Brooklyn Bridge and Chinatown

Yesterday we went up the brooklyn bridge from the Brooklyn side where you see DUMBO and to the lower manhattan side.

yes this is me! i loved the long walk across!
recreating our photo from Japan 💙
doing touristy things

The weather yestersday was perfect! I know most locals haven’t gone up the brooklyn bridge and its such a touristy thing to do but i would reccommend it for anyone. It gives a great view of the manhattan bridge and the statue of liberty. After the long walk across we went to Chinatown to have some handtossed noodles which the guy from our apartment recommended to us. Its a bit hard to find but the noodles were delicious and so were the dumplings!


   The place is called Lam Zhou handmade noodles but the sign is in Chinese so just look for it on google maps if in case you want to try it. Im enjoying all the walking we are doing and the beautiful things we are seeing. New york is such a magical place.

6 responses to “Brooklyn Bridge and Chinatown”

  1. I love NYC’s Chinatown!

    1. Yes its not messy! Haha although i wish some stores would learn to speak english! Otherwise its a great place to visit

      1. I get you! A little bit of English would help with some effort from personnel.

      2. We got a lot of “no english no english” comments from them. We really wanted some mochi but it seemed like we wouldn’t get some after all haha.

      3. That’s disappointing. A bit of English means more sales! I hope you got what you wanted somewhere else.

      4. No we didn’t haha unfortunatey. But it was a funny experience

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