Green Pastures, Shangri-la mall

If I were to rate this place as a vegan or an organic restaurant I would give it 3 stars. There are not much vegan options and I expected more because it was called “Green Pastures”. If you stick in a vegetable in pasta is it instantly considered healthy? There were so much things like Fried Cauliflower or Mashed potatoes, classic cheeseburgers and eggs and tons of unhealthy things but they were also infused with words next to them like Grass fed beef (I mean what else do you feed cows?) or organic vegetables and organic boiled egg.

The menu confused me and not just that but the name tags of their waiters were also after famous people. Clearly overstaffed, but even so the waiters took really long to serve our food and some were just chit chatting on the sides. I even overheard one their conversations as they were chit chatting right next to our table since we were situated beside the station where they get water.


Farmhouse Salad, Php 550. This was my absolute favorite. I would say that this is a memorable salad.


Green Pastures Carbonara, Php 355. It tasted and looked like any other pasta with a “farm egg” on top.


Organic mushrooms on toast, Php 300. I enjoyed this because i love mushrooms. Although around the end i couldn’t finish it and it lacked salt.

I enjoyed the salad the most, in fact it was the most memorable of all the dishes. The carbonara tasted just like any other carbonara but the organic mushroom that the waitress recommended to me was good too. I was not exactly wowed by the whole idea of the place. I know that there have been good reviews going around, but if you’re going to name a place “Green Pastures” I would expect to see more greens in your menu. Their food may be “organic” but not exactly low in calorie content. I would have been more impressed if they made a lot of the things vegan and actually “healthy”. Organic does NOT automatically equal healthy.

Green Pastures

Shangri-la plaza 4th floor east wing
Facebook them at:
654-3219/ 09226334687

6 thoughts on “Green Pastures, Shangri-la mall

  1. wattwurmnashi says:

    Lena, you could do with some fact researching. Most beef are not fed grass & in fact never ever get to see any, the most widely spread cattle feed are grains + antibiotics. [Yes, antibiotics are fed to those cattle on a regular basis, not as a means to treat disease but preemptively & also because they reach slaughtering weight faster that way.] But it’s not natural for cattle to feed on grains so they can’t digest & process them as well as grass. Consequently, the nutritional composition & probably taste of the beef on your plate will vary depending on whether it was fed grains or grass.

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