Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen, UP Town Center

I am so happy that UP town center is just as much as a few grand jetés away from our village.  I had been wanting to try Mama Lou’s since it opened here in Katipunan. You’ll find a lot of good reviews about this place especially about their branch in the south. You’ll even find a certification of Mama Lou’s displayed before their restaurant featured in Philippine Tatler as one of its best restaurants in 2014. The best I’ve read about the place is on they even have a full history and story of how the place started. (Linked in case you are interested)

We were first served with bread which came with pesto and pomodoro sauce. It was free and unlimited, my sister ate a whole basket and even asked for another basket of bread. The menu was comprised of all things Italian of course. They serve Pasta, Risotto, Carne, Pollo, Pizza and Seafood. I like that they have a good menu its not as confusing when you eat Italian food because you can always share!


Quatro Formaggi Pizza Php 325 small size 12″. I loved the blue cheese in this pizza. It’s probably the first time I ever thought “wow” on the first bite of a pizza.


Lasagna, Php 295. Wow that cream sauce is something to come back for.


Spaghetti Seafood Olio, Php 315. This was one of my favorites, if you love seafood you will love this. This pasta was cooked perfectly.


Amatriciana, Php 275. SPICY! But it was really good. I love the homemade pomodoro sauce that they make here. It was definitely a good spaghetti!


I got a free Tiramisu cake when my mom mentioned that I would blog about the place. This cake was really good and it was wet. My mom said that Italians like to put a lot of syrup in their cakes. I really just enjoyed the really good free dessert. They know what to serve and how to make “sip sip” 😉

The staff were a bit all over the place at first but I think food wise this place really impressed me. For the price we paid it was really worth it. My parents also mentioned that the pasta was cooked Aldente. A lot of restaurants here in Manila make the mistake of overcooking pasta. I guess it’s really easy to mess up the cook on pasta noodles.

They have a best seller, the Risotto. That I’ll surely try when I come back here. It’s a good place for some pasta and comfort food. Its a very friend and family friendly place. Definitely a new go to place for me here in the north.


Facebook: Mama Lous Italian Kitchen
Twitter: @mama_lous
Instagram: #mamalous

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