Gaijin Friendly Ballet Classes in Tokyo

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If you are looking for quality ballet classes with pointe and or pilates. I would recommend these two ballet studios. I am aware that there are a lot of places that you could try for ballet classes here in Tokyo but based on my Japanese friends recommendations, this is the closest you can get to good and professional training. Not much RAD the training here is closer to Vaganova training, but it still depends on the teacher that you get. My favorite teacher here is Teacher Lesli, try her classes if you get the chance.

1. Studio Architanz, Minato-ku Tokyo 

Advanced Class, They have different levels you could choose from and their staff knows how to speak in English so you have no problem with communication
Pianist while dancing, its a really nice feel.

Above is the link to their english website. Very much gaijin friendly, they teach classes in English here and they have great teachers. They offer classical ballet classes, contemporary dance classes, workshops and many other events.

LOCATION: ACCORDING TO THEIR WEBSITE ( I would recommend the first option because it is the easiest way to locate their place ) If in doubt ask people where PORT BOWL is.

スクリーンショット 0027-04-30 9.53.38 a.m.

7min walk from JR Tamachi-Station

Tamachi-station Shibaura-exit. Go straight, then turn left at the first traffic light and straight on for approximately 5min. Enter Tokyo Port Bowl building at A-entrance. 4th floor.

7min walk from Subway(Toei-line) Mita-station

Mita-station A6-exit. After exiting, take right and then turn right at the first corner. Go pass the shrine and take the promenade that goes under the JR railway. Go straight, then turn left at the first traffic light and straight on for approximately 2min. Tokyo Port Bowl will be on your left,from A-entrance. 4th floor.

Cost: Yen 3000 per walk in one class, they also have a cheaper option for one month or two months of classes! Most of their information is now available online. Some classes are cheaper for the B classes and the C classes.

2. Maison de ballet, Minami Aoyama

My class with teacher Mami who is a dancer of the famous ballet company in Tokyo was amazing! Definitely would come back to try her class!

Not as Gaijin friendly as Architanz but their staff can speak a bit of english and you will enjoy this if you are a fan of RAD style of dancing. Also ballet is ballet so you will of course have no problem understanding the exercises. The teachers here are part of one of the most famous ballet companies in Japan, the Asami Maki ballet. I tried Teacher Mami here and she really gave a simple yet complex class.

How to get there: Take the A4 exit from Omotesando station If you can see the star on the Map that is the exit. Head to the left and go straight all the way. On the next main road take another left walk a little further and you will see this building on the right side.

スクリーンショット 0027-04-30 10.05.17 a.m.

Cost: ¥ 3100 for a regular CD class but they also have cheaper options for if you want to pay for a lot of classes.

13 responses to “Gaijin Friendly Ballet Classes in Tokyo”

  1. […] How to get there: I usually ride the JR to Tamachi station because I find this to be the easiest way, Exit towards the dome shaped bridge in the station and go down the escalator. Walk straight out and on the first stoplight turn left just go straight until you see Port Bowl. Heres a link to one of my blog entries about their studio, Gaijin friendly ballet classes in Tokyo. […]

  2. Are there open classes that are not as “gaijin friendly” but still at an advanced level?

    1. YES! They have different levels listed down, if you want a simple class they have plenty, most especially in the OMOTESANDO MINAMI AOYAMA school.

  3. Are these only adult classes? My daughter is RAD intermediate, could she join these classes?

    1. Hello!

      Yes she could join these classes, if she is RAD intermediate I think it is fine for her to join with the intermediate or advanced class. They have separate classes for those who are younger such as teenagers but if she can keep up with the adult intermediate class she can join them too.

      Don’t worry most of them can speak english at these studios and if she is hesitant they allow you to watch the classes too from the viewing deck or from the side. Hope this helps!

  4. Hello Lina,
    I’m so happy that I stumbled on your page, because I believe your stay in Japan will give me information that will be very helpful to a gaijin like me. I would like to ask if you can recommend an affordable ballet school for kids that has an English instructor. I’m a Filipina moving in Japan and I’m hoping that my daughter will learn three languages. At home we speak Tagalog and a little of English. If my daughter is going to study in a school in Japan, she would probably master Nihonggo. But I also want her improve her English speaking skills that’s why even in her lessons outside school she could still have a chance to practice this language. Is there an affordable ballet school for a beginner like her in Kanagawa area? You can also send your reply to my email – Thanks in advance.


    1. Could you email me at ? Thank you for this! I can ask around my friend who lives there actually teaches Japanese maybe she can help as well and she speaks good english too but a little bit Tagalog.

      1. Wow, thank you for the quick response. You’re such a big help. I’ll send you an email. Thanks again!

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  6. The Austrian Ballet School and Company has opened recently a studio in Higashi Azabu, close to the Tokyo Tower. Chris and Rio as the founders have international dance careers and are from Vienna, Austria. Classes start with Baby Ballet and lead up to a scholarship program for teenagers who pursue ballet here in Japan. Classes are all in English. is the address for the company and the school is They are located in 1-13-9, Higashi Azabu, Minato-ku at the
    Akabanebashi Station.

    1. Hello! That sounds wonderful! Let me check it out when I go home this July! Thank you for the message.

  7. Hello, my name is Agathe,
    I’m 16 and would like to do ballet but haven’t done it since I was 4. Are there beginner classes? I really don’t know any moves and am really motivated to learn…

    1. There are a lot of classes in Tokyo and for beginner adult too, you can check the level out if you are unsure usually they have the easy, intermediate and advanced levels separated!

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