Club Paradise, Coron Palawan

The first time I went to Palawan was about 15 years ago with my parents when we stayed at the Dos Palmas resort in Puerto Princessa. Up to this day, i still love Palawan and it is one of my most favourite destinations here in the Philippines. Club paradise in Coron, Palawan was my second trip to Palawan and I still think of it as one of the most beautiful destinations in the Philippines. Not that I’ve gone to a lot of places around here but looking at Palawan just gives you that feeling that you were brought to another world. Away from the city and away from all kinds of technology and stress.

What i know about Coron is that it has two sides. This side where club paradise is and the other side where the town proper is. I only recently discovered the part where the town proper was when we stayed around the town and went island hopping for a whole week. But this is not the post for that side of town (you could view the town proper post here: Coron Palawan, Philippines) in this post i want to share to you my experience in the other side on a far away island in the middle of the ocean.

The front view of Club Paradise
The view from our villa

Club Paradise is a resort in the middle of the ocean, it takes about an hour drive going to the boat and another hour to get to the island by boat. From there you will be brought to one of the clearest waters and sand so fine that it  would melt under your toes.

Going to club paradise won’t be a budgeted trip, normally what backpackers would do is to stay in the island proper and go island hopping into the many different islands and snorkelling into the deep blue sea. What i liked however about this side of Coron was that it was quiet and no one was around. As compared to the other side where you will encounter plenty of different locals, going island hopping on this side you will not see one person on every island. Except on the Calauit Safari island where you will see people taking care of the Zebras and Giraffes.

First island, the elephant island
Beautiful rock formations and a cave that you could go into
Feeding Mozart the giraffe
it was my first time to see a giraffe

I loved this side of Coron mostly because it was more quiet and relaxing. You could sleep on the sands of Club Paradise and get a tan, no one would bother you. Also the view from each villa would be beautiful to wake up to. Not much activities as compared to the other side of Coron where you could experience Kayangan lake, Maquinit Hot springs and speak with many locals on the island but more secluded nonetheless as compared to the side with the town proper. I guess if you have the time you could visit both sides so you could experience the difference of the environments on each side.

I will never forget my times in Palawan and how Coron has brought me closer to a lot of my friends and family. Palawan will still always be my favourite destination here in the Philippines and I thank my dad for introducing me to this beautiful island. Looking now into a 6th trip back to the heavenly white sands and the giant pawikan turtles.

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