Bloch Store: Amsterdam

Before coming to Amsterdam, I contacted a few friends to ask about the ballet stores I could visit in Amsterdam and they mentioned only 2 and one being the Bloch store. I skipped the other one and decided to come here instead, as the girls mentioned that this store had more things that I would want, and I most definitely did not regret that decision to come to this store with my new and beautiful friend from Amsterdam Sterre! (If you’re reading this Sterre, thank you for the wonderful time around Amsterdam)

The store is located in one of the more expensive parts of Amsterdam, as my friend had mentioned, its the place most actors and actresses live at because the rent is so high. It is located near the streets where people pay one of the highest rent prices in Amsterdam. Anyway, this is irrelevant to my blog, which should be about the Bloch store.

What can I say about this store except that its perfect! I really think that Bloch stores around Europe make quite a good impression. The one I went to in Paris in the past was also quite beautiful as I expected it to be. But comparing the prices from the Paris store to the Amsterdam store, the Amsterdam store was definitely cheaper? Im not sure why, it could be the season I went to Paris last year? and they were having a good SALE there in Amsterdam where the leotards outside were selling from 12-20 euros. Quite a good deal considering the really nice designs and price point. The plain leotards were also quite cheap, and I was happy with my purchases!

Leaving the store, I left purchasing 2 leotards and 1 set of sheer stretch ribbons for a price of less than 50 euros. I think that was one of my best ballet purchases, I have probably spent more in the past just for one leotard. 50 euros won’t even be one Yumiko leotard, if you know what I mean. And as much as I love my Yumikos, I would rather have more quality leotards than none and having 2 more BLOCH leotards made me happy. I definitely had a good run for my money!

So if you’re ever in Amsterdam and in need of a good leotard or ballet purchase, I would recommend coming to the Amsterdam store there in Amsterdam. I am sure that you will not regretting going or making the travel.

And finally thank you again Sterre! Without you, our last day in Amsterdam would not have been a really great and amazing one. Thank you for taking time off and coming all the way to Amsterdam!

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