Milky Cow, Eastwood

If there’s one thing no one can say no to, it’s ice cream.

After a good lunch at Project Pie in Eastwood, Lina and I stumbled upon Milky Cow. This ice cream parlor hailing from Korea may be one of their fronts in their campaign to conquer us. Ha-ha.

The place looks neat, as in literally neat with all its whites. Super clean you’d feel instantly lighter just entering the place. The counter was stocked with ridiculously good looking macarons. But we couldn’t have that as we just had banana nutella pizza. So we got the best-seller, the “M3,” better known as the Milky Cube. After all, it was an ice cream parlor. At that point I did not know what to expect. DSCF5811Milky cube … A square scoop of ice cream? What came was an average-looking scoop of ice cream with a sort of natural honey cube. In all honesty, it did not look like a hundred and seventy pesos worth. I was a bit disappointed. Maybe that’s where all the ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ stuff comes in. I took a good look as Lina took pictures and I though this better taste good.” And it tasted like every cent of that price tag. It really was milky, thick and just a joy to eat. Then the honey, yes. Just the right sweet, not enough to make me feel guilty, which is good. But the cube, honestly, I couldn’t tell whether it was edible or not. But since it fit in my spoon, why not. DSCF5814But, too bad it didn’t sit quite right in my mouth. I had to take it out discreetly, unlike what Gordon Ramsay might do. It tasted good but felt weird. Maybe it isn’t so bad for others, but not me. Overall it was a delightful experience. There’s nothing like trying a new ice cream joint. Even though initially it didn’t look 170, it sure tasted like it.

Miguel Gonzales


Zomato Reviews: Milky Cow, Libis QC
Located: Right outside the eastwood mall. You wont miss it when you go to the outdoor open area

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