Marcianos, UP town center

Unfortunately this place is not going to be here any longer. They serve good food here but nothing out of the ordinary. You get your usual pasta and other different fusions of flavors and dishes. For only an amount of Php 2178 we got a set meal which included a side dish, a salad, 2 different kinds of pasta, a pizza, steak and chicken. Pretty cheap, but i guess the business is not doing so well. The location is also pretty bad and it is not so visible to people from the outside.


Iced tea and water in mason jars. I guess they’re just a thing right now.


Starters. Calamares!


Garlic Roasted chicken with mushrooms and gravy, this was my favorite dish of all the dishes.


Carbonara, just the usual tasting kind of carbonara. The other seafood chorizo pasta tasted better.


I have no idea what salad this was but it tasted good because of the glazed apple and caramelized onions. Shame though that they didn’t even bother to cut the lettuce. It was in there as a whole so we had to cut it up ourselves.

Our food was good in fact i think that if they would market the place more, people would come here too. But unfortunately they were very empty on a Sunday night as compared to the other restaurants in UP town which were being lined up for. They will be changing their restaurant soon into Sumo Sam according to what the waiter told us. Its unfortunate but at the same time I am confident that people would love Sumo Sam more as people in Manila love Japanese food.


2nd floor UP town center
Open from 10am-11pm

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