Mori no Atorie 森のアトリエ, Kumamoto Japan

My mom found this place on when we were planning our trip to Aso in Japan, after driving around Beppu, It took us about another 2 hour drive over beautiful landscapes to reach this very romantic and beautiful destination. I don’t think that there is any place quite like it. The hotel owner is a very big fan of stars and his french themed cottage even has a planetarium and an observatory. We were lucky that we were able to see so many stars that night even with the cloudy day.

We spent New Years eve here and we even had a countdown with all the guests of the hotel. This would be the perfect place for couples because the place is so romantic. Also for families who are looking for a quiet getaway out of the city. Its not very accessible unless you have a car. Everyone who comes here brought their own car, we just rented one out.

If you search it on trip advisor, you’ll hear nothing but “Charming” and “Rustic” about the place. They really made our stay there memorable. They even gave us a souvenir and they had photographers taking pictures of us which they posted up on their Facebook page. I really had an amazing time there despite the really cold weather. Next time you travel to Aso or Kumamoto this should be on your list, they also have an onsen that you could use and schedule. Its really on a very nice location and we had amazing memories here in Mori no Atorie.

Picture credits to: Mori no Atorie Facebook page. Exactly 12 midnight after the countdown.

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