Life Yoga food music , Burgos Circle

Recently opened last July 2015, Life Yoga is located at the new building right at the end of Burgos Circle. For those who are interested here are their rates.

Life Yoga
Here are their rates. You could zoom in on them by clicking.

I experienced a Karma class with teacher Bic without knowing what I was getting myself into. Instead of a morning of relaxation, we were given a series of exercises. KARMA class indeed. The view of the studio is one that you’d want to come for. It is overlooking plenty of trees and a golf course. Also, this Yoga studio has no mirrors. I liked that about the studio because usually with mirrors we become self conscious and our eyes tend to linger on to other people who are better than us. With this studio I felt that I just needed to be aware of the presence I was currently in.

Mats and equipment are already provided before class
They also have cute paintings all around the place
And they have a cafe right inside where you can have healthy drinks and snacks after class.

It would be best to come here after work or after a long day before heading home. Check their Facebook page out at Life Yoga Food and music.

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