Eggs for breakfast, Antipolo

I love eating out of town. Antipolo could be considered out of town right?

Eggs for Breakfast is a pretty hidden place. Thanks to the two tarps along the road, you’ll know it’s there (although it doesn’t look like it). The place itself is inside some sort of events place, which means parking won’t be a problem.


We sat near the grass wall.


Outside the place you’ll see an Eggs for Breakfast typography, which is very typical of these third-wave-looking comfort-food-serving cafés. Once you get through the double doors you will see nothing but the grass wall at the back of the room. It looks like it got infected with a disease called pinterest. It’s pretty for pictures, I admit (as I have pictures of me there), but I feel like it doesn’t go well with the whole café. It drowns everything else in sight. That wall really doesn’t suit the furniture and the wood planks you’d expect from a typical café these day. But oh well, we don’t go to restaurants for the way it looks, but for the way the food tastes.

And it tastes good.

We got a One Pan Breakfast, Buttermilk Pancakes with Eggs and Bacon and a “Funky Monkey” smoothie. Let me start of by saying that that monkey is not funky at all. I’m sorry, I just feel like a better smoothie could have been made at home. And it was too watery!


One Pan breakfast Php 470


Buttermilk pancakes with eggs and bacon, Php 225


Funky monkey smoothie, Php 155. Milk, Bananas, chocolate and peanut butter

Now that that’s out of our system, let’s move one to the good ones. The One Pan Breakfast inclues bacon, beans, sunny side up eggs, potatoes, shitake mushrooms and sausages. Everything was just about right. The bacon was good, although I prefer mine crunchy, I still liked it. The eggs of course, were good. I would have stormed out of Eggs for Breakfast if they didn’t do eggs well. And who screws up eggs? Lina had the mushrooms because I generally do not like how mushrooms feel in my mouth. From the looks of her, I’d say they’re not bad. The potatoes were not too hard, which is all I can really ever ask of a potato, so that’s good. And finally, the beans. My god, those beans. I am going to file a complaint over those beans. Why did they not serve me more beans?! They just made that breakfast for me. Those beans made my day, pretty much.

The pancakes, I liked. I just love food that doesn’t try to be anything else but. The pancakes were simple, fluffy and tasted like heaven. They came with scrambled eggs and bacon, also, simple. You know it’s a good place when you get exactly what you want. I just wanted pancakes and bacon and eggs and I got pancakes and bacon and eggs. No complaints.

Overall I’d say Eggs for Breakfast is a great place to have breakfast, brunch or lunch or dinner or just eat in general. Just remember to eat more than you take pictures.

Miguel Gonzales


Facebook them at: Eggs for Breakfast
Open from 7am-9pm
Antipolo Rizal, try Wazing it is not hard to miss.

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