Todd English Food Hall, SM Aura

Whenever I get invited to these blog events I always have second thoughts especially if it is about food. Because well, Im a ballerina and… Technically I don’t really eat so much and being in the Philippines where it is a predominantly carb eating community. It is especially difficult to find anything that I can eat to fit into my diet.

And Although I was not able to eat the rice and the bread. I was able to try a lot of their salads and sashimi dishes. I Also had a little slice of each of their special cakes and desserts which a lot of people I know would rave about. Originally from New York, Their menu was nothing like the Menu in New York but was suited to the Filipino taste. I was expecting really steep prices on their dishes but most ranged from a budget of about Php 600-800 pesos per person. (Not bad for the serving portion size)

Recommendations: Sous Vide Duck breast, Tuna Slider, Simple Salad and for Dessert the Betty white was my favourite of all of the three desserts.

Not sure if it is a thing yet in Manila to be eating healthy or having a weird diet such as mine but I would like to start blogging about what kind of food I would prefer or eat over other kinds of food. Just because I got used to eating a good amount of each kind of thing. If you’re ever in SM aura, I would really recommend coming here. I think most people wouldn’t enter Todd English thinking of the amount they’d have to spend because of how it looks like from the outside. But i would recommend looking at their menu and considering this place to eat out on for Family days and dates.

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