Guru Churro, Harajuku

Rie told me about how good these churros were and I couldn’t wait to give them a try the next time I was in Harajuku. Fortunately, I was going to meet my long time friend Timmy that day and we decided to try it out together. Its hidden but you won’t miss it as long as you read the signs, Its right across forever 21.


Here are the list of their flavors


Timmy is enjoying her churro… well technically I ate most of all the churros.


We had the set with the ice cream to share too!

We got to try cinnamon, strawberry, matcha, honey, sugar and the set with the Ice cream. It was just heavenly! I have to thank my friend Rie for this suggestion! I will not regret coming here for some churros, so if you ever are in Harajuku you should come and try this place for a short snack after lunch. The place is also very secluded and nice so you can have some quiet time from the crazy hustle outside in Harajuku.

I will recommend that you try the cinnamon flavored churros and honey, those were my favorites. If you are a bit more adventurous I would recommend the Kinako, I heard the table next to us saying that it was good. Timmy and I were supposed to share but It really felt like I was the one eating all of the churros while she shared her stories.


Its located right under charles and keith, so you just have to go down the escalator to the basement! If you get lost just look for Charles and Keith and don’t forget that its across H&M and Forever 21.


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