The Nook (Harry Potter themed cafe) , Maginhawa

When I heard about the cafe, I immediately wanted to go just to try the butterbeer. I used to be a big Harry Potter fan when I was younger, I used to have a wand set and I probably knew almost everything about Daniel Radcliffe. ( I had a big crush on him back then )

This is how it looks like from the outside. I would suggest that you come early.
The chair hanging from upstairs.
Some hedwig designs
The daily prophet on the post

The cafe itself had a great concept, the cupboard under the stairs where you could see Harry’s old room, A Quidditch broom hanging above the ceiling, the daily prophet posted outside. Im sure that Harry Potter fans would love the actual concept. I wasn’t so impressed however with their service. I do understand that right now they are dealing with the small space and the volume of people trying to go there but Its such a shame since I saw about almost 10 different customers or so leaving just because they had no place to sit down. Also maybe since they just recently opened they are still very understaffed and service was quite slow.

The menu was very simple, nothing so special yet. I just really went there to try the butterbeer. They had other things on their menu but nothing as special as the butter beer. I found the Goya Zilla quite odd, it was a drink crushed in with goya cookies and mint i think? Im not so sure actually, it was more of crushed ice and mint chocolate. I also had the upsized butter beer but I finished it in a few sips. It tasted kind of like cream soda and popcorn butter for Php 150. The regular sized one will cost Php 100 but I didn’t see much difference with the cup sizes.

Their bestsellers and the such
Drinks, food and pastries
Bacon wrapped chicken, which tasted like honey ham.
This was the goya zilla. Im still not sure how I should feel about this.
Here’s the famous upsized butterbeer. Php 150

Im still not sure what to feel about the place, maybe I would come back. I don’t find the butterbeer reasonably priced despite the fact that it tasted like popcorn butter and cream soda.

The Nook

164 A Maginhawa St., Sikatuna Village, Quezon City

Opening Time: 1pm to 10pm

Facebook: The nook 

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