Salt Bakery, Katipunan

Salted Egg Custard Cupcake.

This should be on top of every bloggers list this month.

It’s hard to even think of things to say about the place because I was so impressed with the taste of the baked goods being served here. I have always enjoyed the things that my friends sister, Sam would bake. During the rare occasions when we would visit her house there would always be something new we were told to try. You can always tell when someone is really passionate about something. It shows in her food how much she loves it, the taste alone (no exaggerations) I would say is something that speaks for itself.


Cheesecake, Php 130 per slice, Php 1150 for a whole. Smooth soft and light with a hint of lemon. That was one of the best cheesecakes I have tasted.


We ordered a cheesecake, chocolate chip cookie and a SALTED EGG CUSTARD CUPCAKE. (Which I would definitely come back for again)


Salted Egg Custard Cupcake, Php 55. Lost for words after eating this.

Chaz, Garth Vader, Cheesecake, Chocolate cake and Tosi.  I like that her soft opening menu is comprised of cakes that we love and other new kinds of cakes that look and sound amazing. I wish that she would open their own place soon as she currently shares her space with Go Salads. I find it funny to be eating a salad and at the same time craving for the cake next to it.

Try their Salted Egg Custard Cupcake. I’ll say this again. Try their Salted Egg Custard Cupcake. ❤

Salt Bakery

FB dela rosa street corner Katipunan ave
open from 10am-10pm
Facebook them: Salt Bakery

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