The beggining of my two months in Japan

I wanted to be a little more personal on my blog, so i decided to add a section about my life. (Not that I`m so important but I just want to write a little more while I`m here) I wish that i could stay longer but i still have to finish my accountancy degree by next year and classes start on June. A few months ago i applied for a Japanese language program in Waseda and was accepted. I was so excited to go and I cannot believe that I am finally here back in Japan. It feels so much more like home here for me and I wish that I could ship all my family and all my friends here!

whats left of the cherry blossoms here in tokyo!

I came here a month early to brush up on my Kanji and Japanese. Also to look for an “arubaito” ( which is known as a part time job). Of course I also want to watch some ballet, knowing that Kballet is having another performance and so is the Royal ballet. It just feels like its all a dream. (Thanks so much mama and papa if you are reading this)

Wish me luck! I aim to pass the N2 proficiency exam this year so I really have to get studying but at the same time staying in shape! My ballet classes begin tonight in Omotesando together with my friend. Its really cold right now and the change of weather is a bit shocking but tolerable. I still was able to see a lot of whats left of the cherry blossoms which makes me happy. Hoping that the weather gets warmer soon.

cherry blossoms up close

3 responses to “The beggining of my two months in Japan”

  1. Lena! Are you still in Tokyo??

    1. Unfortunately I am now in New york ;(

      1. Oh! Too bad. I’m in Tokyo right now, it would’ve been awesome to meet up. Have fun in NY though!

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