Where to buy KitKat in Tokyo Station

I don’t really get the fuss about the KitKat flavors but I noticed that there are many people having a hard time looking for KitKat stores that sell more than just the green tea and cheesecake flavors. I would not recommend that you go to that new KitKat specialty store especially since there are many bad reviews about the place. I’ve been going to this KitKat place for about 4 years already and it never fails to bring out more flavors!

How to get there: Tokyo Station 

Don’t go walking around the station without asking the information office if you are not familiar with Tokyo Station, because Tokyo station is VERY big. Ask the information about where Character Street is and when you get to character street you will have to go to another information and ask where there is a Korean shop that sells KitKat. Its to the far right and its right beside the ramen shop past Garrets popcorn and Gundam cafe.  (Don’t ask for where they sell KitKat because there are many stores here that sell KitKat but not exactly all the flavors, unlike this store)


Their KitKat flavors depend per season. Sometimes theres more Strawberry Cheesecake and other times its Blueberry cheesecake. My personal favorite is the Rum Raisin KitKat and the Orange KitKat. I also like the Chili KitKat. They don’t only sell KitKat at this store, they also sell various Japanese okashi that come from all places in Japan. So don’t just go here for the KitKat. This store has a lot to offer!


I would suggest that you save this picture so that you can show someone the sign of this store. Enjoy all the flavors! Happy hunting and I hope that this helps satisfy all your KitKat cravings.

4 responses to “Where to buy KitKat in Tokyo Station”

  1. Hi Lina,

    First I’d like to say that this post helped me out during my previous trip to Tokyo. I was able to find the Kitkats flavors I wanted, even the regional ones. I’d like to ask permission to use the last photo for a trip report on a travel forum. I’ve cropped the picture to show only the store sign. Where to buy Kitkats is one of the popular questions asked in that forum. The tourist information desk gave me a map with the exact location but unfortunately I threw it away.

    Btw, I see that you’re based in Manila. By any chance, and I realize this is a stretch, do you have any recommendations as far as restaurants and activities in Cebu? Originally from there but have not been back for a couple of years. I’ll be going there later this year. Thanks!

    1. Hi Don! For Cebu you can try island hopping? I have heard of people going to Oslob and an island with really nice waterfalls. I think Cebu is not as nice as it once was. Its already a commercialized city kind of like manila filled with shopping malls.

      For restaurants i know the ones by the sea are great! Im sure they will recommend that place near the statue of lapu lapu. Cebu people are naturally friendly but when i went there last year traffic was so bad already. Not like when i first went there. Island hopping would be a great option, many people there would probably tell you that too. 🙂 i hope that i was of some help. Of course don’t forget try their Cebu lechon!

  2. Hi Lina

    I used your directions and picture to find the Kit Kat store as well and brought home so many interesting flavors! Thanks for the advice!

    1. You’re welcome! Happy you got to find it!

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