Getting the best views of Tokyo

You won’t really have to read the rest of my post because there was only one that was THE MOST beautiful observatory to view the whole of Tokyo. I will be rating  the places based on my visit, price and the ambiance of the place. I’ll be starting with my most favorite.

Note: Before going to these places make sure to check the weather report and go on a very sunny day. You will not regret me saying this because if you go on a cloudy day you will miss a lot of views. On a good day you could see as far as Mt. Fuji, so always go on a good sunny day.

1. Seaside Top WTC ( 60 floors up ) 

My view from the seaside top was the best!

Price: ¥620

WORTH EVERY YEN I SPENT. I should have gone here instead of all the other places that I went to today. This was the best place to view Tokyo. I spent my evening here watching the sun go down from the east and it was so beautiful with the music and everything. This is a great place to go with someone you love.

How to get there: Its right on top of Hamamatsucho station. So you won’t miss it! There are many signs going to this place.

2. Sunshine Observatory Deck

It was too cloudy to show any good view but It was really wide so you could see everything from every angle. Also they provide seats on one side.

Price: ¥620

Not so bad either, except that the ambiance is not as inviting as compared to Seaside. If you are going to be around Ikebukuro, its worth a go as long as its not crowded. I would suggest you go here if you will also go to the Aquarium

How to get there: Get down at Higashi Ikebukuro- Yurakucho line and you will not have a problem from there. Do not attempt to get down at Ikebukuro because you will get lost if you do so. Especially if you do not know Ikebukuro, its nice to get lost after going to Sunshine first.

3. Roppongi Hills 

People come here for the star wars exhibit instead.

Price: ¥1600

54 floors high, although it was nice it was TOO CROWDED and the Star Wars exhibit made it even more crowded. The place isn`t bad and it included the west facing view of the Tokyo Tower. It was just overcrowded and I could not really enjoy the view as much as in Seaside. It was also very noisy here, people come here for the exhibit and not really for the view.

How to get there: Get down at Roppongi station and just exit towards the Roponggi hills gate.

4. Tokyo Metropolitan City Hall 

It only has a good view on 3 sides because the one side it blocked by the second building. However it is also very nice to come here, plus its free.

Price: FREE

The best part of this building was that going to the observatory was free! Although it is a little lower as compared to the other buildings it gives a great view of the city in the South and West. The other two sides are blocked by the buildings.

How to get there: Get down at Shinjuku station and go towards Yodobashi Camera just keep on going straight. You will see maps going to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office and you will not miss the two tall buildings.

5. Tokyo Tower

Glass bottom. Very nice view from here but not really of the city, there are too many bars blocking the way.

Price: ¥ 1600 Which includes both observation decks.

Of course I had to try going up the tokyo tower because it was so beautiful from Afar, and it was also beautiful up close. I was lucky enough to get there when there was no line. Not much of a view, but it is fun to look through the see-through glass. I think that it is prettiest to come here during the night.

How to get there: Get down at Akanebashi- Oedo Line and you won’t really miss the Tokyo Tower so follow the signs and walk towards it. I walked going here from the Seaside Top WTC, it only took me 15mins.

I will not be including the Tokyo Sky tree here on my list as it is so expensive and the last time I went there it was too crowded even to see anything. I really recommend the Seaside top World trade Center its the best place to go to and you can spend the whole day there without worrying about anyone sending you out.  I also bought my dinner downstairs and just ate there on the 60th floor as I watched the sun set on Tokyo.

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