Behind the scenes: Dance by Lina ダンス by リナ

As suggested by my boyfriend, he told me to make this behind the scenes category on my page to show updates on what I have been doing for my Dance by Lina dance products. So far I have started production on Foot stretchers and my new Leotards. I’m still working on my website and for now I still have a long way to go.


One is a sheep design and the other is floral


Here’s a full view of how it would look like when used

I remember looking for the fabric for the foot stretcher. It took me about an hour to dig into the pile of fabric through many warehouses until I found these two very cute designs. I would have wanted 3 designs but I guess two was enough. Next were my leotards, looking for the rose coloured plain fabric was a struggle. Its really difficult to get by nice fabric because many local companies pre order them and leave nothing for the warehouses.

12180098_10207900010289068_432487820_n 12179023_10207900010089063_294812847_n

Heres the final outcome on the leotards that I was sketching a week ago. I’ll be posting some of my sketches from my snapchat and Instagram. Hopefully I could update my blog soon when I finish the other designs and move on to my other products. I’m really excited to make my contract official with The dance store Philippines.

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Dance by Lina, dancewear

I haven’t been able to do much on my blog with all the exams and the dance wear I’ve been sewing. I started my own ballet dance wear online shop on Facebook. Its really small for now, but I hope that someday I could make it something big.

I’ve been cloth shopping too up in Taytay Rizal, which I was surprised to find out home to giant warehouses of cheap and beautiful fabric. I hope i could update more soon since Finals are coming up and I’ll get to have a months break after. Here are some of the few products or things I’ve been able to come up and sew. Wish me luck!


Heres a dance skirt inspired by SAB skirts


Another SAB skirt


Here are some leg warmers I just recently started sewing.

Im so excited to be able to make more kinds of dance wear. I don’t think there is a dance wear brand here in Manila that I know of other than dance stores selling clothing from International sources. Except of course The dance shop Ph. which I am currently consigned to sell my products with. I also hope that I could entertain foreign orders soon! Really can’t wait to be making more dance wear for dancers.

Heres a link to my current Facebook website: Dance By Lina