Watching Ballet shows in Japan

My grandmother was the one who got me hooked into watching Ballets performances here in Japan. In fact I flew all the way from Manila to Japan just to watch the Kirov Ballet and K ballet 3 years ago. The Japanese are such fans of ballet, I have no doubts that  you will love watching ballet shows here in Japan. Coming from the Philippines, I’m used to an unappreciative crowd, of course not all are but there are some. When we dance in Manila we get annoying side comments from some of the audience members and even whistles or people hysterically laughing at the men in tights, calling them gay. You wont here of such thing in Japan.

Tokyo Bunkakaikan in Ueno
The pamphlet area where people just pick up shows that they would like to watch and the entrance to the main hall just behind them.
I go to this gift shop if Im around Ueno because they have all sorts of things that are nice. They sell ballet books, ballet merchandise, music merchandise and all kinds of cute trinkets.


The moment the orchestra begins to play I always get this refreshing feeling and I begin to cry (Tears of joy off course). Truly,Everything is beautiful at the ballet. And it is wonderful to experience it with people who know and appreciate what is happening on stage. You would think that they’d be stuck up but, when you hear them talk they really are just big ballet fans. As a dancer I am very appreciative of that. Last night I got to watch the Royal Burmingham Ballet, I am so grateful to my mom and dad for this. The show was beyond real and I got to meet them after the show at the artists entrance.

This was from Todays show that I watched.

Iain Mackay, who played Cinderellas Prince
Elisha Willis who played Cinderella. Her feet are just to die for. I can’t believe that she danced a lot of scenes barefoot.

If you are a big ballet fan, all kinds of famous dancers come to Japan. The last time I watched Kirov and K ballet I was able to meet Maria Alexandrova in person, and I also got to watch Kumakawa Tetsuya. Check the schedules and even if you don’t watch the show come to the artists entrance right after a show and theres a big chance that you’ll get to meet them. (Trust me, I’ve done it several times already) and if you meet Nina Aninashvili this June I will envy you.

Where to buy tickets: In japan they have shows all year round. You can buy them online which is what most of the Japanese do. Since you could get them cheaper if you buy them months before, or you could buy them in Tokyo Bunkakaikan in Ueno. There are many ways to get hold of tickets, there are even shops that sell tickets cheaper for all kinds of show. But i would recommend that you go to Ueno to see what they have showing, they have ballets, orchestra, opera and all kinds. Keep updated and make sure to get all of their posters! If you are a big fan of the arts or even if you aren’t. This has to go on your list of things to experience in Japan. I promise you. You wont regret it! This August they are having another spectacle of different famous dancers! Its worth a go if you have the chance!

Oh! And they also have a music library on the 4th floor if you are interested. You can listen to all kinds of CDs there for free!

4 responses to “Watching Ballet shows in Japan”

  1. There is something incredible about live performances, seeing such talent and it often takes the audience to another world 🙂 Very nice.

    1. Yes i do agree. Its really refreshing! Once in a while.

  2. Hi! Can you elaborate more on where the artist’s entrance is? I would love to meet a favourite dancer of mine!

    1. Hi, If its in the UENO tokyo bunkakaikan, its the side facing the JR UENO station exit.

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