorite stores for leotards. I own a few Yumiko leotards that have lasted me about 6-7 years already and I am very happy that the quality of their leotards have improved since then. I usually just get a pair or two every few years.

How to get there: Go straight out to the Shibuya crossing towards the big street to the right of Starbucks. Walk straight up and you will cross two stoplights. After the second stoplight turn left to an uphill road, you will see the Disney store and right across it will be the building with YUMIKO. You wont see it at first, it is a RAKUTEN store in the 1st floor and you will have to ride the elevator up to the 4th to get to the store.

4. Repetto, Ginza 

DSCF7161 Your two floor repetto store.

Although I have been to Repetto stores in Manila, this store was similar but not quite. They had a larger selection of leotards in different colors and styles. Also try their walking shoes, I would`t buy them as they are so expensive but I just love Repetto stores. They have complete, tights, warm up wear, leotards, ballet shoes and Repetto pointe shoes. Of course being a Repetto boutique they only sell Repetto products. They do not sell ballet CD`s and or DVD`s here.

How to get there: I got out of Yurakcho station and headed towards Printemps Ginza. I usually take the exit right in front of the 1010 plaza. That way you just need to walk straight to the street between Printemps and Tokyu Hands. Then turn left on the street right across Cartier. You will not miss those black and gold signs. If you get lost, just ask where Cartier is.

5. Sylvia, Shinjuku Tokyo 

map_subnade heres a picture and a map if it helps. The station to get off at is Shinjuku, from there I hope you can find it.

I know that there are a lot more stores around Tokyo but these would be the ones that I have actually been to. I would also recommend that you try ordering online. I have found that online stores are a lot cheaper than buying from these stores. However, for convenience you could visit these stores. Also if you go to most of them, you can listen to and or watch their CD`s and DVD`s. So you have more of an idea of what to get and buy. You can also test most of their products, Chacott Shibuya for me would be the most complete of all the stores.

How to get there: It was a little more difficult to find, heres the best suggestion I can give to find this shop. The shop is located at the SUBNADE mall, which is located at the SUBWAY LEVEL of Shinjuku. So if you’re looking around the streets you will not find it. If you know the GODZILLA road where the giant godzilla statue is, you will find a DON QUIXOTE store at the corner of the main road where you will see an underground passage to SUBNADE. The store is located at the far end to the left of SUBNADE. Once underground you could probably ask where the SYLVIA shop is or look for a map to search it. Good luck and enjoy! Facebook site: Sylvia Ballet and here is their online shop: Sylvia.

Happy dancing! and as my teacher would say… Much love!