Masterclass with Keenan Kampa

To most people, it might sound stupid that I flew all the way to Singapore just to take a masterclass with Keenan. But it wasn’t just that, I also wanted to fly there to see the fabric town in Bugis street and Chinatown. It’s been almost a month ago that I was able to take her masterclass, and it has inspired me even more to continue to pursue what I love to do.



I remember her first class and I just couldn’t help but think, this feels just like the classes i used to take back at Ballet Manila whenever Tatiana Udalenkova would fly to Manila just to teach us. After the class, Miguel and I decided to talk to her. We talked about how ballet and the company life is and all these things. Later on she told me that Udalenkova was her teacher back in Russia, and we both laughed. In my head I thought, “oh goodness no wonder the classes are so similar”.  I wasn’t able to really talk to Keenan for so long, but from what I got. I got a lot of useful tips especially the tips on conditioning and and on our turns. I really enjoyed our conversation Keenan so if you are reading this Thank you.

During the class Keenan was really meticulous about steps and the movement of our feet, the turn out and how you move your head in certain directions. It brought me back memories of when I first got to the company. It almost made me laugh one time thinking about how Tatiana made the whole group stop just to focus on me. I was TERRIBLE. I remember my first corps work with her in Swan Lake, I was only 13 and I was the last girl in the line. She stopped everyone just as everyone had already finished their sequence in the entrance of the corps. I just made my first step and you could hear her scream “STOP STOP STOP, LINA WHY YOU NO STRETCH KNEES”. I remember freezing up after that thinking, How do i respond?

Leaving the company, my heart had been torn ever since. Taking ballet classes brought back emotions but it also brought in new ideas and new thoughts. I always knew that if I would completely stop I would also be completely lost of all my direction in everything. I tried to stop for a while but the only thing it gave me was, cellulite and bad grades. (HAHA) Since starting the Dance by Lina business 6 months ago, I never thought it would actually give me anything. But after only a few months I was brought even closer to ballet. I never saw this as a new opportunity for me, Sewing was really just a hobby but dancing was my life. Now I am even closer to my dreams than I was in the past, and for that I am so grateful.

After my talk with Keenan and the masterclass, I realised that maybe it really isn’t for everyone and that it really is difficult. Everyday I learn something new about ballet and everyday I am so grateful for the people I meet along the way such as Keenan and Min. I hope that our paths cross once again.

Thank you again cloud and victory for the opportunity. Thank you Min and Keenan. It was an experience that I will always remember.

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