2nd’s, Bonifacio Global City

This was my second time back at 2nd’s, and I was excited to try their “Good Morning Carbonara”. Mainly because it was listed as one of the top 10 Manilas best Carbonara dishes online. I really love it here at 2nd’s because of the space, I love the ambiance here and the people who come here as well. There is a very comforting feel to the place, matching the many different “comfort food” kind of dishes.


Lamb shepherd’s pie, Php350. I love Lamb and I really loved this dish. Although it was a bit small for me, it was really filling.


The Good Morning Carbonara, Php 360. It may look small but wow is it filling. I loved the Bacon and Egg in this Carbonara. Of course I have had better Carbonaras but this is your typical tasting good, comfort food Carbonara.


Leche Flan Turon, Php 290. BEST IDEA EVER. Seriously. I was looking through the menu and I just couldn’t understand how something hot like turon could have leche flan inside it. This is something I would want to come back for.

Back for 2nd’s? A definite YES.

I would come back here just because its a good place to bring a few friends and or have a gathering. I just really love how its not overcrowded and noisy. The food is also affordable and could be for sharing. They also have a buy one get one free promo on some of their alcoholic beverages in case you’d want to try it out.

2nd’s, BGC

2nd floor, Building 1, B3, 9th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City
Open 11:30am- 11:30pm
FACEBOOK THEM AT: 2nd’s Facebook

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